Tuesday, October 12, 2010

MTC Letter 6

This past week has been wonderful! I am learning so much all the time everyday. I'm thankful to be here in the M.T.C. learning the Russian language and learning more and more about the Gospel. I can't wait to go to Ukraine and teach and preach and share and bless and help and teach and laugh and share experiences and learn all with the Ukrainian people. I'm a bit nervous though because my language skills are quite "native" yet but I know that if I work hard every day that I'm here at the MTC and while I'm in Ukraine that the Russian language will come to me and that I will be able to express my feelings about the Gospel to everyone that I come in contact with. I'm so excited to learn more Russian and of the Gospel.

This morning the older district left at 4:00 a.m. Mountain Daylight Time (I have made a mistake. In my first couple of letters/emails home I used to say MST-Mountain Standard Time-but during General Conference President Eyring said Mountain Daylight Time. I appologize for this mistake.) so the older district left and we said our goodbyes this morning and last night. I'm going to miss those men, most of them are going to Donetsk but one of them is going to Russia so I won't see him again for another two years. Good news though is that he goes to school at Univeristy of Utah. We made plans to meet up after our respected missions and laugh and talk all in Russian. He was the "coolest" one out of the older district in my opinion. We talked about everything and we got along quite well. I'm excited to see him again but till then I'm going to work my socks off.

On last Wednesday I shined my brown shoes for the first time ever. It was pretty cool and fun to shine shoes. I'm going to shine my black shoes today and buff up my brown shoes again. Also on Wednesday I did some language stuff for sure and learned more about the Gospel but I can't recall exactly what I learned. Elder Smith just farted and it really stinks. He's been having trouble with his bowels and making less farts but it's to no avail. The food here or something makes us all fart. His farts are extremely rank.

So on Thursday we had our service! It's a great time to do something else than being a robot and doing classroom work all the time. Elder Smith and I cleaned mirrors. He can tell stories to where you ears will start to bleed because he has so many stories. It's hard to chime in because my mouth disappears because it isn't being used. But we get the job done and that is what matters. Thursday was quite the random weird mission day. We were informed that some memebers of our district would be leaving us and going to a new district. That was weird because 1. that usually doesn't happen and 2. we were a pretty tight night district already. Anywho we went along with the plan beacuse that is what we're supposed to do. So three members of our district left. Two Elders and a Sister. The Sister has been here for 2 weeks. She has a crazy story. She is going to Honolullu HI (inform the Chritchfields about that and let them know). She's speaking Russian by the way. WHAT??? So she just got to know the other sisters in our district and then she got thrusted out and into the new district. The people that left think that they are cool because they went to the "AP District" our teacher said that it's lame and that we're all going to learn Russian and we're all going to do the same work so we shouldn't worry about it.

On Friday I worked on memorizing the 1st and 2nd conjugations down. If you're confused ask Chris about it and he'll explain. It's were you conjugate the verb depending on who is doing the action. Similar to Spanish. Friday was Friday.....However for Saturday our normal schedule got complicated by the forming of the new district in turn we got a lot of MDT-Missionary Distracted Time I mean Missionary Directed time-so we worked and played and got stuff down. I memorized Genitive case which is the possessive case. It wasn't too hard but I have it down.

On Sunday there was reformation of leadership. Elder Smith and I had a little feeling that we might become the new Zone Leaders that was a little bit scary. So we sit in Sacrament meeting and wait in anticaption of knowing who is going to be the new Zone Leaders. Come to find out it's not us!!! So then came more waiting to find out who was going to be the new District Leader.....not us either! Which is a blessing because now we get to focus more on learning the language and not have to worry about other leadership things. Oh well, but now is my duty to help and support the leaders that I have. Elder Smith and I taught the "Sunday School" lesson that was awesome. Everyone told us that we did a good job. We taught about How to become a successfull missionary. For one of the ways to become a successfull Missionary is to develop Christlike Attributes. There are 8 Christlike Attributes in PMG. I had an object lesson to where you had to fold a peice of paper 8 times to make a paper airplane. It does work quite well. The Christlike Attributes gives us the air beneath our wings to help us get to where we need to go. After all the Sunday meetings we went on a Temple or XPAM(Russian) walk. I took some more photos. I'll get those photos developed and shipped out home when I get them. Also on Sunday I worked on memorizing Dative case.

Then for Monday (yesterday if anyone can't remember) I had class time for a really long time, but during that time I learned a lot. Some principals are starting to connect and it's all starting to make sense I love it!! Later on on Monday Elder Smith and I had a companionship inventory. I'm a little bit scared about them for some reason, mainly because of what Chris said about them and how sometimes you just ended up holding each other by their collars of their shirt. But anywho we had the inventory. It was good one. My time is up now. I love you all and thank you for everying. Mom I don't think I need the jacket yet. As for the food if you could hold off on that that would be great. The shirts were perfect thank you. Russian dictionary will be looked forward to for sure. Love you all and God Bless you all.

Elder Young

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