Monday, February 28, 2011

Cold Mountain Letter 14

This week...oh where to begn???? Monday was P-day, of course. We came to internet, went and got a little snackie and then went to a branch building and played some ping-pong and I played a bit on the piano. That's been a lot of fun, playing recently. Then after some of chilling time we went to McDonalds and had some food. The McD's here are amazing. They are the "fancy" resturants. If you really want to impress your lady friend then you go to McD's and have a nice dinner. Yeah lame. Then after some grub we went shopping. We didn't buy much because we haven't received any money from the office because it's the fifth week of the month and we only get enough money for four weeks. But the good news is that I had some money saved up so we were able to get some food. We actually ate pretty well this past week. We had some frozen veggetables with rice and some beef. That was a good tasty meal. Another night we had pancakes. Those were also amazing. I think they gave me some gas though.....Another day we had some grilled cheese sandwhiches. They weren't your ordinary grilled cheese's though. The loaf of bread that we got was about the size of a large new born baby. We shaved off the crust and cut it in have. It was just massive and it was delicious. That was our food adventures for the week. We also made some banana cake that was also delicious. I just love cooking, it's a lot of fun.

On Tuesday we met with our former branch president to get some help with the member list. It's like a ward directory. We had some questions about it and we got a lot of help from our branch president. He told us about some less/in-active members and gave us some help with who is who and what is what. He is an awesome guy, I'll miss him when I leave this area. That night we also meet with Okcana and talked with her. It was kind of a get to know you with Elder Lott and to help her get on the straight and narrow path. She's been having some problems with smoking but now she's down to about a cigarette a day, which is amazing. She says that she wants to get baptized but she has some things in the way, like smoking. Hopefully we'll be albe to get her to baptism this transfer.

Wednesday we had a lesson with the old grandma who has some memory problems. She is a sweet heart and just loves us...I think. She is lonely and when we come over she gets all excited and just loves talking to us. So we had a lesson with her and then left. We had district meeting which was good. The Burr's are amazing and made some good food. Then that night we had a lesson and gave the sacrament to a shut-in lady. It was a pretty busy Wednesday which was good. Haven't had one of those in a while. With Elder Lott we are doing a lot more work and everything seems to be working better. I love serving with Elder Lott. I hope that I can get another transfer with him because he's amazing and he's really funny. I like being around him. Also guess this, his trainer was Elder Austen Allred. Yeah how cool is that???

Thursday we did some contacting and we talked to this one guy who said that he wants to get baptized but not yet....I'm not sure how that works. Maybe we'll run into him again. Also like 10 minutes later we were talking to this lady and she said that she read the Bible and the Book of Mormon. When I heard that I was really confused and was like WHAT??!! But come to find out she is a former investigator and she just has been reading the Book of Mormon. Hopefully we'll be able to set up a time with her and teach her.

On Friday we had our weekly planning session and planned a really long time. We went through the Area Book and found some people to teach. We made some phone calls and set up some lessons. We set up to meet with this one guy who I'll talk about in a bit. After planning we went contacting and had some good success. I gave out a Book of Mormon which was the first one in three weeks. Yeah, really sad. But that's winter for you and our area. It seems really pathetic but by the end of this transfer this area should be poppin and being amazing. We baked some banana cake and planned for some less active member. We baked the cake so if we got in, we had a little treat for them. Bad news-the members weren't home. Good news-the cake was amazing.

Saturday....oh were to begin. We went to the old memory loss grandma and taught her. She is extremely nice, even though she's a bit crazy. She cares so much for the missionaries. It's been freezing cold the past days and when you go out side your nose freezes and then when you come inside it thaws out, which makes it runny. So the whole time during the lesson my nose is running and I'm sniffing back up the snot. By the end of the lesson the grandma goes and gets her purse and tries to give us some money so I can buy some medicine. We object because we really can't take money from her. Then she goes out and then comes back with an 100 ГРН bill. That is way too much money. With that much you can easily do enough shopping. She insisted on giving me the money and I told her that it was not do-able. So she laid the bill on my lap and I just let it sit there. Luckily she said the closing prayer and during the prayer I passed the bill to Elder Lott who put it back into the pile of money. It was like the Sunday dinner prayers when it's not too reverent. I tried really hard not to laugh, I bit my lip and got through it. Then went it was time to leave we booked it out of there and got away quickly before she could notice. That was the second time I've had to run away from that place, run away from a good cause. After that lesson we quickly made it to another lesson. His name is Edward and he knows some English. We met and then he said that we should go find a cafe and have a drink and talk. So we did. He said that we should get something to drink and we said that we were okay, but he said that since we were in a cafe we should get something, because that's what you do in a cafe. So we got some fruit tea and then had a talk. He talked about his trip to Jerusalem and how great it was. He said that he was at the sites of Christ and became really interested in religion and what not. So there is totally potential for this guy. We found out that he's an underwear salesman. Did you laugh or make a smile at that one? During the lesson I tried really hard not to laugh when he said that. I guess there's money in underwear because he's doing pretty well money wise. He pointed to his watch and said that it was an 8,000 dollar watch. Maybe it was, maybe it wasn't, who knows. He said that if you want to get things in life you have to work hardly. Yes in life you have to work hardly. That's what you get for knowing Russian and trying to speak English. Oh the joys of Ukraine, I love it here. So we talked to Edward and sipped some tea and then we talked some more. He's a really interesting guy and we set up another time to meet with him this coming week. Which is good.

Sunday was typical. We went to church and had a good time. There isn't a lot of youth in the branch so sometimes the missionaries have to help out. About two mintues before the meeting was about to start, I was told to go and help pass the Sacrament. That's always nice to do. I remember the first time I was passing the Sacrament. I was scared, but now I'm not scared anymore. Wonder what happened. There are some little kids in our branch and they love the missionaries. One of them is a little red headed kid with an imagination like you couldn't comprehend. He's really funny. It's also a struggle to keep him still but thank goodness for pens and planners with blank pages. I had him draw for a while and that kept him pretty quiet. Then he got bored and then we had to do something else that would entertain his mind. It was pretty fun. One of the Elders had to speak about missionary work but he only had about five minutes to talk because the lady before him talked for about the whole meeting. So he was a bit bummed but from what I heard from him he did a really good job. During Sunday School some men came in and wanted to talk. One of them has come before and he just wants to English words to practice with. But the other guy was a little bit different. He was talking and it wasn't the best, he pretty much wanted to argue about stuff and get some money. The Elders handled it really well and some members came and helped and took good care of the man and told him that he was disturbing and that he was wrong on some of his stuff. It was just crazy. I'm glad that I didn't have to take care of that situation. After church we came home. I took a quick little nap and when I woke up I was really confused and didn't know what was going on. I guess I was really zonked out and was out like a light. We then made some dinner. Vareyenke and eggs. It was a good meal. Elder Loot seasoned the vareneyke so they tasted well and I made the eggs. It was really hard....not.

This week should be good. We have some lessons planned and we will be meeting with a lot of peole. I'm excited to be serving with Elder Lott. Last night we played that Bee game and had some fun. He's been reading Jesus the Christ book and we've been discussing what's been happening and what will happen after the Resurrection. Some crazy stuff is gonna happen. Like we'll be able to walk through walls and we'll be able to see with our whole body. Yeah pretty crazy. We've been hearing that this coming week should be getting warmer. I sure hope so because I'm getting sick and tired of the cold weather. I would really like to not have to wear a jacket and to feel the sunshine and just have a good time outside. Thanks for everything that you have done for me. I hope that life back home is going well and everything is amazing. Life here in Ukraine is pretty crazy but a lot of fun. I love being here and I love working admist the people here. It's hands down not America. I love being here and doing missionary work. Thanks for all fo the support and everything. I sent a letter the other day, you'll have to let me know when it gets to you all.

Love Elder Young

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