Tuesday, November 9, 2010

More Pictres from the MTC

Above: District 9B
Elder Young, Smith, Bangeter, Noren - all going to Ukriane
Sister Wilson, Margolias, Elder Bahr, Morris - all going to Russia

Below: Zone

Above: Elder Young and Elder Vargin -
A native Russian from Moscow, Supper funny and really tall.

Below: Ukraine 4ever!!

Above: Silly Elders

Below: Elder Young & Elder Young
I have a funny story about him

Above: Elder Chason & Elder Young
Florida Buddies

Below: Elder Bybee going to Russia.
He was my best friend from the older district. He's way cool.

Above: Elder Scoril & Elder Young
He's going to Donetsk

Below: Me (Elder Young) and a Native Ukrainian
His name is really big and I don't remember it.

Above: Random Photo of Me (Elder Young), weird....

Below: Elder Young & Elder Mills
My friend from Utah State going to Ukraine

Hope you liked the photos. All captions were provided by Elder Young.

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