Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cold Mountain Letter 3

So this week has been really good so to say. Last P-day we went bowling after we did internet stuff. That was a lot of fun. We bowled two games and both time I bowled over 110, yes without bumpers! Boo yah! That was a lot of fun. We found a McDonalds and had some lunch. We went to a church to watch the Joseph Smith full length feature film. It was great to watch a church movie in ENGLISH with other missionaries. After that we went home and did our studies and then went to bed. Seems kind of like a lame day but it was a lot of fun, I like being around other missionaries and seeing how they are doing.

Tuesday was great because we got our MONEY!!!! After all of the troubles with our card we finally got our money. Now I'm loaded. I have 300 greavian a week which about like under $50. Yeah seems like it's not enough but we've been getting by. Some of the other missionaries are complaning that we are not getting enough money and that it's hard to survive with how much we have. Some missionaries went through and figured out if we ate this and ate that and did this and went there and came back that we would be about 250 greavian off of what we have to need. But Elder Duke and I are doing pretty well. We have food in the fridge and in the cupboards. So I don't know what the other missionaries are freaking out about but hey if we get more money that would be great because then we could eat a bit more better than rice, noodles, and what ever else we can find for cheap. But eh what ever.

We had lined up two lessons that day for the night (Tuesday). We went to this one guys house, he's pretty legit. He is in the District Presidency around here, which is a big deal. We went to his house and taught him about prayer and how great it is. After that great lesson we went to the church to try and teach the guy who asks the random questions, Sergai. We went to the church and waited and waited and then waited some more. He never showed up. Which was lame. The church is about 40 minutes away from home. So it's a big deal to go there for a lesson, so we went home. Before we went to bed we got a text from him that said that he forgot and that we will connect with him later and try to teach again. Hopefully..... so that was our day.

Wednesday was supposed to be a good day. By the looks of our planner it was going to be great busy day with three lessons. We went to the first, Sister Arena the crazy lady that forgets everything, we went there. It was always interesting. I didn't like the lesson too much because it was hard for me to comprehend what was going on. I felt like crying and giving up and not doing it anymore. I knew that is what Satan wants but I said a little prayer for strength to get through the lesson and to shake it off and to step up, meaning to grow from it. It was brutal but I got through it. We finished the lesson and went to the bus stop. As we were waiting our phone rang, it was our second lesson calling to let us know that she wouldn't be able to make it because she was sick. So that was a bummer. We then went home. We were home for some time and our phone rang again and it was our third lesson also telling us that she wouldn't be able to make it. Great :( that was a heart break right there.

It was bad, so what were we supposed to do??? Contacting of course!! We were walking around and I say to passerby's "Can I talk to you about God and Jesus Christ?" They promptly continue walking by like they never saw me. I swear, missionaries have an amazing capability to turn invisible. People just keep on walking by us when we talk to them. However some people see us. Guess who though??? The crazy people and the drunk people see us and some normal people. Serious. We talked to this one guy who was drunk, he gave us some candy and we talked to him. He kept on asking Elder Duke what his first name was, I think he asked like three times. He also told us that he was Armenian a couple of times. Before we left he gave Elder Duke a nice drunk kiss on the neck. Oh how precious! We kept on going looking for other people. After some time we found another guy, who wasn't drunk. I contacted into him in Russian but then he cut into English, which was nice. He said that he was an Atheist because he went to the University and believed that it just happened and that there isn't any Divine Intervention. I couldn't really hear him because of the traffic. I really wanted to talk to him more because I too have felt that way with my studies, what to believe. But before I could talk to him some homeless bum drunk lady came up and started talking to us. We all kind of looked at each other, Elder Duke and I and the guy, and laughed. Yeah it was funny. She whispered something into his ear a little bit loud enough for Elder Duke to hear. The guy was disgusted and said to her to leave. That kind of killed the situation and then we all just left. As we were walking away she chased us down and tried talking to us. We acknowledged her but just kept on walking. We got to a street corner and then decided to turn back. Which meant that we would have to face the drunk crazy lady again. When we got close we just put our heads down and walked really really fast past her. Which worked. Contacting brings out the crazies of the world.

Thursday was a good day. We made our way to a lesson but we were a little bit too early so Elder Duke said to me, find a DOM (apartment riser) and lets go tract it. I was optomistic thinking that we would be able to find someone. We went to the top floor and worked down. Elder Duke rang the door bells. Either people would talk through the door and say that they weren't interested or they would either open door but then promptly close it. Some old guy opened the door and then saw us was completely disgusted and closed the door. Some drunk lady opened her door and said to go away. That was funny. Another guy opened up his door. He was only wearing boxer bottoms. His house smelt so freaking good but he told us to talk quiet and then he said to go away. That was a bummer, he looked like the Michael on the British version of "The Office". That made me laugh but then that was it.

We finished tracting the DOM and then went to our lesson. It went well. She was an inactive and hopefully she'll come back to church. We just talked about the love of God and next time we're going to talk about the Holy Ghost and how that God and Jesus want you to come back and renew your convenants that you made at baptism. Hopefully she'll come back to church. We went to another lesson that night. She has been an investigator that has been close to baptism but hasn't fully commited. But this time she was like "alright I want to get baptized and really do everything this time" That was awesome!! Hopefully she'll get baptized for reals and not back out. So I could attend my first baptism in my first transfer. That would be so legit. So that was that day. A good day.

Friday we had no lessons planned at all and the joke for the day was "How are we going to do what we need to get done today!!??? We have some much to do." So we did our weekly planning for an hour and then headed out. We came back and had lunch/dinner. Elder Duke found some inactives to go to and see if we could teach them. We found three and planned our route and then headed out. The first lady we went to we knocked on her door. She came to the door and talked through the door. She asked who was there, we said the missionaries, and then she walked away from the door and went back to her activities. So we looked at each other dumbfounded and then left her house for the second place. We asked some people for directions on how to get there, people here are really helpfull with directions. That's pretty cool. So next time we might look confused I might ask someone "Hey do you know how to return back to God?" and see what happens. But we got to the second house. It was scary none the less. I'll give you the pieces and see if you can make the pieces fit. German Shepard dog, angry middle aged man, snow, and cold night. Hope the pieces fit!!! Then the third house we called the family-mother and daughter are the inactives-but the father answered the phone, wasted drunk. He said that they weren't home and so we just went home. It was time to go home anyway. So yeah, that's Ukraine for you.

Saturday was really busy. We had two lessons. We had one with the crazy old lady who forgets. This time it went really well for me. I didn't feel like crying at all and I just laughed inside when everthing was happening. I was glad that my little prayer was answered and that all was well. She thinks that we go to her to get help with our Russian. So she is alwasy correcting us, which is helpful but weird. Then she also weirds out and says that she's an investigator that we found on the street and to teach her for five minutes. That is different. She also made us do a forced role play with talking about the Bible and the Book of Mormon. That didn't work so well. Oh before I forget before our lesson there were some people in the stairwell talking a little loud. She went out and said that they needed to be quiet because we are talking about holy things. It was really funny. Our second lesson was cold because we were outside. It was with Elia, we don't meet in her house just in front of it. Either way it was good. I tried to tell some principle about faith but with my limited Russian I made it through with the aide of some actions. It was really good actually. After the lesson we made our way to the Senior Missionaries home for the district dinner/meeting. It was fabulous. They served us chili which was amazing. Elder Duke and I wanted to make our own chili but we weren't sure on how to cook beans, so we called Sister Burr to see how and she told us that we have to soak them and then boil them for a really long time. So we just bailed on that idea and just ate their chili. But this week we are going to try and make our own chili. That was Saturday. A good missionary day.

Sunday is always the best day of the week. Church is just amazing. I was supposed to play the piano but we only got there like 5 minutes to get there becase it's been snowing and we left our house a bit late. So we got there and then I sat down at the piano. I had to pick out some hymns but I don't know which hymn is which. So I picked out some hymns and then the meeting started. I managed to play the first hymn alright. I played mostly just the right hand and occasionaly the left hand. It wasn't the best thing ever but it worked. I was going to play the Sacrament hymn and then the other elders walked in. One of them plays the piano really well, so before I started to play I was told to wait and that he would come up and play. It was an awkward exchange but it worked.....I ended up leading the music for the rest of the meeting. So that was music.

There was this little kid that sat next to me, little as in like 12 years old. He loves the missionaries. He was like let me see your planner and let's draw, I was like no, I need to listen and so do you! He instead just went to sleep on my shoulder. It was funny. Sunday School and Priesthood was good as well. After church we talked for a while and laughed. We got word that the First Presidency Christmas Message was going to be broadcasted to our church. But it was going to be in Russian. We had this idea to go to the Senior Couples home and watch it there. The plan went through and we watched it over there in English!!! It was amazing! I loved it! During one of the songs, one of the other elders saw his older brother singing in the chior and then they showed some members of the orchestra, guess who I saw. Sarah McQueen, from school. That was legit. What a small world. That was like the best night ever.

It started to snow again. So now there's a good amount of snow on the ground, not a lot but enough. Going to senior missionaries house and watching that devotional was the best thing ever. It got me pumped to go about doing good for others and helping others out. I feel like my physical/spiritual batteries got recharged so now I'm ready to work and go to town being a missionary. I got this thought during the devotional "This is what I need to do and this is where I need to be" I know that that it wasn't my thought but a thought from the Holy Ghost from Heavenly Father. It was amazing. Christmas is going to be amazing here! I'm so excited.

So that was my week. Just the typical Ukrainian week for missionaires. It's been fun and I'm looking forward to the rest of this week. Elder Duke and I will for certain figure out some times that work out for the Christmas calls. Have a great a merry Christmas this year. That's the's Christmas in the air!!!

Remember the true meaning of Christmas and help other people. I love you!!

Elder Frank Young

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