Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Cold Mountain Letter 10

This week was pretty good. We went shopping last monday at a place that is new to us. It's at a mall so it will have pretty much anything and everything that you want...or can get in Ukraine. There they had tobasco sausce but for a mere 350 grevien. Which is more money than I have set aside for the week. So we didn't get it. But we did get some canned fruit! I got some mangos and some strawberries and a can of mixed fruits. I'm so excited to make some crepes and have the wonderful fruit to stuff it with. We got some other stuff, but just the normal. Big news this week, I bought a garlice press!! So now I don't have to finely dice the garlic. It will make cooking so much better.

On Tuesday we had a lesson with Okasana. It ended up being a 1-up contest on who is more righteous and recieves more blessings. We went to the members house and when we arrived the husbands mother was there. She is a sweet darling old Ukrainian grandma. I guess we just arrived right after they were having dinner which was Varyneke...aka pot stickers pretty much. You just boil them, or dumplings, anywho it's food. They were really different from the ones that we buy at the store. They seemed like biscuits and then folded in half with some stuffing in it. Usually it's mashed potatoes or cabbage. Well we tried them and you know, they were quite good for being homemade and that way. That was the first time I have had them like that and I really liked it. They gave us some to take home and eat some more. People here are really really generous and just love to give. I love them.

So the lesson we taught about our Pre Earth life and how God wants to come back to him but first we need to have some ordiances done like baptism and the blessing of being a church member. Then the 1-up contest started. The grandma was like well since I'm a member of the church the rail car arrives everytime I get off the metro so I don't have to wait. It was just crazy and it got a little bit out of hand. But hey that's teaching for you.

On Wednesday we had a split. I went on a split with Elder Kofoed. He's from Spanish Fork, he knew the soccer boys from Spanish Fork. So we talked about them and just laughed. He's amazing. He just returned from America, yes that's right because he had to go home to get his tonsils out. But now he's back and he's a hard worker. He's amazing! I learned so much from him. I learned the right way to contact and that's just to be nice and not to ask people if they have time to stop and talk but to rather just dive right into the gospel. We had the best numbers I've ever had. We had 16 other lessons on the street. That is about double or triple what Elder Duke and I usually have. So...he's amazing. That night we made hamburgers. Just amazing. We bought some ground beef and then cut up some onion and mashed that in as well as some pepper and salt and some other spices. Oh my gosh! They were amazing. We got some lettuce and some red pepper and cheese. We ate like kings that night. We were going to have some ice cream sundae's but that night during in-actice night we got fed borsh. So we were filled to the brim of food and couldn't eat anything else. But maybe this week Elder Duke and I will make some icecream sundae's. I sure hope so.

On Thursday we went and tried to locate some former investigators to see if we could teach people instead of walk on the streets. The hard part about trying to locate them is that on their apartments they have doors to get through. You have to get through a door on the outside to get into their stair well and then you have to find their door. So it's a process of doors. Sometimes we're able to pick the code to the first door but most times we aren't. You'll have to have Chris explain them. It's a number pad and you're supposed to press three buttons and then the door unlocks and then you're in. Some times you have to call them and have them unlock the door, that works sometimes.

On Friday we had a four hour district meeting. Why so long?? Well becaues President Fry and his wife came to visit and do interviews. So I thought that it was going to be really really scary but it was quite fun. We had lagsana for dinner, I have been trying to eat less at meal times so I don't end up like how I was before I turned 16 or so. Remember? I was CHUNKY!!!! So I've been trying to eat less. But that doesn't work on District meeting day. I finished what I thought was going to be my plate and then President Fry took my plate and loaded up the biggest pile of lasagana you could ever imagine. I thought that he was going to stop but he didn't. The plates are about the same size back home and he filled up the whole plate. It was the biggest thing I've ever seen. I thought that there was no way that I was ever going eat it all but...I'm here to tell you that I ate it all. I sent that plate back to the kitchen clean.

After the feast we had interviews. I thought that was going to be scary but in fact it wasn't. We talked. I told him that it's cold in our apartment and he told us to go and buy a space heater. So we did!!! Now are apartment is going to be nice and toasty.

On saturday we tried to find some more former investigators and we made contact with them, so that was amazing. Some of them were open to us teaching them again. I'm looking forward to that and teaching them, because well I'd like to teach people. Yesterday was Sunday. I played to prelude music which was fun it will probably be the last time that I play because the Branches are combining and there's a professional pianist in that branch so. I won't be able to play every again. But that's okay. There should be enough people in the combination of the branches to where the misisonaries won't have to teach Gospel Principles. Well....if not then hopefully I won't have to teach and I'll just only have to sit there and enjoy the spirit of the church meeting.

After church we went with a member to his wife who is in the hospital. This hospital is way nice, way better than the ones that we saw in Romania. We went and checked up on her and gave her the Sacrament. She is rooming with some other lady and she was sharing the Gospel with her, which was awesome. Elder Duke gave the other lady a priesthood blessing. So hopefully she'll get better. It was pretty cool.

After wards we went with the husband to get some water from a natural spring. Mind the temperature it was freezing cold and there was this pool. I guess in the summer it's the best place to be. But with this pool of water, people just go in and stand there and dunk themselves a couple of times and then quickly get out and dry off and try to get warm again. They believe that doing that will prevent them from being cold for the rest of the year. Really???!?!?!??!??? I don't get how that is supposed to work. I'll let them do it their way.

Well family...I love you all and I thank you all for what you have done. I'm still alive here and I can't complain because if I do I only find the bad things in life. So I try and find the good in life and just take it for what it is. The sun has been shining all the days which is an answer to some prayers. The sun makes a big difference when it shines. It hasn't snowed in a while. I saw a weekly forcast for the weather this week, it's going to be cold. Below postive 5 degrees C at night. It's going to be really really cold, but we got a space heater so it's going to be amazingly warm. I love being here in Ukraine, even though it's not like home, but it's great being here. Thanks for the prayers that are sent my way, I send prayers back to you all back home. Thanks for everything! I love you all a lot.


Elder Young

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