Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cold Mountain Letter 13

So this week has been crazy. I've been sick with a cold and have been stuck inside all week. I was starting to feel a little bit better around Friday but other than that, I've been sick and been inside. Being inside really really sucks because you can't do anything, as in missionary work. On Wednesday or Thursday I felt like I was going to "die". I did some personal study and then I laid down on the couch feeling like the world was about to end. Everyone else said that I looked like bad. I just laied there and didn't have enough energy to open my eyes. I laid there trying to figure out what was going to happen. Everyone else told me to take a hot bath. So I mustered up some enegery from some where and took a hot bath. By the end of my hot bath I felt better already. So these past couple of days I've been taking some hot baths and everything has been going good for me now. I feel like I'm about 85%. I've been taking some vitamin C pills and some other stuff. Hopefully it will help and I'll get better soon. Now I have a cough which brings up some phlemn but I'm getting better.

On Friday it was transfer day. We all had to wake up early, like 5 AM and take the other Elders to the church to get on a bus and go down to Donetsk. It was brutal waking up that early. So I said goodbye to Elder Duke and then came back home and tried to sleep. I couldn't sleep and then took the hot bath. I was with Elder Jensen for the day. He's an awesome amazing Elder. We went to a lesson, which was kind of crazy. She is an inactive member and she has a very interesting story. From what I've heard she stalked another Elder here in the mission a while back. And anytime she wanted to know where that Elder was, everyone else had to say that they didn't know where he was or that he was in Kiev. Kind of funny. So we take a bus and get to her house. When we get to her house we seriously take a maze to finally get to her room where we can teach her. It was crazy. I think we went through about three doors, a flight of stairs, and four rooms. Yeah it was crazy. But then we get there and we sit down and she offers us some tea. We willingfully oblige and take some tea. She pours the tea into some of the most sketchiest cups I've ever seen. They clearly haven't been washed and they had dirties all over them. I have come to a realization that anytime anyone offers me food, I have to say a constant prayer before I eat, while I eat, and after I eat. I say: Please help me eat this and please help me keep it down, please help me, please help me not to get sick, please please please help me. I can tell you now that they tea was drunken and I haven't seen any harmful effects yet. She also gave us some candies, which weren't sketchy, but she gave us some Ukrainian sandwhiches. Which are a slice of bread with some slices of cheese and then some slices of meat-which is like some sausage stuff. That also required some more constant prayer to help get that down. I can tell you also that it's all gone and probably pooped out of me. People here are really generous and really like to give, but sometimes it's just a bit scary when they give.

Then came they transfer call. I found out that I was getting Elder Lott. Remember that I was with Elder Jensen...so we got the phone calls and Elder Jensen wasn't too pleased with his transfer call because he was going back to the "ghetto" and was still Zone Leader. But I asked him about Elder Lott because he already served with him. He said that he loved serving with Elder Lott and had some of the most phone he's ever had on his misison with him. So it's going to be a lot of fun. So far we've already had some few laughs. He's been out here in Ukraine for about a year and half. I'm going into my third transfer and he's going into his thirteenth (13) transfer. So he's very seasoned and knows what's going down. We went to the crazy old lady who doesn't have any memory and talked with her. I warned him about her and how she expects you to say things. I forgot to tell him that when you talk you are supposed to talk in the "I" form. Like if you were to say: Reading the Book of Mormon helps us feel the Spirit and helps us become better people. She would get mad and tell you to say it this way: When I read the Book of Mormon it helps ME feel the Spirit and helps ME become a better person. To her, that is the only correct way to say things. We survived the lesson and made our way around looking for some people.

As you know, I'm with Elder Lott. He has a Southern accent like from Georgia. It's amazing. He's lived in New Mexico, California, and Georgia. He's just amazing. I'm excited for this transfer. I would really love to have two transfers with him. It's weird but I think that it's going to be better with him. We've been doing evening planning more which usually didn't happen with Elder Duke. So we're doing things. We've already had a miracle too. We were contacting on the streets and we ran into this one guy. He started talking to us in English slash Russian. It was pretty cool. We talked to him about the Book of Mormon. He was like "Okay you give me book now?" But we just said where to you live and we'll come and give you the book. So we got his address and set up a lesson with him for Sunday, because we found him on Saturday. So after chruch we make dinner and then rush off to his house. We get a little bit lost but eventually we find his place. We get to his door and he comes out. We start talking to him in his stair well but it wasn't the most spirit friendly environment. We asked if we could go inside to his apartment. He went inside and asked his mom if we could come in. He came back out and said that we couldn't and that she was Против which means protiv or against us coming in. So we managed to our best. He asked again if could get the book but we said let us tell you about the book and then we'll give you the book. We started talking about it and then I bore a quick little testimony about it. When I finished he said that if he were to read the BOM then would he have a greater faith and strength? Of course, is what we told him. We then told him about prayer and we told him the first two steps of prayer, of opening the prayer to Heavenly Father and then thanking Him for everything. Then before anything else his mom came out and said that we had to leave and that he had to come back inside. We stood there and tried to plead with her, but that was to no avail. I was furious. I made a fist with my other hand and started hitting the fist of my other hand. I was mad and started getting angry with the devil. We walked out and didn't know what to do. We looked at each other and just were confused. We made our way home and I made some cookies. Hopefully we'll be able to meet with him again or find him on the streets. I would really really like that. He has potential. So the moral of the story. If you're like late 20's or early 30's don't live at home with your mom.

Well.......that's a deep subject.......ahahaha.......I'm excited to be serving with Elder Lott, We are going to have fun and work hard and do everything that needed. We haven't had comp study yet because there hasn't been time but tomorrow will be the first time and I bet that we will do comp study. I'm so excited just to do everything right.

For food adventures this past week. I made German pancakes once for breakfast, I made french toast another day. I made cookies, and I made mashed potatoes as well. I'm getting better and everything is going to get better. Thank you oh oh oh so so so so much for the package that you sent me. It was wonderful and amazing. I loved opening it and looking at all of the food packets. I'm excited to make some good delicious food. Elder Lott showed me some pictures of some food that he's had and that he said that we're going to make some good food. I'm excited. Oh some more news about Elder Lott. He was trained by Austen Allred. So we have some thing in common.

Thanks for everything that you have done. Thank you for your prayers, and prayers are being sent back to you as well. I'll probably write a letter this week and send it home. I hope that you got my other letter that I sent a while back.


Elder Young

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