Tuesday, October 26, 2010

MTC Letter 8

So like totally oh my gosh I have like seriously 4 weeks left! Can you believe it??!!!?? That's so crazy!!! It feels like I've been here for like 6 weeks or something like that. Holy smokes I'm almost done!!!!

This week has been pretty amazing awesome. Exactly one week from today ago Elder Russell M. Nelson of the Quorm of the 12 Apostles was here. Yeah that's right you heard slash read that right. I along with a gazzillion other missionaries here at the MTC listened to Elder Nelson. It was awesome. He got up and just said what he thought we needed to hear. And then he left. He only talked for like 30 minutes and then left. Usually everyone else talks for a while and then leaves no time afterwards to talk about it, but Elder Nelson said that we as missionaries shouldn't be a bothersome to the people that we teach and quickly say what we need to say and then leave. We don't need to talk for hours and hours or minutes and minutes but to go, teach, and leave. I thought that was pretty cool. We simply have to state why we are here and tell them what we have and what they need to have. Any who it was really cool.

The new missionaries arrived on Wednesday, they've almost completed their first week. Woot woot!!! Time here seriously does fly by so wicked fast that if you're not paying attention you missed it. It seems like it was only a couple of weeks ago that I was coming here but in reality that was 6 weeks ago. The new missionaries are awesome. There's 3 going to Dniperpalvopisud90a78w3p4ruhal;s, 1 to Keiv, and 4 to Donetsk. There are some sisters and I believe that they are going to Moscow West mission. It's so cool where the work of the Lord is going on. If I can recall from Elder Nelson's talk he said that we've all been called by a prophet to our missions for a purpose, a purpose that we don't necessarily don't know now but when we come back home we'll know why we were sent there. Oh I'm so stoked to go to Ukraine and start going to town on the Ukrainian people.

My Russian is coming along, thank you for the blessings from everyone. Prayers are truly answered not on our time table but on the Lord's time table. Life is amazing. This week as with other weeks is just jam packed full of learning the Gospel and the Language. My teachers are amazing. A quick story from slash about one of them. Brother Toone served in the Moscow Mission. He's a great teacher. He told us this story about his mission, mind you that it was all in Russian, about how in the Metro's it's not always the best place if you're looking down. He said that there are stray dogs down there and sometimes dogs gotta do what a dog gotta do which is POOP. He giggled at that and so did we when he said the story. But then we went on that at a mission conference there was an older missionary aka couple missionary and he said that missionary work can be hard if we keep our heads down and not look up. But if we do look up life is amazing. Brother Toone said that was right. If you look down in the Metros all you'll see is dirty not so good things but however if you look up you will see amazing spectaular works of art. He said that the metros are like lil museums because there's works of art and beautiful architecture. He showed us some pictures of the metros and truly they were amazing. He said that we need to keep our heads up and have a good attitude about everything, find the good in life and be grateful to be alive. This morning after walking out of the Temple I looked over the valley and saw the beautiful wonderful earth that our Heavnly Father created. The valley air was so clean and fresh. I looked a bit north and west accross the lake and said the clouds so fluffy and powder-sugary and the mountains below sprinkled with a heavenly amount of precious snow. It was all accented by the still small "reflecting" pool at the temple which displayed the immaculate reflection of the clean crisp blue sky. Just beyond the pool was the changing colors of the trees. The oranges, greens, and reds, and everyother color just made the moment so sureal it was amazing. Life is truly amazing. I then looked back at the temple and saw Squaw Peak jutting out bravely as can be behind the amazing Provo Temple, the light flouring of the snow on Squaw Peak just made the moment even more better. Seriously??!!! Do we live in a better place than this world? It's so amazing and wonderful. Heavenly Father has blessed us graciously. Oh I love the world. I hope that Ukraine is as pretty as it is here. Take some time and look outside everyone and see what there is to see. Take of the city goggles and look around at what there is. Oh it's so wonderful. I could sit outside all day and be perfectly happy with what I see. Oh so pretty.

So yeah, life is good.

Elder Young

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