Wednesday, November 17, 2010

MTC Letter 11

Yes this is not a joke. This is truly my last Tuesday in America. How crazy is that???!!? The time has flown by so incredibly fast that I can't really comprehend how fast it has gone by. It really does seem that it was only a few weeks ago that I was being dropped off here and now I'm leaving. Time flies when you are really having fun. Such a true little statement. I have had a blast here at the MTC. Learning Russian is amazing. My teacher says that he's confident with sending us out into the field and that we should all be okay. I'm excited to go to Ukraine finally. The MTC has been pretty good to me. I've been able to run occasionally during gym, I've made some new good friends, and I'm closer to our Heavenly Father than I could ever imagine. How awesome is it to be alive and to be a member of this great and wonderful church. I love it. Life is amazing. After the temple this morning, for the last time in a really long time, I was walking back and just in awe of how beautiful this whole world is that has been created for us. I love it when the air is clean and that I can see all the way across Utah Lake and see the mountains on the other side so majestically. Oh I love the world and love how stinking pretty it is. I'm going to miss it to be honest. Hopefully Ukraine will be amazing and that I'll still be able to find the same joy and happiness that I find here. Oh I'm so excited to go to Ukraine.

This week has been good. Elder Bednar came this week. Yes another Apostle. That makes it four (4) in a row that have come. It's so cool. Elder Bednar talked/taught about teaching more about doctrines and principles. He said some really good stuff. "What doctrine understood would change this behavior/attitude." It was really amazing. Hopefully tonight another Apostle will come that would be so the best. My teachers are still teaching in Russian. One of our teachers only speaks in Russian when he teaches. The cool thing is that I know what he is saying. It makes me so happy to know that I can understand and speak Russian how much love and joy and happiness that brings to my soul. The other day we listened to this website where they have people all over the world talk about what they believe and everything else. For the Russian people it was a bunch of old people talking. We used this is as an exercise to see if we could comprehend what they were saying. It was hard to be honest. They talked but it seemed like mumbling. Which wasn't so cool, but yet that is what I'm going to have to get used to. The Russian language is pretty cool. I find complete happiness in learning about it. It's so cool. I love it when I get to talk in it and converse and hope that the other person can comphrend what I am saying. I've started saying all of my prayers in Russian. I think Chris told me to do that to help with learning the langauge. It's been amazing. You would think that I wouldn't be able to express myself as fully as I can in English but praying in Russian is awesome. I know for myself that no matter what langauge when praying our Heavenly Father knows and understands. How awesome and cool is that. I know that when I pray in Russian Heavenly Father hears and knows everything that I am saying. I love praying in Russian. Prayer is something essential to my soul. Elder Smith and I have been teaching our teacher as a Russian man as a progressing investigator. We've been trying to teach about prayer. It's harder than it seems. But I know that if any investigator prays to Heavenly Father in the name of Jesus Christ he/she will recieve an answer. Pray is amazing. We can pray anytime, anywhere and He will listen. How amazing is that. We can always have constant communication with Heavenly Father.

Life is good. I feel really relaxed and ready. I know that if I have trust in Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father then what is there to have fear about. As it says in Moroni 8:16 the last line. "...perfect love casteth out all fear." How wonderful is that?!??!! If we love without end then there is nothing to fear. Heavenly Father and Jesus and the Holy Ghost will be with us and guide and protect so that we don't have to worry about anything. I love that. I know that it's going to be hard in Ukraine but if I forget about myself like Kevin Buckner and many others have said go to work, then what is there to worry about. Heavenly Father will make everything work out. His way not my way, His timetable not mine.

Love Elder Young

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