Monday, February 14, 2011

Cold Mountain Letter 12

Yes this week is transfer week. Want to know what's happening???? Yes me too. Well I am staying up here in Kharkiv for another transfer in the same apartment but I'll be getting a new companion. That will be nice. Elder Duke is being transferred down to the Donetsk area. We have been told to expect the unexpected this coming transfer with a lot of crazy things happening. I have this weird feeling that I could be going senior over someone who is one transfer younger than me. That would be crazy??!!!! Because for one, I really don't know the language, I know what's happening....kind of, and I can barely communicate back. But if that is the case where I could get a younger companion it would be fun. We would have a lot of looking at each other moments with a look of "do you know what happening?" and just laughing because we don't know what's happening. Also there is talk that they other Elders in my district that their area could be combined with the area that I'm in now. That would be a huge expansion. That would also mean that there would be a lot more lessons a week and less contacting so that would be nice. Contacting.......that's what we do.

This week was a brutual week as well. We got dogged meaning dumped five times this week on lessons. We had about seven lessons planned too. So yeah, do the math, we only had two lessons this week. The good news is that one of those two lessons was with an investigator. Wait, I looked through my planner and we had three lessons this week. Sorry. There was this one experience that I will tell now: We got a phone call on Thursday night from a woman saying that she wanted to meet with us and find out more about the Book of Mormon and more about the Church. We looked at each other in surprise because it was too good to be true. She told us where to meet and we had an hour to get there. We scrambled to get our things together and then made our way to the meeting place. We arrived promptly at the meeting time and then we waited. We waited and then we waited some more. We ended up waiting about 40 mintues for nothing. The lady never showed up. It was a heart break. Hopefully the lady will call back again and this time we'll be able to meet and really teach.

We had cleaning checks on Tueday and we were the only apartment that passed the clean checks in our zone. That means that we get a treat pack! Boo yah! All of the cleaning took me back to the Peaceable days for cleaning. We had to get down and dirty with this cleaning because they said that this clean check was going to be really intense. Like I said, we passed.

Not much is really new, this past week we ate really well with big portions. If we were to go hungry it would have been our own fault. We had tacos one night and we each had three tacos each, and there was still more food left. Then we had deep fried chicken with homemade french fries. The other Elders have a deep fryer that they brought with them and so we have put that to good use. That was a really good meal. The other night we had deep fried varenyke, that was good as well but probably not the most healthiest. We had scones that night too. Oh so good. We had chili from America, one of those Bear Claw soup company things. It was amazing. We used the left over scone dough and made some bread sticks and we tried to bake some potatoes to go with it. The potatoes weren't cooked all the way but none the less they were great to eat. It was a good meal. Oh, we ate so good this past week. This coming week with be interesting because with transfers on Friday we aren't really sure on what we are going to eat, but we will eat pretty good, but less and probably healthier. Some sad news this week, my garlic press broke in the second use. I was so bummed and not too happy. I was going to smash some garlic and then one of the handles broke, but that's Ukraine for you so I can't complain. I'll probalby go buy another one today.

The weather for this week is supposed to be extremely freezing cold. Today it was -14 C when we left our apartment and that wasn't including humidity and windchill. We got news that on Friday night it's going to be -42 C with everything added together. Yeah that's freezing cold. This week is supposed to be freezing cold. Last week was pretty good because the sun was shining and some of the snow was melting but, that is now completely opposite now. Thank goodness for socks, scarfs, beanies, and gloves, and of course a warm jacket. I shouldn't be too cold this week and everything will be okay....I hope. I have tons of hand warmers that will probably be used this week. Thank you for those. I would really like for the weather to warm up because then I can go running. I have been looking forward to the thought of running for a really long time. I wanted to go the other day when the sidewalks were relatively clear of snow but then BOOM!!! It got freezing cold and it snowed some more.

I'm not sure on what else to type about. I'm still studying and struggling with Russian. It's been a trial of my test and patience. There have been times when I just really really wish that I could speak Russian so that I could express my feelings and say things that would help but I can't. With practice with will come and with effective study it will come as well. I have been studying a lot of words and trying to retain them and hoping that they will stick. When people talk I can understand the gist of what they say, but it's just reciprocating back them is when it gets hard. I'm hoping that this feeling of getting a younger companion isn't so true and that I get an older companion and that we can speak Russian in the apartment. I feel like that would really help. But if not, I'll just have to do my own Russian speaking in the home. Well....I love you all and I thank you for all that you have done. I can feel you love and prayers that are directed to me and to the missionaries. The Lord really does protect his Elders. Have fun back home in America do all that you want and to enjoy life to the fullest. Use the most of the day to your advantage.

Love Elder Young

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