Monday, February 28, 2011

Cold Mountain Letter 14

This week...oh where to begn???? Monday was P-day, of course. We came to internet, went and got a little snackie and then went to a branch building and played some ping-pong and I played a bit on the piano. That's been a lot of fun, playing recently. Then after some of chilling time we went to McDonalds and had some food. The McD's here are amazing. They are the "fancy" resturants. If you really want to impress your lady friend then you go to McD's and have a nice dinner. Yeah lame. Then after some grub we went shopping. We didn't buy much because we haven't received any money from the office because it's the fifth week of the month and we only get enough money for four weeks. But the good news is that I had some money saved up so we were able to get some food. We actually ate pretty well this past week. We had some frozen veggetables with rice and some beef. That was a good tasty meal. Another night we had pancakes. Those were also amazing. I think they gave me some gas though.....Another day we had some grilled cheese sandwhiches. They weren't your ordinary grilled cheese's though. The loaf of bread that we got was about the size of a large new born baby. We shaved off the crust and cut it in have. It was just massive and it was delicious. That was our food adventures for the week. We also made some banana cake that was also delicious. I just love cooking, it's a lot of fun.

On Tuesday we met with our former branch president to get some help with the member list. It's like a ward directory. We had some questions about it and we got a lot of help from our branch president. He told us about some less/in-active members and gave us some help with who is who and what is what. He is an awesome guy, I'll miss him when I leave this area. That night we also meet with Okcana and talked with her. It was kind of a get to know you with Elder Lott and to help her get on the straight and narrow path. She's been having some problems with smoking but now she's down to about a cigarette a day, which is amazing. She says that she wants to get baptized but she has some things in the way, like smoking. Hopefully we'll be albe to get her to baptism this transfer.

Wednesday we had a lesson with the old grandma who has some memory problems. She is a sweet heart and just loves us...I think. She is lonely and when we come over she gets all excited and just loves talking to us. So we had a lesson with her and then left. We had district meeting which was good. The Burr's are amazing and made some good food. Then that night we had a lesson and gave the sacrament to a shut-in lady. It was a pretty busy Wednesday which was good. Haven't had one of those in a while. With Elder Lott we are doing a lot more work and everything seems to be working better. I love serving with Elder Lott. I hope that I can get another transfer with him because he's amazing and he's really funny. I like being around him. Also guess this, his trainer was Elder Austen Allred. Yeah how cool is that???

Thursday we did some contacting and we talked to this one guy who said that he wants to get baptized but not yet....I'm not sure how that works. Maybe we'll run into him again. Also like 10 minutes later we were talking to this lady and she said that she read the Bible and the Book of Mormon. When I heard that I was really confused and was like WHAT??!! But come to find out she is a former investigator and she just has been reading the Book of Mormon. Hopefully we'll be able to set up a time with her and teach her.

On Friday we had our weekly planning session and planned a really long time. We went through the Area Book and found some people to teach. We made some phone calls and set up some lessons. We set up to meet with this one guy who I'll talk about in a bit. After planning we went contacting and had some good success. I gave out a Book of Mormon which was the first one in three weeks. Yeah, really sad. But that's winter for you and our area. It seems really pathetic but by the end of this transfer this area should be poppin and being amazing. We baked some banana cake and planned for some less active member. We baked the cake so if we got in, we had a little treat for them. Bad news-the members weren't home. Good news-the cake was amazing.

Saturday....oh were to begin. We went to the old memory loss grandma and taught her. She is extremely nice, even though she's a bit crazy. She cares so much for the missionaries. It's been freezing cold the past days and when you go out side your nose freezes and then when you come inside it thaws out, which makes it runny. So the whole time during the lesson my nose is running and I'm sniffing back up the snot. By the end of the lesson the grandma goes and gets her purse and tries to give us some money so I can buy some medicine. We object because we really can't take money from her. Then she goes out and then comes back with an 100 ГРН bill. That is way too much money. With that much you can easily do enough shopping. She insisted on giving me the money and I told her that it was not do-able. So she laid the bill on my lap and I just let it sit there. Luckily she said the closing prayer and during the prayer I passed the bill to Elder Lott who put it back into the pile of money. It was like the Sunday dinner prayers when it's not too reverent. I tried really hard not to laugh, I bit my lip and got through it. Then went it was time to leave we booked it out of there and got away quickly before she could notice. That was the second time I've had to run away from that place, run away from a good cause. After that lesson we quickly made it to another lesson. His name is Edward and he knows some English. We met and then he said that we should go find a cafe and have a drink and talk. So we did. He said that we should get something to drink and we said that we were okay, but he said that since we were in a cafe we should get something, because that's what you do in a cafe. So we got some fruit tea and then had a talk. He talked about his trip to Jerusalem and how great it was. He said that he was at the sites of Christ and became really interested in religion and what not. So there is totally potential for this guy. We found out that he's an underwear salesman. Did you laugh or make a smile at that one? During the lesson I tried really hard not to laugh when he said that. I guess there's money in underwear because he's doing pretty well money wise. He pointed to his watch and said that it was an 8,000 dollar watch. Maybe it was, maybe it wasn't, who knows. He said that if you want to get things in life you have to work hardly. Yes in life you have to work hardly. That's what you get for knowing Russian and trying to speak English. Oh the joys of Ukraine, I love it here. So we talked to Edward and sipped some tea and then we talked some more. He's a really interesting guy and we set up another time to meet with him this coming week. Which is good.

Sunday was typical. We went to church and had a good time. There isn't a lot of youth in the branch so sometimes the missionaries have to help out. About two mintues before the meeting was about to start, I was told to go and help pass the Sacrament. That's always nice to do. I remember the first time I was passing the Sacrament. I was scared, but now I'm not scared anymore. Wonder what happened. There are some little kids in our branch and they love the missionaries. One of them is a little red headed kid with an imagination like you couldn't comprehend. He's really funny. It's also a struggle to keep him still but thank goodness for pens and planners with blank pages. I had him draw for a while and that kept him pretty quiet. Then he got bored and then we had to do something else that would entertain his mind. It was pretty fun. One of the Elders had to speak about missionary work but he only had about five minutes to talk because the lady before him talked for about the whole meeting. So he was a bit bummed but from what I heard from him he did a really good job. During Sunday School some men came in and wanted to talk. One of them has come before and he just wants to English words to practice with. But the other guy was a little bit different. He was talking and it wasn't the best, he pretty much wanted to argue about stuff and get some money. The Elders handled it really well and some members came and helped and took good care of the man and told him that he was disturbing and that he was wrong on some of his stuff. It was just crazy. I'm glad that I didn't have to take care of that situation. After church we came home. I took a quick little nap and when I woke up I was really confused and didn't know what was going on. I guess I was really zonked out and was out like a light. We then made some dinner. Vareyenke and eggs. It was a good meal. Elder Loot seasoned the vareneyke so they tasted well and I made the eggs. It was really hard....not.

This week should be good. We have some lessons planned and we will be meeting with a lot of peole. I'm excited to be serving with Elder Lott. Last night we played that Bee game and had some fun. He's been reading Jesus the Christ book and we've been discussing what's been happening and what will happen after the Resurrection. Some crazy stuff is gonna happen. Like we'll be able to walk through walls and we'll be able to see with our whole body. Yeah pretty crazy. We've been hearing that this coming week should be getting warmer. I sure hope so because I'm getting sick and tired of the cold weather. I would really like to not have to wear a jacket and to feel the sunshine and just have a good time outside. Thanks for everything that you have done for me. I hope that life back home is going well and everything is amazing. Life here in Ukraine is pretty crazy but a lot of fun. I love being here and I love working admist the people here. It's hands down not America. I love being here and doing missionary work. Thanks for all fo the support and everything. I sent a letter the other day, you'll have to let me know when it gets to you all.

Love Elder Young

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cold Mountain Letter 13

So this week has been crazy. I've been sick with a cold and have been stuck inside all week. I was starting to feel a little bit better around Friday but other than that, I've been sick and been inside. Being inside really really sucks because you can't do anything, as in missionary work. On Wednesday or Thursday I felt like I was going to "die". I did some personal study and then I laid down on the couch feeling like the world was about to end. Everyone else said that I looked like bad. I just laied there and didn't have enough energy to open my eyes. I laid there trying to figure out what was going to happen. Everyone else told me to take a hot bath. So I mustered up some enegery from some where and took a hot bath. By the end of my hot bath I felt better already. So these past couple of days I've been taking some hot baths and everything has been going good for me now. I feel like I'm about 85%. I've been taking some vitamin C pills and some other stuff. Hopefully it will help and I'll get better soon. Now I have a cough which brings up some phlemn but I'm getting better.

On Friday it was transfer day. We all had to wake up early, like 5 AM and take the other Elders to the church to get on a bus and go down to Donetsk. It was brutal waking up that early. So I said goodbye to Elder Duke and then came back home and tried to sleep. I couldn't sleep and then took the hot bath. I was with Elder Jensen for the day. He's an awesome amazing Elder. We went to a lesson, which was kind of crazy. She is an inactive member and she has a very interesting story. From what I've heard she stalked another Elder here in the mission a while back. And anytime she wanted to know where that Elder was, everyone else had to say that they didn't know where he was or that he was in Kiev. Kind of funny. So we take a bus and get to her house. When we get to her house we seriously take a maze to finally get to her room where we can teach her. It was crazy. I think we went through about three doors, a flight of stairs, and four rooms. Yeah it was crazy. But then we get there and we sit down and she offers us some tea. We willingfully oblige and take some tea. She pours the tea into some of the most sketchiest cups I've ever seen. They clearly haven't been washed and they had dirties all over them. I have come to a realization that anytime anyone offers me food, I have to say a constant prayer before I eat, while I eat, and after I eat. I say: Please help me eat this and please help me keep it down, please help me, please help me not to get sick, please please please help me. I can tell you now that they tea was drunken and I haven't seen any harmful effects yet. She also gave us some candies, which weren't sketchy, but she gave us some Ukrainian sandwhiches. Which are a slice of bread with some slices of cheese and then some slices of meat-which is like some sausage stuff. That also required some more constant prayer to help get that down. I can tell you also that it's all gone and probably pooped out of me. People here are really generous and really like to give, but sometimes it's just a bit scary when they give.

Then came they transfer call. I found out that I was getting Elder Lott. Remember that I was with Elder we got the phone calls and Elder Jensen wasn't too pleased with his transfer call because he was going back to the "ghetto" and was still Zone Leader. But I asked him about Elder Lott because he already served with him. He said that he loved serving with Elder Lott and had some of the most phone he's ever had on his misison with him. So it's going to be a lot of fun. So far we've already had some few laughs. He's been out here in Ukraine for about a year and half. I'm going into my third transfer and he's going into his thirteenth (13) transfer. So he's very seasoned and knows what's going down. We went to the crazy old lady who doesn't have any memory and talked with her. I warned him about her and how she expects you to say things. I forgot to tell him that when you talk you are supposed to talk in the "I" form. Like if you were to say: Reading the Book of Mormon helps us feel the Spirit and helps us become better people. She would get mad and tell you to say it this way: When I read the Book of Mormon it helps ME feel the Spirit and helps ME become a better person. To her, that is the only correct way to say things. We survived the lesson and made our way around looking for some people.

As you know, I'm with Elder Lott. He has a Southern accent like from Georgia. It's amazing. He's lived in New Mexico, California, and Georgia. He's just amazing. I'm excited for this transfer. I would really love to have two transfers with him. It's weird but I think that it's going to be better with him. We've been doing evening planning more which usually didn't happen with Elder Duke. So we're doing things. We've already had a miracle too. We were contacting on the streets and we ran into this one guy. He started talking to us in English slash Russian. It was pretty cool. We talked to him about the Book of Mormon. He was like "Okay you give me book now?" But we just said where to you live and we'll come and give you the book. So we got his address and set up a lesson with him for Sunday, because we found him on Saturday. So after chruch we make dinner and then rush off to his house. We get a little bit lost but eventually we find his place. We get to his door and he comes out. We start talking to him in his stair well but it wasn't the most spirit friendly environment. We asked if we could go inside to his apartment. He went inside and asked his mom if we could come in. He came back out and said that we couldn't and that she was Против which means protiv or against us coming in. So we managed to our best. He asked again if could get the book but we said let us tell you about the book and then we'll give you the book. We started talking about it and then I bore a quick little testimony about it. When I finished he said that if he were to read the BOM then would he have a greater faith and strength? Of course, is what we told him. We then told him about prayer and we told him the first two steps of prayer, of opening the prayer to Heavenly Father and then thanking Him for everything. Then before anything else his mom came out and said that we had to leave and that he had to come back inside. We stood there and tried to plead with her, but that was to no avail. I was furious. I made a fist with my other hand and started hitting the fist of my other hand. I was mad and started getting angry with the devil. We walked out and didn't know what to do. We looked at each other and just were confused. We made our way home and I made some cookies. Hopefully we'll be able to meet with him again or find him on the streets. I would really really like that. He has potential. So the moral of the story. If you're like late 20's or early 30's don't live at home with your mom.

Well.......that's a deep subject.......ahahaha.......I'm excited to be serving with Elder Lott, We are going to have fun and work hard and do everything that needed. We haven't had comp study yet because there hasn't been time but tomorrow will be the first time and I bet that we will do comp study. I'm so excited just to do everything right.

For food adventures this past week. I made German pancakes once for breakfast, I made french toast another day. I made cookies, and I made mashed potatoes as well. I'm getting better and everything is going to get better. Thank you oh oh oh so so so so much for the package that you sent me. It was wonderful and amazing. I loved opening it and looking at all of the food packets. I'm excited to make some good delicious food. Elder Lott showed me some pictures of some food that he's had and that he said that we're going to make some good food. I'm excited. Oh some more news about Elder Lott. He was trained by Austen Allred. So we have some thing in common.

Thanks for everything that you have done. Thank you for your prayers, and prayers are being sent back to you as well. I'll probably write a letter this week and send it home. I hope that you got my other letter that I sent a while back.


Elder Young

Monday, February 14, 2011


Above: "This is a bus stop. It was a cold day and all of the
stray dogs just met up and curled up into balls.
There were about 7 dogs in that bus stop trying to stay warm."

Below: "This is what I get to room with. These are my other roommates."
"This is what we do when we have these Russian hats.
We take crazy pictures. They are made of fox and wolf."

Cold Mountain Letter 12

Yes this week is transfer week. Want to know what's happening???? Yes me too. Well I am staying up here in Kharkiv for another transfer in the same apartment but I'll be getting a new companion. That will be nice. Elder Duke is being transferred down to the Donetsk area. We have been told to expect the unexpected this coming transfer with a lot of crazy things happening. I have this weird feeling that I could be going senior over someone who is one transfer younger than me. That would be crazy??!!!! Because for one, I really don't know the language, I know what's happening....kind of, and I can barely communicate back. But if that is the case where I could get a younger companion it would be fun. We would have a lot of looking at each other moments with a look of "do you know what happening?" and just laughing because we don't know what's happening. Also there is talk that they other Elders in my district that their area could be combined with the area that I'm in now. That would be a huge expansion. That would also mean that there would be a lot more lessons a week and less contacting so that would be nice. Contacting.......that's what we do.

This week was a brutual week as well. We got dogged meaning dumped five times this week on lessons. We had about seven lessons planned too. So yeah, do the math, we only had two lessons this week. The good news is that one of those two lessons was with an investigator. Wait, I looked through my planner and we had three lessons this week. Sorry. There was this one experience that I will tell now: We got a phone call on Thursday night from a woman saying that she wanted to meet with us and find out more about the Book of Mormon and more about the Church. We looked at each other in surprise because it was too good to be true. She told us where to meet and we had an hour to get there. We scrambled to get our things together and then made our way to the meeting place. We arrived promptly at the meeting time and then we waited. We waited and then we waited some more. We ended up waiting about 40 mintues for nothing. The lady never showed up. It was a heart break. Hopefully the lady will call back again and this time we'll be able to meet and really teach.

We had cleaning checks on Tueday and we were the only apartment that passed the clean checks in our zone. That means that we get a treat pack! Boo yah! All of the cleaning took me back to the Peaceable days for cleaning. We had to get down and dirty with this cleaning because they said that this clean check was going to be really intense. Like I said, we passed.

Not much is really new, this past week we ate really well with big portions. If we were to go hungry it would have been our own fault. We had tacos one night and we each had three tacos each, and there was still more food left. Then we had deep fried chicken with homemade french fries. The other Elders have a deep fryer that they brought with them and so we have put that to good use. That was a really good meal. The other night we had deep fried varenyke, that was good as well but probably not the most healthiest. We had scones that night too. Oh so good. We had chili from America, one of those Bear Claw soup company things. It was amazing. We used the left over scone dough and made some bread sticks and we tried to bake some potatoes to go with it. The potatoes weren't cooked all the way but none the less they were great to eat. It was a good meal. Oh, we ate so good this past week. This coming week with be interesting because with transfers on Friday we aren't really sure on what we are going to eat, but we will eat pretty good, but less and probably healthier. Some sad news this week, my garlic press broke in the second use. I was so bummed and not too happy. I was going to smash some garlic and then one of the handles broke, but that's Ukraine for you so I can't complain. I'll probalby go buy another one today.

The weather for this week is supposed to be extremely freezing cold. Today it was -14 C when we left our apartment and that wasn't including humidity and windchill. We got news that on Friday night it's going to be -42 C with everything added together. Yeah that's freezing cold. This week is supposed to be freezing cold. Last week was pretty good because the sun was shining and some of the snow was melting but, that is now completely opposite now. Thank goodness for socks, scarfs, beanies, and gloves, and of course a warm jacket. I shouldn't be too cold this week and everything will be okay....I hope. I have tons of hand warmers that will probably be used this week. Thank you for those. I would really like for the weather to warm up because then I can go running. I have been looking forward to the thought of running for a really long time. I wanted to go the other day when the sidewalks were relatively clear of snow but then BOOM!!! It got freezing cold and it snowed some more.

I'm not sure on what else to type about. I'm still studying and struggling with Russian. It's been a trial of my test and patience. There have been times when I just really really wish that I could speak Russian so that I could express my feelings and say things that would help but I can't. With practice with will come and with effective study it will come as well. I have been studying a lot of words and trying to retain them and hoping that they will stick. When people talk I can understand the gist of what they say, but it's just reciprocating back them is when it gets hard. I'm hoping that this feeling of getting a younger companion isn't so true and that I get an older companion and that we can speak Russian in the apartment. I feel like that would really help. But if not, I'll just have to do my own Russian speaking in the home. Well....I love you all and I thank you for all that you have done. I can feel you love and prayers that are directed to me and to the missionaries. The Lord really does protect his Elders. Have fun back home in America do all that you want and to enjoy life to the fullest. Use the most of the day to your advantage.

Love Elder Young

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Captions Provided by Elder Young:

That is what my crepes look like.

That is the varenyke that I made the other day. It looks amazing huh?!!??

The finished product.

That was the other day. Looks wonderful.

Cold Mountain Letter 11

Where to begin, I have no clue.

On Wednesday it was a blizzard. I woke up and saw that it was lightly snowing and then as the morning progressed the light snow turned into a blizzard. It snowed and snowed. It was really bad for us because it was hard contacting. Who wants to stop when it's a blizzard outside. But hey that's the joys of missionary work here in Ukraine. So mom to answer your question about the funny thing that happened this week. We teach that sister who has memory loss. We told here four times in the first ten minutes of being at her house what we were gonna teach her. We were going to teach her about the Restoration, we then taught her and everything was okay. By the end of the time being there at her place it got a little crazy. Usually she likes to come with us and buy us some food. Before we left she bought us some apples and told us to take them home. It was about a kilo of apples that I had to put in my bag and then lug around for about four hours. Yes my shoulders did get a little bit tired but it will make me stronger. But before we left, she went to get some treats from some other room of her small apartment. She put them on the table in front of us as we were putting on our jackets and what not. We did not want them so we paid no attention to them. We just left them on the table and then started to leave her place.

On Sunday, yesterday, the branches combined. It was good, there were tons of people there,roughly 70 people. That was a huge amount of people. We were all anxious to hear who the new branch president was going to be. The branch president of the other branch was a young man, and a return missionary. He's way cool and he speaks English. Our branch president is awesome, but he's super excited that he's not the branch president anymore because it's a lot of work. So the new branch president is........the man that received the Melchesizdek Preisthood last week. The one that we went to the hospital with. He's been a convert for roughly 6 months and now he's the branch president. It was a true curve ball no one guessed it. It was amazing. The Lord calls those that he needs to do His work. He's amazing and he'll do an amazing job. He's super cool. There was a little bit of head butting between the other members of the branch and our branch. Hopefully everything will be worked out and everyone will be liking each other. At the end of the meeting some people came in and started asking us questions about fast offering envelopes. Yeah...there is some head butting going on but everything will work out.

This week has been a lot of contacting as per usual with my area. We talked to a former investigator the other night and set up an appoitment to meet with him on Wednesday. Hopefully he remembers to come and we'll be able to teach him. We also talked to some one on the street and she seemed really interested in the Gospel. Her name translated to English is Light. After we were done talking to her, Elder Duke said that she had the Light of Christ in her. And her name had do to a little bit about that. She had a son with her and hopefully we'll be able to teach her and he son and hopefully teach them to baptism. We tried to find some more former investigators as well. We found their buildings but there are codes to get in and sometimes you can pick the number code and sometimes you can't. So we either ask someone or give up and go on to the next one. Some people here are really helpful when it comes to getting into the stariwells. The other night we asked some people and they were like Why? And we said that he is our friend and that we want to talk to him. Then they just gave us the code and all was well. However some people are annoying and don't want to help and only mess things up. When we set up that appoitment with the one former investigator man, we saw this girl exit her door and we quickly grabbed the door so it wouldn't close and we could easily talk to the former investigator. She saw us grab the door and then told us to close the door and then to call them on the pager. It was annoying because she chewed us out. That was the bad part of finding former investigators.

This morning we found out that our apartment is going to be housing two more Elders. That was a surprise! Their apartment is...well nice but not wonderful, it has some problems. They have some problems with mold. Their shower leaks and has created mold underneath some carpet in their other room. So to try and try it out they have been keeping their windows open. It's not the warmest place on earth here in Ukraine. They told us the other night that they woke up in the middle of the night freezing cold and in was 50 degress F. Not healthy and not good. They said that they felt like garbage and was really sick. So I guess word got to President Fry and he said that they should pack up Sunday night and come over to our place Monday morning. So they packed up really fast and gathered all the stuff that they needed and came to our place. It's going to be exciting for these next two weeks being together. It's going to be hectic and fun all at the same time. Mom you don't have to worry. We will now have more money to buy food with, and last week I bought peppers and have been eating those. I remember being home and how much I hated peppers, but now, I eat them like candy. Oh so good. I've been tyring to eat healthy and not just junk food to hold me over till dinner. I made some varenyke last night, and filled them with jam. It was okay but it needs something more than just jam inside of it. I am thinking about making some raviolli with the left over dough. That should be really good. I've been experiementing with food and cooking. It's pretty fun.

Well that's been my week. I'm excited for this coming week. We'll have some lessons and more opportunties to tract.

Elder Frank Young

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Cold Mountain Letter 10

This week was pretty good. We went shopping last monday at a place that is new to us. It's at a mall so it will have pretty much anything and everything that you want...or can get in Ukraine. There they had tobasco sausce but for a mere 350 grevien. Which is more money than I have set aside for the week. So we didn't get it. But we did get some canned fruit! I got some mangos and some strawberries and a can of mixed fruits. I'm so excited to make some crepes and have the wonderful fruit to stuff it with. We got some other stuff, but just the normal. Big news this week, I bought a garlice press!! So now I don't have to finely dice the garlic. It will make cooking so much better.

On Tuesday we had a lesson with Okasana. It ended up being a 1-up contest on who is more righteous and recieves more blessings. We went to the members house and when we arrived the husbands mother was there. She is a sweet darling old Ukrainian grandma. I guess we just arrived right after they were having dinner which was Varyneke...aka pot stickers pretty much. You just boil them, or dumplings, anywho it's food. They were really different from the ones that we buy at the store. They seemed like biscuits and then folded in half with some stuffing in it. Usually it's mashed potatoes or cabbage. Well we tried them and you know, they were quite good for being homemade and that way. That was the first time I have had them like that and I really liked it. They gave us some to take home and eat some more. People here are really really generous and just love to give. I love them.

So the lesson we taught about our Pre Earth life and how God wants to come back to him but first we need to have some ordiances done like baptism and the blessing of being a church member. Then the 1-up contest started. The grandma was like well since I'm a member of the church the rail car arrives everytime I get off the metro so I don't have to wait. It was just crazy and it got a little bit out of hand. But hey that's teaching for you.

On Wednesday we had a split. I went on a split with Elder Kofoed. He's from Spanish Fork, he knew the soccer boys from Spanish Fork. So we talked about them and just laughed. He's amazing. He just returned from America, yes that's right because he had to go home to get his tonsils out. But now he's back and he's a hard worker. He's amazing! I learned so much from him. I learned the right way to contact and that's just to be nice and not to ask people if they have time to stop and talk but to rather just dive right into the gospel. We had the best numbers I've ever had. We had 16 other lessons on the street. That is about double or triple what Elder Duke and I usually have. So...he's amazing. That night we made hamburgers. Just amazing. We bought some ground beef and then cut up some onion and mashed that in as well as some pepper and salt and some other spices. Oh my gosh! They were amazing. We got some lettuce and some red pepper and cheese. We ate like kings that night. We were going to have some ice cream sundae's but that night during in-actice night we got fed borsh. So we were filled to the brim of food and couldn't eat anything else. But maybe this week Elder Duke and I will make some icecream sundae's. I sure hope so.

On Thursday we went and tried to locate some former investigators to see if we could teach people instead of walk on the streets. The hard part about trying to locate them is that on their apartments they have doors to get through. You have to get through a door on the outside to get into their stair well and then you have to find their door. So it's a process of doors. Sometimes we're able to pick the code to the first door but most times we aren't. You'll have to have Chris explain them. It's a number pad and you're supposed to press three buttons and then the door unlocks and then you're in. Some times you have to call them and have them unlock the door, that works sometimes.

On Friday we had a four hour district meeting. Why so long?? Well becaues President Fry and his wife came to visit and do interviews. So I thought that it was going to be really really scary but it was quite fun. We had lagsana for dinner, I have been trying to eat less at meal times so I don't end up like how I was before I turned 16 or so. Remember? I was CHUNKY!!!! So I've been trying to eat less. But that doesn't work on District meeting day. I finished what I thought was going to be my plate and then President Fry took my plate and loaded up the biggest pile of lasagana you could ever imagine. I thought that he was going to stop but he didn't. The plates are about the same size back home and he filled up the whole plate. It was the biggest thing I've ever seen. I thought that there was no way that I was ever going eat it all but...I'm here to tell you that I ate it all. I sent that plate back to the kitchen clean.

After the feast we had interviews. I thought that was going to be scary but in fact it wasn't. We talked. I told him that it's cold in our apartment and he told us to go and buy a space heater. So we did!!! Now are apartment is going to be nice and toasty.

On saturday we tried to find some more former investigators and we made contact with them, so that was amazing. Some of them were open to us teaching them again. I'm looking forward to that and teaching them, because well I'd like to teach people. Yesterday was Sunday. I played to prelude music which was fun it will probably be the last time that I play because the Branches are combining and there's a professional pianist in that branch so. I won't be able to play every again. But that's okay. There should be enough people in the combination of the branches to where the misisonaries won't have to teach Gospel Principles. Well....if not then hopefully I won't have to teach and I'll just only have to sit there and enjoy the spirit of the church meeting.

After church we went with a member to his wife who is in the hospital. This hospital is way nice, way better than the ones that we saw in Romania. We went and checked up on her and gave her the Sacrament. She is rooming with some other lady and she was sharing the Gospel with her, which was awesome. Elder Duke gave the other lady a priesthood blessing. So hopefully she'll get better. It was pretty cool.

After wards we went with the husband to get some water from a natural spring. Mind the temperature it was freezing cold and there was this pool. I guess in the summer it's the best place to be. But with this pool of water, people just go in and stand there and dunk themselves a couple of times and then quickly get out and dry off and try to get warm again. They believe that doing that will prevent them from being cold for the rest of the year. Really???!?!?!??!??? I don't get how that is supposed to work. I'll let them do it their way.

Well family...I love you all and I thank you all for what you have done. I'm still alive here and I can't complain because if I do I only find the bad things in life. So I try and find the good in life and just take it for what it is. The sun has been shining all the days which is an answer to some prayers. The sun makes a big difference when it shines. It hasn't snowed in a while. I saw a weekly forcast for the weather this week, it's going to be cold. Below postive 5 degrees C at night. It's going to be really really cold, but we got a space heater so it's going to be amazingly warm. I love being here in Ukraine, even though it's not like home, but it's great being here. Thanks for the prayers that are sent my way, I send prayers back to you all back home. Thanks for everything! I love you all a lot.


Elder Young