Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cold Mountain Letter 7

Because of transfers Elder Young did not have time to write a very long e-mail. This is a compilation of e-mails that he sent his family:

Last night I was reading a story from a really old Ensign, September 2001, to be exact. Don't ask how we have it, we just have a load of Ensigns and Liahona's at our place. So I opened it up and the first or second story was one from Elder Wirthlin about Gratitude. It's some thing that I feel like I have a bit of a hard time with because being here in a cold dark and dreary place is a bit of a challenge, learning Russian is THE most difficult thing I've done, living with someone else is sometimes hard, and just getting rejected after rejection is hard. I just opened it up and looked at the story, I thought about not reading it because it was a really long story but I started reading and I couldn't stop reading. It was a great story. I would highly recommend that you read it. What I liked about the story is finding the good in everything even though it may be extremely hard to find the good. Here in Ukraine it can be difficult. Most days, well the past transfer I have seen the sun in it's fullness about 5 times. Six weeks and only seeing the sun and blue skies five times is hardly enough. It's crazy, there can be times when I can be really down about things, but like Elder Wirthlin said, find the good in everything and enjoy life to the fullest.
It's all the same here still crazy. We are teaching a few people here and there, most days are filled with contacting when we are teaching people. That can be fun. It's hard to find the good in contacting because most people just reject you and say to go away. The other night we were contacting and I was talking to some guy and when I said that we are missionaries and that we talk about God and Jesus he got really really upset and just walked off storming. I thought that it was funny because his face was just utterly disgusted but yet we got rejected. There are a very few people that actually accept our message but most just walk away. We ask them if they have a minute and then talk to them about the Gospel. Every now and then we are able to hand out a Book of Mormon and ask them to read it and if we are able to get a phone number we are doing something right then. But then when we call them, most likely they don't want to talk with us and what not. So....yes it's hard but finding the good in things is possible. The other night Elder Duke was talking on the phone in Russian to our Zone Leaders, I just thought that is was really funny. If you think about it, we are 19, 20, and 21 year olds speaking Russian and living in Ukraine. How silly is that thought. If you think about it for a while it's funny, well to me it was. Maybe you'll find it to be funny.
Well...not much has really changed from the last week. We had transfers which was a bit sad. The other Young got transferred down to Donetsk which was a sad day. He was awesome. I learned a lot from him, he taught me that you can have fun on your mission and work hard at the same time. Hopefully someday I can be like him.
Thanks for everything that you do for me and that you do. Keep up the good work and read that story if you can find it. I love you as always.

I'm still alive and moving. How great is that. I love being here and the work is the same. Not much has really happened from last week. We are teaching a few new people but I don't know if they realize that we would like to teach them more than just once. We have a new investigator, Luba, is her name. She is really nice and hopefully we can get her to where she reads the BOM and that she'll come to find out that is is true. The other day we had a really good lesson with Oleg about Faith and Repentance. I shared with him my mission scripture Alma 36:27 if I can recall properly. It was a spiritual little moment. I started crying and he thought that I was homesick and that I should go home. Elder Duke said that crying in front of a Ukrainian is weird and they think that something is really wrong with you. But we cleared things up and hopefully it will make Oleg read the BOM. I challenged him to read the BOM and to find a verse that is "his". So hopefully that will motivate him to read the scriptures. It should...I hope.

We've been doing a lot of contacting recently. The other day, the 7th was the "Old Christmas" it's a complicated story and so I won't tell it. You can look it up. It's aobut callendars being changed and goverentment and religion. So yeah. But anywho we had some little girls come to our door and say some scripture verse and then wait there. We were supposed to give them something and then they would leave. So that was that. It was really werid.....but remember that I'm in Ukraine.

Sorry for the short email. There isn't that much to report this week. It's all the same.


Elder Young

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