Monday, March 14, 2011

Cold Mountain letter 16

Where oh where to begin. I'm getting confused because the weather is starting to get warmer and all I know is the freezing cold, so this warm weather is making me freak out. My body is starting to sweat and I don't know what to do. So if you have any suggestions about what I should do to not sweat that would be cool. Last Monday which seemed like a few days ago but was actually a week ago, we played sports. Yes you heard right. It was warm enough to run around and have fun and play some sports. We played on that field that I described way back in the day, it was nice to run around but the field wasn't quite cleared up from all of the snow and ice, that made playing soccer really tricky. Anywho it was a lot of fun. I am way out of shape, walking doesn't cut it. I need to start running again. Oh how I look forward to going running. It's going to be so nice for that first run, but yet it's going to kill me, I know it will. I have been working out as in doing 20 push-ups in one go, yeah my arms are about the size of tree trunks easily.

After sports we went shopping to get some groceries because we don't want to die over here. Like dieing is an option anyway. We have plenty of food and we are able to eat very well. This week we had some good food. We had a pasta meal, where we just combine everything into a pot and call it: Fun-in-a-bucket! It's all good. Then on Friday we made some chili which was amazing. We didn't have to make that much food this week which was nice because we are trying to save some money because we get enough money for four weeks but this month (March) has five weeks. Don't worry I'm eating great. This morning I had an orange and some multi-fruit juice. I've been eating some bananas as well. And trust me the chili had enough veggies to feed a rabbit for a really long time. So yes, back to Monday, we bought some groceries and then went home and put all of the special foods where they need to go. It was a good Monday.

Do you know what day is next??? If you guessed Wednesday you're almost right! So on Wednesday we had our typical lesson with the crazy short-term memory loss grandma. That was always great and fun. It's hard to talk to and with her because anytime I want to say anything she interupts me and I can't ever say a complete sentence when I'm around her. So that's a little frusturating but she has good intentions, she says that we need to speak quick and short saying simple phrases so people on the street can comprehend what we say. So after the lesson-batte with her we did some contacting and made our way home to make some dinner, which was fun-in-a-bucket, and then we raced off to another lesson. We were in our lesson with the grandma earlier and we got a phone call from this other grandma saying that she wanted us to come over and give her the Sacrament. So that was nice, it gave us some thing more to do that day. So after dinner we raced over and gave her that Sacrament and shared a small spiritiual thought with her. She told us that she has been reading the Book of Mormon with her husband, who isn't a member, and that he likes it and they have started reading the Doctrine and Covenants now. So hopefully we'll be able to meet with him and teach him too. That would be awesome. Then after that lesson it was quitting time and we went home and planned for the next day and the laughed it up. I can't remember that last time I laughed so much. Every night we just go to our living room and sit on the chairs and talk it up about anything and just laugh so much.

So back to Tuesday because that's the day after Monday. Tuesday was a bit hard because everyone dogged us. Meaning that they didn't show up and avoided us. We have been planning to meet with this one lady and he son for the past couple of weeks and she keeps on dogging us. We set up to meet with her at noon and she never showed up. We tried calling her but she sent us to her inbox when we called, aka she phone call screened us and that meant that she didn't want to me with us. So we were a little bit sad by that and then we made the journey back home. That night we had a lesson planned with Okcana with some members. We arrived and when we came inside Okcana wasn't there. That was really sad. Sometimes she'll just disappear and not tell anyone and then we are out of an investigator lesson, but it's also a blessing if she isn't there. Simply put it's a win-win situation. So we taught the members instead. We talked about the scriptures and why we have them. All we have to do is say "We want to talk about the scriptures" and then they just go off for about thirty (30) minutes about the scriputes and we don't have to talk. So we let them talk about the scriptures and then went home.

The next "T" day in the week would be, yes you guessed it not Friday but yes Tuesday. Thursday was a great day. We had a lesson planned with a less active lady that we went to last week but during studies in the morning she called and cancelled on us. That was a bummer. We finished studies and then went contacting out on the street. We did really well and then after what seemed like fifty-eleventy-gazillion hours of contacting we went to District meeting, actually it wasn't that long that's an exageration. It was only eleventy hours of contacting. We went to District Meeting at the senior couples house and had some great taco soup and then had a lesson. Elder Lott and I had the lesson for the meeting. We taught about "How to begin teaching" and I talked about planning. That's some thing very important before you teach. You gotta know what you are going to teach about and how to effectively teach it. It was pretty fun and we had some good laughs about what was taught. During the meeting our lesson that was planned right after district meeting called and canceled on us. That was not cool at all to hear. I was really sad about that. So Elder Lott and I decided that we needed to repair our area map because it was not it good contidition. Before it was all torn up because it had all of these needles poking it. So we made a whole new map. It looks good now and it's easier to find addresses and figuring out who lives where and what street is what.

Friday was an intersting day. We went and met with our former branch president. I have him some money because he is making me a traditional Ukrainian costume. Yeah it's pretty legit. I don't have it now, because it's all custom made. But when I do have the costume I'll be sure to make you some photos and send them across the internet. Elder Lott got himself one too and one for his mom I think. I can do the same if the whole family wants one. You let me know and I'll pass on the information to him that my family wants one. They are pretty cool. So after our lesson with him he said that he wanted some new ties and said that he wanted to come us with to the market and get some ties. We said sure come along. For missionaries we can get ties for really cheap and regular people have to get them for really expensive. For missionaries we can get about five ties for 100 ГРН and people here can get about two ties for that much. So we would go into a store with him and he would choose out a tie and then walk out and make us pay and then he would give us money. It was pretty fun being with him and interacting with him. He's a big funny guy.

Then that night we had a lesson planned with Okcana again, and if you guessed that she was there you guessed wrong. She wasn't there again. So we talked, well we introduced that we wanted to talk about charity and they went off about how good it is to be charitable but yet it can be hard to be charitable. So after they talked for about fourty minutes we made our way home.

We met up with the Zone Leaders and started a split. I was going to stay in Cold Mountain and be the senior companion for the time. I was a little bit scared about that because I would be the one that would have to figure out what we would be doing for the day and plan everything. That was scary, I never had to do that before. And in my emails with President Fry he asked me if I thought that I was ready to go senior next transfer. Ahhhh!!! (this is Saturday now) So the split went well. We went to short-term memory loss grandma and talked with her about prophets. She interrupeted me like always but we managed to get out alive. Then since our other lesson that day cancelled on us we had some contacting to do. And this time we really did contact for about fifty-eleventy gazillion hours. We contacted all day. It was warm which made it pretty nice. We managed to give out three books and recieved two contacts. That night we came home for dinner and then I made plans to go and see if we could meet with some less active members. I found three and mapped a route and then we were off. We weren't able to get into any of the houses and then called it quits. It was a little bit sad but what else is there to do. It was late at night and we went and bought some ice cream and went home and talked it up. We were tired from contacting all day long and we both slept very well that night.

Yesterday (Sunday) we went to church. I hope that you all went to church too. Church was really well. There were a lot of investigators that showed up for church. We had a lesson planned for right after church with the underwear sales man but he dogged us as well. We went and waited by this statue, not just any statue but a Lenin statue. So we waited by Uncle Lenin for a while and then called him after fifteen minutes of waiting and then he told us that he wasn't going to be able to make it and he got busy. That was a little bit heart breaking. So we went home and made some flour tortillas and finished off eating the chili. We made some chili burritos. Then we laughed it up and then had some left over ice cream.

Elder Lott showed me this one game that we played with our scriptues. He would flip through his Book of Mormon and then stop and then ask me what page and then what side of the page and then a scripture. He would read the scripture and then I had three guesses to guess the book and then if I guessed the right book and I then had to guess the chapter. It was pretty fun. It was called Scripture Baseball. He then asked me if I had any concerns with life and then he would randomly flip open to scripture read it and try and apply it to my concern. It was really funny. On my split with the Zone Leader we were talking about Elder Lott and he said that Elder Lott is always happy and never down. He's so happy all the time and always laughing about something. He's awesome. Hopefully when I'm older in the misison I can be like that too and help other missionaries be happy all the time.

Today we are going to play sports and have a glorious time. The weather is getting warmer which is making it closer to summer! Summertime is going to be amazing, I've only heard good things about summer. It's just more fun to be outside and the work picks up. I'm looking forward to that. So that's about it. Can you believe that it's already been six months, all I have to serve left is as long as you both served. 18 months. Yeah that's kind of freaky to think about.

Love you all so much. Thanks for everything.

Elder Frank Young

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