Thursday, March 24, 2011

Cold Mountain letter 17

Sometimes I don't know how to start me emails. I don't know if I should just type away at what happened during the week or just stare at the computer and wait for something to happen. I don't know. Also I don't know if this country is sucking out my silly juices or not, but I don't think so, maybe it's the morning and waking up and working in the morning isn't so much fun. Yeah probably, walking and working all day for a really long time takes it out of you. But for something silly, I hope that you're all in the silly mood because here you go. Last night I sang Elder Lott to sleep. Yes you did just here right read right, you can't here my voice, but if you did then maybe you're missing me too much or you're a creeper. I'll let you aka the reader, decide for yourself (I feel like I'm writing a book). So yeah I sang Elder Lott a sweet song. I'll try and paint the picture for you of how it all happened, it will probably end up looking like a comic strip, so think of me with some big muscles because that is how I look. Okay let's begin.

Elder Lott is getting ready for bed and probably in bed. I however decided to take a hot bath to sweat out all of the toxins that I have absorbed the past couple of weeks, so think of this green sludge spewing out of my body and my face all red and sweaty. There is this small red CD player but think of a big huge boom-box about the size of a refrigerator laying on it's side. It's playing Mo-Tab, of course, and it's pumping out music notes that you can see, remember it's a comic, anything is possible. Then this one song comes on which happens to be my favorite. Let me slow time down for you so it seems really real. The vanilla incense dies down and stops burning the Christmas lights slow down their off rhythm sychronized flickers and the steam from the bath slowly rises up encompassing me with warmth. Okay, time speeds back up and the refigerator size boom box pumping out music beats of Mo-Tab plays this one song, what do I do, have this picture of me with a disturbed by confused look of what do I do, of course I sing along in perfect pitch and harmony. After the song is done I ask for an encore but only to come to a knowledge that my audience is asleep. I take my bow and head off stage, because I was on a stage, did I forget to tell you that our apartment has a stage? Yeah it does. When I went back into the bedroom Elder Lott was fast asleep. So I sang him to sleep.

I don't know how to transistion from that story to this story: I'll let you think of something and then you let me know next week. The winner gets a treat, so let me know what happens.

Yesterday, Sunday, maybe that's today for you since I'm like a world away. Yesterday, Sunday, maybe that's today for you since I'm like a world away, did I already say that?? Hmmm...So Sunday, yesterday we had church and then after church we had a lesson with Edward, Mr. Underwear Salesman. He's way cool. So we were teaching him and he loves the 10 commandments. We reviewed those and then transistioned into the first lesson about the Restoration. We got out our foam board and started wait no that didn't happen we didn't serve that loooooooooooooong ago, I'm not a grandparent, geeze what was I thinking. So we started teaching and he was just absorbing it all and wanting to know more and more and more and more and more and more and more. So after about two hours of talking with him, he offered to take us out for some pizza, but remember it's Sunday aka yesterday, and we say no and explain to him that we don't really do much on Sunday but relax at home and enjoy the day and not go out and buy stuff. He thought about it for a while and then said that he respected our belief, he's awesome. He also said that for these meeting aka lessons, and for them to be more benificial he should have some sort of homework, he should read some thing from the Bible or the Book of Mormon or some other Christian literature. Also he said that he wanted to come to church the next Sunday, which was yesterday. Was Sunday yesterday for you because I feel like I'm a world away from you all, let me know I'm dying to know what was yesterday. As you can tell I've asked a few I'm wondering. So yeah, that was yesterday which was Sunday.

Funny thing, after that lesson with Edward we went home and we were in a debacle, not a debate but a pickle-it's kind of like a cucumber but it's been in a jar with vinegar and some other stuff. By the way don't drink vinegar alone it tastes nasty. So we get home and get into our relax clothes other wise called as our birthday suits EWWWW no never would we ever do that. We just got some shorts and a t-shirt on and then we went into the kitchen and looked into the boom-box that was about the size of a refigerator and saw not much, then we looked into another cabinet and saw some rice. We were thinking about making some rice but with what??? We ended up a white sauce with cheese, corn and spices. Then we mixed together the rice into the white sauce mixture and called it a meal. Yes, that is what we ate the other night on Sunday which was yesterday. If you haven't moaned and groaned in disgust thank you and if you did moan and groan thank you. I will take all the thanks I can get. Then after eating we sat around reading some Liahona's. Usually on Sunday, which was yesterday by the way, we make something special. So I went through the cookbook and found something to make. I made a yellow cake. It was pretty good. It called for a cup of salt, yeah go figure? But it was way sweet. When it was done and avaialbe to eat, I cut myself a little bit and started devouring it. It tasted like a pound cake which reminded me of the one that you always make mom that is just so delicious.

So this week what happened? We achieved our goals for this week which is amazing. We gave out a lot of Books and received some good contacts as well. We taught some good lessons and of course had some fun. That's something President Schwitzer said to me. Oh did I forget to tell you about President Schwitzer coming for zone conference? Yeah he came and he talked about how we should give commitments to our investigators because it's the only way we can measure their improvemt. It was really awesome. Then after zone conference I was told by one of the AP's that I got selected to meet with President Schwizter personally. I was told about how President Schwitzer wanted to meet with 10 missinaries and he was going to select them randomly. So it must have been the red hair because his wife kept on telling me that my hair was just so pretty. So I met with him and talked and laughed with him for about 10 mintues. He said that if I'm not having fun and laughing then something is wrong. I told him that I laugh everyday all the time with my companion and then he asked about him and I siad that I love working with him. It was a cool experience for me to meet with a General Authority one on one.

What else happened this week? I received my traditional Ukrainian clothes from my old Branch President. They are really cool. The pants are like MC Hammer pants just huge and baggy, but some how really comfortable. Elder Lott and I had some fun wearing our traditional Ukrainian clothes. Wanna hear something really cool, it's another, oh wait that reminds me of this other story that happened this week. If you want to know the first story send this email to 15 people and count to ten backwards on one foot with both hand high above the head, then a fairy will come down and grant you two wishes. Okay so the first story is that Elder Lott and I made lagsana but we didn't use lagsana noodles we just used noodles but we made everthing else like lagsana. It was tasty okay, don't judge or groan. But the second food story for the week goes as follows. We were at the short-term memory loss grandma's house and she always talks about this one thing and tells us to go and buy and she always gives us the wrapper so we know what it looks like. So on Saturday, two days ago, maybe that was like five days ago for you, we go to her house and go in and then on the table is the stuff she always is talking about with us. I have heard of some other elders going there and eating it and saying that it's nasty. I've seen it in the store and thought about buying it but I gave it a squeeze and it was mushy so that deterred me from buying it. So here on the table is it, I look at Elder Lott and then at it and then back at him. I'm scared. She then pulls out another thing and sets it in front of me and hands me a spoon. I sit and look at mine, look at Elder Lott's and then at him and give him a look of oh my crap, are you serious, we are going to have to eat this? Then the grandma commands us to eat it and then walks away. She tells us to get her when we are done eating it and then we will start our lesson. So what seems like five minutes of starting at 'it' passes by and then Elder Lott takes this big huge spoon full and puts it in his mouth and starts devouring it. фыждоафжидоа Sorry the computer just turned to Russian, So back to the story. He takes his big spoon full and looks at me and smiles and then pushes 'it' through his teeth just making this disgusting face. I crack up laughing of course and then start eating. I only eat about 3/4 or .75 of my portion while Elder Lott eats about 4/4 or 1.0 of his portion. It was different but it was good-that's how I'll describe it. It kind of had a taste of a cream cheese filling. So not too bad but it was dense and hard to get down after you had a breakfast about an hour before. So yeah that is my food stories for you.

Oh yeah something else that happened this week on Saturday about two days ago, maybe it was five days ago for you all back home. During Russian study hour we get this phone call from the AP's and they are only speaking in Russian. Then Elder Lott hands me the phone and now I find myself speaking Russian on the phone. We talk about zone conference and what we have planned for the day and then that was that. I was scared and confused and then Elder Lott takes the phone back and calls his former companion and tells him what just happened. Then it all clicks in my head of what is going to happen or what could happen. I guess they called me to see how my Russian is and see if I am able to comprehend and communicate, then they will say oh okay he's ready to go senior companion now. Geeze that really scared me and I didn't like it too much but what ever. I've told President Fry, because he's asked about my Russian before and he has asked if I'm ready to go senior or not. I told him that I will do what he wants me to do. I've also requested that I stay with Elder Lott for one more transfer but that probably wont happen. So transfer calls are this Friday and we'll see what happens. If I do move I would really like to stay up in Kharkiv because it's amazing.

Well....that's about my week in an email. I hope you enjoyed the stories as much as I did. You are all amazing!

Love Elder Frank Young

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