Monday, December 27, 2010

Cold Mountain Letter 5

Boo yah! Christmas has come and gone. Lame. Christmas here was amazing, even though I was serperated from all of you, I was surrounded by my "other family" here. The elders that have been here in Ukraine for some while made it amazing. They knew how to make Christmas the best thing ever. It was a blast! We had some great breakfast and dinner. French toast with some fried cubed potatoes, and homemade pizza. Oh so delicious. Sounds like a lame feast but oh my gosh it was so good. I loved it.

Mom thanks for the package that you sent me. It had everything that I could have ever imagined. Thanks for the large Temple photo. That was the cherry on top. My heart rejoiced when I opened that brown paper bag and saw the Lord's house. How I wish I could go there, I will in two years. Thanks for the handwarmers, hopefully it never gets too cold to where I need them, but if it does get cold then I will totatlly use them. The photo album was a heart warmer. Thank you so much for that. I was so happy to show everyone else some more photos from home. Everyone was like, whoa Elder Young you were a chubby and now you're not chubby at all. It's crazy how much I've changed over the years. Other elders here have said that they have changed a lot while they have been here.Hopefully I won't change that much, and I really hope that I will keep all of my hair while I'm here. There have been some photos sent home from some others whilst I've been on my mission and Mom you joked that I had a receeding hair line. Hopefully that hair line doesn't go any further backwards and that it stays put. Mother, I'm wearing that Nephi drama club sweat shirt right now. I wear it quite oft when I can. I'm too lazy and cheap to go buy another one but that's okay. I'm warm and I really don't care what I look like. It keeps me warm and I shouldn't complain.

I'm not sure what else you all want to hear since I've told you a lot during the phone call but I guess I could just tell you the usual. We had two lessons planned for this whole week. One of them bailed on us. It was the older sister that has memory problems. We went to her house and knocked on the door. The radio was on and Elder Duke said that the last time the radio was on when he came she was asleep. She must fall asleep to the radio. So that was a bummer and then that meant that we would be doing another day of contacting. This was Wednesday and Tuesday we contacted all day long. So I wasn't too happy with the thought of contacting again because it seems like no one wants to talk to us. We walk around and around and around and try to get people to talk to. We eventually talked to ten people and handed out two Books of Mormon all in about five hours. Do the math that's like two people every hour and a book every two and a half hours. Brutal, but that is the work goes up here in Cold Mountain. Oh that was Tuesday and the results for Wednesday were one Book of Mormon placed and one contact received all in about five hours as well. It's hard. A lot of people reject listening to us and so that makes the heart and mind not feel so well and gets me down a bit. But after some time and prayer my spirits are lifted. One Wednesday during our contacting we were walking through a "forest park" and we saw some old lady just chilling there all alone. So we went up to here and started talking to her. She was pretty cool. She was really interested in what we had to say and when we gave her a Book of Mormon she said that she would read it. The down side to this great story is that she isn't from around here. She is visiting her family. Hopefully she will read and she'll get in contact with some other missionaries and take the lessons. That would be amazing. When we left she was like "Why did you come over her to me and start talking to me. I was all alone just standing here and you two came up to me. Why did you come over here?" It was pretty cool. We just said we are missionaries and that's our job. So it was pretty cool.

I went on a split with the Zone Leaders since they are supposed to go on splits with every missionary in their zone it was finally our time to go with them. I went with Elder Young. So there were two Elder Youngs together. It was crazy. He has one more transfer left in the mission and then he goes home. He's really awesome. We went to a lesson and taught about Jospeh Smith and the Restoration it was spiritual and amazing. I saw the investigator at church the other day which is totally amazing!!!!! He hasn't had a baptism his whole mission and he's really praying that sometime soon he'll have a baptism. The split was over and that was that. It was fun and I learned some new things.

Last week was crazy with the Christmas holiday but now that is over. This week should be a great work week. We are going to probably going to be doing a lot of contacting again but that will be good and it will help with my Russian. This week is also New Year's so that will be interesting. I've been told that there will be tons of drunk people out and about which is a little bit scary but if I avoid them then everything should be fine. We've been told to go home at 6:00 p.m. Hmm....what to do during that time. Studying and cooking making some good food. I've acquired some new recipes, thank you very much mom for those. You are amazing. Thank you so much. I know that I'm supposed to be in Ukraine and that this is what I need to do. It makes me feel so good to know that. Thank you all for the prayers and everything else that you all do. If I can add one more thing-take time to read the scriptures in your life. The scriptures are amazing I love how much power are in them. Just reading them can make you feel so much better. If you're having a bad day then read the scriptues and see how much better your day will go afterwards. I love the scriptures.

Elder Frank Young

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