Tuesday, September 28, 2010

MTC Letter 4

Can you believe that today is the 20th day I've been here???!!!? It's so crazy to think that I've been here that long. The days seem to go by pretty fast and the weeks go by ridiculously fast. It seems like it was only a couple of days ago that I was writing my usual email home. The time flies by here so darn fast. Everything is well.....everyone in my room is pretty much sick or recovering from sickness. I blame the shot that I got when I first came here that made me sick. Stupid shot. However I'm getting better. I bought some nyquil the other week and that is helping a little bit. Being sick stinks f.y.i. The sickness starts with one person and then moves incredibly fast through the district. It's no fun.

My classes this week have been awesome, as per usual. I learned how to count up to 20 yesterday. That was awesome. Everyone is probably thinking that I'm a loser that I'm so excited to count up to 20, lemme tell you how awesome counting in Russian is. Oh it's just too amazing. Have Chris explain it. So what they do is when they get to the 'teens' or anyother double digit number what they do is 7 on 20-that would be 27. It's just pretty cool, to me at least. Also yesterday we learned more verbs and nouns and adverbs and anything else that helped us "teach" in Russian about the Plan of Salvation. It was pretty cool. It's crazy though, there is so much conjugation and relfexives and word order. It's a bit confusing but amazing none the less! The Russian language, or any language is just a big huge honkin' puzzle with all of the pieces displayed before you and slowly one day at a time you put the pieces together to form this amazing immaculate beautiful work of art.

We had some pretty cool devotionals this week. On Sunday we had the General Director of the Mission Training Center, some old guy, but he was rather funny and interesting. That day was Fast Sunday, or slow Sunday depending on how you see the world, but anywho the devotional was good. I "payed" attention, meaning that I doodled some awesome doodles. I'll have to get them copied and send them home. Don't shake your head in disgust at me for those who are. I payed attention, I learned something new and the big thing is that I WAS AWAKE. It's hard sometimes to stay awake here at the wonderful MTC but somedays are harder than others. I find myself dozing off in class but then quickly wake up. During Sacrament meeting is the worst though. Elder Smith nudges me when I start to doze off, I told him to nudge me so that I won't fall asleep. He's cool. So...I'll try and get those awesome doodles copied and sent home. There will probably be more doodles tonight because there is another devotional. Every Tuesday and Sunday night! Don't worry I pay attention too.

Elder Smith and I are getting along quite well. We joke and laugh and what's going on and we're starting to work together more when we teach which is pretty awesome. One of our teachers said that he's excited to see the real Elder Smith and Young come out when we teach because now we're kind of finding out what's going on and what is the best way to teach. It's a work in progress and we're getting better at it everytime we teach. The same teacher that said the stuff earlier is doing this mult-personalitly investigator where he has a different person for every companionship in class. We teach in front of the class and try to make it understandable for him. He portrays a "Russian" character all with different language capablities and everything else. So some words we have to say in Russian and others in English. It's a great way for us to start speaking more Russian. I'm excited to learn more and more Russian everyday. I made some flashcards with verbs so now I'll be able to start working with verbs instead of nouns. I'm thankful for Heavnly Father and his kindness in blessing me with learning the Russian language. I can't wait to learn more. I'm starting to get that anxious "okay let's go out in the field and teach in Russian" feel but yet I'd crap my pants if I did because I would know nothing and would be a huge hinderance to senior companion. So I'll wait.

Thank you everyone for the letters through out the week. It's good to know that all is well.

The MTC is so rad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMGosh I love it here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Sarcasm) I'm kind of getting bored of it because it's the same thing over and over. But yet I'm learning A LOT so it's fun. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love you,
Elder Young

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