Monday, December 20, 2010

Cold Mountain Letter 4

Dear family and to those that also read this letter,

My week has been really well. It wasn't the normal week but a week nonetheless. On Wednesday night and Thursday day we had a Christmas party/service project! It was a lot of fun to dress up in a suit and sweater and do to some fun things. The dinner was great and I had a great time.

Thursday was interesting because we performed service. We were going to clean the apartment building basements. Let me describe to you what it looked like. You have a big tall building and five entery ways to get in, which would mean that there would be five little basements. We had all of the Kharkiv and Sumii elders down to perform service. We all divided into different groups and went to work on the basements. We were told to clean them out. Ha! If we were to really clean them out I would still be down there cleaning. I have never seen so much stuff that is useless. For instance, half a chair, a delaptitated bookself, glass to a window, windows with glass, empty paint cans. Strange, but hey, I'm in Ukraine so I can't really talk. So yeah we tried our hardest to clean out the basements. They were pretty sketchy not gonna lie. I wish I would have taken pictures then I would be able to show you how it really looked. But anywho I think that I might have taken five years off my life from cleaning down there. That doesn't matter.....or does it? Meh... The service project, which was documented might made it to the Liahona for a section with the missionaries from UKRAINE DONESTK MISSION, so keep your eyes out or ears perked if something happens. That would be so legit.

The weather here is very tempermental. Some days it snows and then later that night it will rain or other days it will just rain or snow. I wish the weather would make up its mind so that it would be to do stuff, such as contacting or teaching lessons. With the weather it makes the sidewalks really interesting to navigate. The snow freezes which in turn, turns to ice. If the weather warms up it melts but by the night it turns to ice so it's smooth ice that is just begging people to slip. No matter what the weather combination there will always be ice. Our district made a little pact that the first person to fall would have to buy everyone else a candyvar. I was walking really well and think that I would be okay and that I would never fall this winter. I was thinking about how good I was doing and then the next thing I know I was wet. Why? might you ask. I'll tell you why. I was walking and it was raining which was making the ice already down start to melt and become slick, admist my thinking about how good I was, I slipped and fell. It was a surprise! I quickly jumped back up and "limped" back home. I thought that I would never ever fall and then the next thing I knew I was on the ground. Lame. So now I owe my district candy bars. happens to everyone right? I hope so.

The other day Elder Duke and I made so chili/soup. We found some dry beans and vegetables and thought of making some chili because it's starting to get cold and why not make something that would keep us warm. We weren't sure on how to make the beans, come to find out you need a really long time to boil them and then they'll be ready. After a long process of cooking the beans we made the chili/soup. It contains some red peppers, tomatoes, celery, onion, beans of course, ground beef, and some random spices that we found. So now we have a big pot of chili/soup that is just chilling in our fridge. It will probably last us all this week and some of next week. It's probably the most healthiest thing that I'll ever eat here because it has veggies and what not. Crazy, with all of the protein from the beans and the overload of veggies it's making my bowels do some funny things, like fart, fart some really really stinking ones too. But that's not important. It's a good chili/soup.....hopefully I don't get sick of it too soon because it is really going to last us a really long time.

We are teaching some people....some. It's brutal. With the weather not being Chirstlike it's difficult to contact, but nonethe less we go and teach. We teach a progressing investigator who has set a baptism date. Januarary 8th. It's going to be a lot of work to get her there but she can do it and I know that we can help her get there. She' been taking the lessons for quite a while but "goes away" so she has to start over, so that's what I've heard. But we are going to work with her. She has some of the best fellowshippers ever, so it's going to be amazing. We have the Branch President coming with us for a lesson so it's going to be good. Hopefully it will all work out and we will get her to be baptized. We tried calling other people last night to set up some times to teach this week but that didn't work out too well. They all said to call them after the new year....I wonder why.

We are trying to teach this one guy, Oleg, but he is always working at some temporary job placement place and they call him like the night before or just a couple of hours to see if he can work and if he says no then he's pretty much out of a job for a really really long time and has no money, so he always says yes. Hopefully soon we'll be able to meet up with him and teach him. I've only taught him once since I've been here. Yeah a really long time ago. Hopefully something will happen. We tried calling this one contact that we received on the street but his phone was weird, it was like :We are not accepting phone calls now, and then it would send a text saying okay call me. But then it wouldn't accept the phone call. So...lame. But hopefully we'll find some more people to teach.

That was my week, a good fun time. This week is going to be awesome because it's going to be Christmas!!! I'm excited for that. I haven't opened any of the presents because if I wait then I'll be able to open more on Chirstmas! I did how ever open it and see what was in there, I took out the socks-which were amazing-and wore those. How great that feeling was. Warm feet is the best thing ever. This week should be a good week. The ZL's are going up to Sumii to conduct some baptism interviews, if I can remember 6 interviews, and there's only two elders in Sumii. They are doing work. There is usually four but one elder had to go home because of his tonsils were acting up and they are going to take them out. So they sent his companion down to Donetsk, those two elders there are doing work. I got to meet them during the Christmas party and they stayed at our house for the night too. They are really cool elders doing work.

The last email I sent home I remember including that there's rumor that we don't have enough money, but to be honest I think that we do. It's fine. Three hundred grevian is pretty good, well I think so. I haven't had to go into person money yet, but this last week was close on money. I had to buy some papers that said that I was legal to live in Ukraine and I spent two hundred from my personal and one hundred from MSF to buy a CD player which was the best thing ever. That was a good purchase. And then I had to buy those papers for one hundred and fifty grevian and then I spent about one hundred grevian on groceries so I was pretty low on cash by the end of the week, but now I get to start all over. It's do-able but it's close. It will be okay. I don't think that I'll need to buy some boots. I asked an older missionary who goes home in Feburary if he ever bought some boots, he never did and was fine. Elder Duke has some boots but they aren't waterproof and his feet are always cold so he says. So......I'm going to stay with my shoes, they seem to be doing fine and keeping me alright. If I do take out some money it will be for some ties or some warm clothing like a sweater. So yeah it's all good.

Oh the time of Christmas is amazing. I love it. I'm really excited to be here for Christmas and to be here with my "family". It feels good to be here, I'm surrounded by good Elders and doing the Lord's work, what could be better? The other day I found myself being a little down and then the next thing I found myself doing was singing to myself the primary song Army of Helaman. When I was done I was pumped and ready to go. It brought a smile to my face, a warm feeling inside and the want to go to work and work work. The Lord is with His missionaries, I know it. Have a good Christmas everyone I love you all and thank you for what you have done for me in my life. Remember what it's all about GIVING!!!!

Love Elder Young

If you want a story here's a story. The other day it was snowing/raining and when we were walking back to our house we saw a dog. It was freaking out, like wigging out of control. It was pyscho. It would like freak itself out and then jump back. Then all of a sudden it went stiff and laid down. It's legs were all out stiff and shaking. It was super sketchy. We think that it was rabid and that it died just then. Yeah super freaky. Anywho I'm safe, not rabid! yay!!

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