Tuesday, November 2, 2010

MTC Letter 9

How crazy awesome cool is it to be alive?

This week has been really cool. Last Tuesday Elder Richard G. Scott of the Quorm of the 12 Apostles came. You know the one that talks during General Conference, yeah that awesome cool Elder came. If you can recall way back like 3 weeks ago we had Elder Nelson come and speak. I was able to listen to two (2) members of the Quorm of the 12 talk in a week. It was awesome! Our district was the ushers for the time when Elder Scott came. It was pretty cool. I was holding up my hand with 4 fingers extended letting every one know that there were 4 (four) chairs available, then all of a sudden everyone stood up in unison. I turned my heard to see what was the cause of motion and I saw Elder Scott walking in. I think that I dropped my jaw because I was surprised that 2 (two) apostles would come back to back. It was awesome. He talked about the Holy Ghost and he all gave us a sheet about what he talked about. It was way so wicked awesome, not like wicked as in bad but as wicked as in totally awesome! It was a great talk. Through out the talk he have some apostolic blessings. He gave one to the sisters for safety and to everyone learning a new language that they would be able to learn quickly and effectively and bestowed upon them the Gift of Tongues. It was just amazing. It's a wonderful time to be a missionary. I love being a missionary.

This week has been really awesome and fun. A lot of things happened. Some members of our zone are having a tough time with things but we all come together as a zone and help one another out. It's so cool being a part of a loving, helping, awesome zone. The Zone Leaders are amazing, Elders Bangeter and Noren. They are busy being leaders but they do an amazing job. When there was the time when leadership opportunities need to be filled, Elder Smith and I thought that we might be the next ZL's but now we are so very greatful for our opportunity to not be ZL's. Yeah so life is good.

This morning I wanted to take my camera to the Temple because when we are done and then walk outside how glorious and beautiful the world is. I want to get a panaromic photo of the Temple moving North to Mount Timp and then accross Utak Lake. Every single time that I walk out I really wish that I could take a photo, but the White Handbook says no. "...I must obey..." From the last verse of the last chapter in 2nd Nephi. So I will not take a photo after our Temple session but hopefully this coming Sunday during the mixed feeling Temple walk I hope that I'll be able to snap the photos that I so desire. Question: The mixed feeling Temple walk.....Answer: Temple walks are great. They got canceled for the past two weeks because some Elders/Sisters had some family members coming to the Temple and they would converse. So they got cancelled. Thank you family for not coming. Elder Smith loves the Temple Walks and I sometimes like them. I like to go up there walk around see some other Elders and enjoy the surroundings and then go back to the classroom and read and study. The Temple walks are great but I think that I could use my time more effectively. Is that bad? I don't know. So yeah my little rant.

Yes I do play the piano if you were wondering. I play on Sundays during the hours of 4 to 5:45 ish. During that time I play musical arrangements and Church Hymns. The other Sunday I started learning a new musical arrangement. Secret Prayer is the title. During the time when I get to play the piano I LOVE IT SO MUCH OMGosh. I look forward to the time on Sundays when I'm able to "thrash" the piano keys with love and harmony. How great the joy is when my fingers gently press down on the ivory. I love playing the piano. Hopefully in Ukraine I'll be able to find some time to play the piano.

Oh yeah I do run during Gym. Thanks for asking. It's weird running in long shorts and long socks and my Sambas but hey running is running. Mom and those who did the Halloween Half Marathon, congrats. I usually run in the morning because at that time I don't have a lot of food in my tummy or none at all. So I run in the mornings for about 20 to 25 minutes. Which hopefully would be about 3 miles. The bummer about running here at the MTC is that inside it's 10 yes that's right 10 here I'll spell it out T-E-N. Ten (10) laps equals 1 yes O-N-E mile. I don't count laps, because that's childs play. I know how to count, why should I count when I run? That's just silly. So yeah I run for a while and get all sweaty and stinky but it's awesome. Running is necessary.

Family I hope that all is well for you back home. Hope that you're all still being silly like buying cars and what not, geeze. Anywho life is great. I have exactly 20 days left till my estimated departure. Thinking about that is totally awesome but yet there's still a lot to learn. Hopefully I won't let the departure become a distraction and that I can still stay focused on learning more about the Gospel and Russian. I saw Steven Metler last Wednesday that was cool. I saw Jesse Lewis, he's going to Germany. I see quite a few Springvillians around. Family I love you. I want you all to know that. Life is good. My goal for when I get to Ukraine is to love everyone like how Christ loved them, unconditionally. One of my teachers told me that loving people and becoming their friend is a trait that I have and that if I am able to develop it to where others will want to do what I ask them to do, great and marvelous things will happen. I love you Family.

Thanks for everything. Life is great. I love being a missionary, it's a lot of fun and hard work. I'm excited to get to Ukraine and hit the ground running and start working right away.
Do everything that is right always.

Love Elder Young

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