Tuesday, October 19, 2010

MTC Letter 7

This week has been pretty good. Tons and loads and mega-tons of studying has been going on. My Russian has been improving and I can comprehend and speak some what good Russian. I know that this capability is possible because of the blessing from our Heavenly Father. There is no way without His help that I would know as much Russian as I do now. He is providing the way (1 Nephi 3:7) and making it possible. Our teachers in class now speak pretty much 100% Russian. They ask to speak for about 10 minutes in English but then return to speaking Russian. It's so amazing. I actually know what's going on when they talk. I laugh at first because I am comprehending it and then I listen. Russian is so freaking amazing.

Throughout the week it's been quiet because the older district left last week so it's been just two districts chilling for a week. I will admit the quietness has been nice but I'm so excited to see the newbies come in TOMORROW!!!! Yes we get 2, yes two new districts coming in. Our zone will now be four (4) districts big. Which is cool. The members of the new districts will be going to Dnipeperalsdkfjpaostosk-I think it's spelled that way, I'm not sure. I'll check for sure on that. Some are going to Donetsk, some to Moscow, few to Kiev and some to Russia. It's amazing the work of the Lord and where it's all going on. It's will be awesome to talk to them and invite them in and show them how the MTC works. I'm excited to be the older district and help other people. The other day in class I was so excited because of the thought of new people coming in just excited me. I do love my district but there's something about something new that is awesome. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to focus and study and not worry too much about the other districts coming in. I probably will but still.......

Mother to answer your questions (I forgot that Dear Elder letter so hopefully I'll be able to remember all that you asked.) My roommates are awesome. Elders Bangeter and Noren are the new Zone Leaders which is kind of cool but now we really have to go to bed on time and not talk when the lights are out and laugh and giggle. I miss those nights but we must be 100% obedient. Elder Bangeter is absolutely hilarious, he loves life and we get along quite well. If you ever have the chance look up Bangeter on the Church website and see who comes up. If Grant Bangeter comes up then you found out his Grandpa. Julie B. Beck is his aunt. He knows every one here somehow. Elder Noren is a fantastic leader. He knows what the task at hand is that it's important to get it done. He's a good guy and fun to be around. Elder Smith, my companion, is a nice guy. He can talk your ears off with stories about anything. He knows the scriptures very well so when we teach it's helpful to back some things up. Every now and then we'll talk and we laugh about it all. We were talking the other day about girl mail and that I'm 0 for 4 with girl mail and that he's 1 for 1. He's got the hook ups so to say. I asked him for a girls address that he wasn't going to write but he declined so.......looks like I'll still be not getting any girl mail. Oh well.......sniff....tear......But yeah all my companions are amazing love 'em all. Oh mom, Elder Noren I believe sent you a letter asking for bread beacuse he had a little bit of what you gave me and he was in love with it. I told him that he could have as much as he wanted of what I had. So.....yeah..weird. I don't believe we need much. We all have a lot of food in our small room which doesn't make that much sense but we do. Anywho I love you.

Love you all,

Elder Frank Young

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