Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cold Mountain Letter 11

Where to begin, I have no clue.

On Wednesday it was a blizzard. I woke up and saw that it was lightly snowing and then as the morning progressed the light snow turned into a blizzard. It snowed and snowed. It was really bad for us because it was hard contacting. Who wants to stop when it's a blizzard outside. But hey that's the joys of missionary work here in Ukraine. So mom to answer your question about the funny thing that happened this week. We teach that sister who has memory loss. We told here four times in the first ten minutes of being at her house what we were gonna teach her. We were going to teach her about the Restoration, we then taught her and everything was okay. By the end of the time being there at her place it got a little crazy. Usually she likes to come with us and buy us some food. Before we left she bought us some apples and told us to take them home. It was about a kilo of apples that I had to put in my bag and then lug around for about four hours. Yes my shoulders did get a little bit tired but it will make me stronger. But before we left, she went to get some treats from some other room of her small apartment. She put them on the table in front of us as we were putting on our jackets and what not. We did not want them so we paid no attention to them. We just left them on the table and then started to leave her place.

On Sunday, yesterday, the branches combined. It was good, there were tons of people there,roughly 70 people. That was a huge amount of people. We were all anxious to hear who the new branch president was going to be. The branch president of the other branch was a young man, and a return missionary. He's way cool and he speaks English. Our branch president is awesome, but he's super excited that he's not the branch president anymore because it's a lot of work. So the new branch president is........the man that received the Melchesizdek Preisthood last week. The one that we went to the hospital with. He's been a convert for roughly 6 months and now he's the branch president. It was a true curve ball no one guessed it. It was amazing. The Lord calls those that he needs to do His work. He's amazing and he'll do an amazing job. He's super cool. There was a little bit of head butting between the other members of the branch and our branch. Hopefully everything will be worked out and everyone will be liking each other. At the end of the meeting some people came in and started asking us questions about fast offering envelopes. Yeah...there is some head butting going on but everything will work out.

This week has been a lot of contacting as per usual with my area. We talked to a former investigator the other night and set up an appoitment to meet with him on Wednesday. Hopefully he remembers to come and we'll be able to teach him. We also talked to some one on the street and she seemed really interested in the Gospel. Her name translated to English is Light. After we were done talking to her, Elder Duke said that she had the Light of Christ in her. And her name had do to a little bit about that. She had a son with her and hopefully we'll be able to teach her and he son and hopefully teach them to baptism. We tried to find some more former investigators as well. We found their buildings but there are codes to get in and sometimes you can pick the number code and sometimes you can't. So we either ask someone or give up and go on to the next one. Some people here are really helpful when it comes to getting into the stariwells. The other night we asked some people and they were like Why? And we said that he is our friend and that we want to talk to him. Then they just gave us the code and all was well. However some people are annoying and don't want to help and only mess things up. When we set up that appoitment with the one former investigator man, we saw this girl exit her door and we quickly grabbed the door so it wouldn't close and we could easily talk to the former investigator. She saw us grab the door and then told us to close the door and then to call them on the pager. It was annoying because she chewed us out. That was the bad part of finding former investigators.

This morning we found out that our apartment is going to be housing two more Elders. That was a surprise! Their apartment is...well nice but not wonderful, it has some problems. They have some problems with mold. Their shower leaks and has created mold underneath some carpet in their other room. So to try and try it out they have been keeping their windows open. It's not the warmest place on earth here in Ukraine. They told us the other night that they woke up in the middle of the night freezing cold and in was 50 degress F. Not healthy and not good. They said that they felt like garbage and was really sick. So I guess word got to President Fry and he said that they should pack up Sunday night and come over to our place Monday morning. So they packed up really fast and gathered all the stuff that they needed and came to our place. It's going to be exciting for these next two weeks being together. It's going to be hectic and fun all at the same time. Mom you don't have to worry. We will now have more money to buy food with, and last week I bought peppers and have been eating those. I remember being home and how much I hated peppers, but now, I eat them like candy. Oh so good. I've been tyring to eat healthy and not just junk food to hold me over till dinner. I made some varenyke last night, and filled them with jam. It was okay but it needs something more than just jam inside of it. I am thinking about making some raviolli with the left over dough. That should be really good. I've been experiementing with food and cooking. It's pretty fun.

Well that's been my week. I'm excited for this coming week. We'll have some lessons and more opportunties to tract.

Elder Frank Young

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