Monday, March 28, 2011

Cold Mountain letter 18

Where to begin? My debacle again awaits for this pending email.

I didn't sing Elder Lott to sleep this week.

On Tuesday about an hour before a lesson that was planned the person called and cancelled. That was a bummer but that allowed us to finish our studies which is nice. Some mornings we start really early and I don't get my language study in, and that always hurts because I need to study Russian. So yeah our lesson cancelled and then we had district meeting. The weather was nice enough for us to walk over to the Senior Missionary's apartment. It was a good walk. Not too far I think that it took us about 20 minutes to walk over there. It's starting to get warmer, but yet the weather can do anything. Example: The other day we woke up and it was plus eight degrees Celsius. That is very warm. But by the end of the day it was snowing. So..yeah anything can happen. Some days it will be cold but the sun will be out. Weather here is just crazy. I saw the picture that you sent mom from your drive home. Looked pretty crazy. So back to Tuesday.....we had a lesson in the evening with Okcana and that went pretty well. The member's house that we meet in, her husband wasn't home and that made it so much nicer to not have him home. Sad to say but he sometimes just goes off on her and tells her that she needs to stop doing this and start doing this. I'll just say he's a lot more bold that we are with her. It was a really good lesson with her. She said that she hasn't smoked a cigarette in about two days. That's is amazing!

Wednesday was my four month mark in country....not that I'm counting or anything but yeah. That morning we got a phone call from our Zone Leaders and they passed us this referral. They said that we had a lesson planned for 10 a.m. that morning so once we got the phone called we dropped what we were doing and started planning a lesson for him. His name is Godwin and he's from Africa. He's pretty legit too. We heard that a while back he had the number one watched music video in Ukraine, music video you say? Yes because he's a hip-hop artist. That's pretty cool. So we finish planning and then head over to his house. We had his address so we looked it up on our area map and then figured out where it should be and then went. We got there and then we started to look for it. It was in the outskirts of our nieghbor hood, but yet we were able to find it. We knocked on his door, no answer. We called his phone, it was off. So what were we supposed to do. We did all that we could and figured out that he wasn't home. So...we felt bad and then went to our next appointment with the short-term memory grandma. We walked there because we had time and it's a good walk. We took some photos so I have some to send home today. Our lesson with her was good. Then we came home and made some dinner. It's called Plov here but Elder Lott said that in America it's called Pilaf. It's essentially rice, pork or chicken, pepper, and some seasonings. It was good but I think that there was a spice that didn't settle too well with my tummy and bowels so I had to stay close to the toliet for a while. After that we went to another lesson. It was with Domeva, she is another grandma who really can't go anywhere because she is sick. But she is super strong in the church. She told us that she has been reading the Book of Mormon with her husband and then they finished that and started reading the Doctrine and Covenants. So that is awesome. She is doing her own missionary work. Hopefully we'll be able to meet with him sometime soon. Elder Lott made me senior for the day also. I guess President Fry told him that I should be made senior two days out of the week and that he should just follow me. So if I think about it, I could possibly be senior companion next transfer. That is scary.

Thursday....oh wasn't the best of days for us. We had a lesson planned with our old Branch President and then we would drop by Godwin's house, because he lives fairly close to him. So we walked over and got to his house and then we knocked on the door. His wife answered and we asked if we could get Godwin's phone number. She was nice enough to give us his number, but this number was one number different than the one the Zone Leaders gave us. So we called it and someone answered but he hung up because I think that he was confused. We've been trying to call him every now and then but they get confused and hang up the phone. So after our attempt to meet with him we came back home and ate the left over plov that we made the other day. Then we got a phone call......Saying that our next lesson planned was going to cancel. Then we just sat there looking all sad because our lesson cancelled then we get another phone call saying that our next lesson after that was going to cancel. So our night was ruined. I wasn't too happy.

Friday, Elder Lott made me senior again. Then during language studies we get a phone call from the AP's. They watned to talk to me and they said that I was going to be transferred and that I would be going down on a train Thursday night. That is pretty cool that I'll be able to go on a train but yet scary because I'll be leaving Kharkiv. So then after we got the phone call we did our weekly planning session and then went to a lesson. Our lesson was with someone that the Zone Leaders passed to us as well. He's pretty cool. He met with the missionaries a while back but lost contact. So we went to him and taught him the first lesson again. He was really cool but he seemed to play the devil's advocate with his questions. His questions we a little bit iffy. Like can I argue with the revelations from God? He was just asking stupid questions. However he seems interested and we set up another time to go back to his home. That night we made some, get ready, egg salad sandwhiches. It was delicious. Oh so good. That was the first time in a really long time I had one of those sandwhiches. Oh so good. Mom I remember that you said something about boiling eggs and having the yolk trun a light green. What is the seceret to not have that happen?

Saturday was a long day. We had our lesson with the underwear sales man. He is really interesting and interested in the gospel. We taught him the first lesson. He asked about the twelve apostles and asked if they were alive and if we could see them. We told him yes. He also asked if we believed this stuff. Of course we believe this stuff. At the end of the lesson we taught him how to pray and asked him if he would pray. He said that he would and then he folded his arms and bowed his head and then began to say his prayer.....but it was inside. He didn't say it out loud. So I bowed my head too and tried to say a pray to occupy my time and make it so I wouldn't laugh. Then I finished my prayer and then.....waited from when Edward finished his prayer. It was a good lesson with him. Then we went back to our area and went to short-term grandma. We had a lesson with her that Elder Lott made me teach. That went well. Probably the best lesson with her. Then on our way out she said that she wanted to buy us some chocolate from some little store nearby her house. So we went over there and when we walked over there was this guy who was looking at us. Then with the horrible english that he knew. He asked us if we knew english. Of course we know english. He said that we should go over to his house which he pointed at which was nearby. We just stood there and acted like we didn't want to. Some how we ended up at his house. It was a fairly nice house and he sat us down and he started talking to us. It was really weird. He brought in his family and had them look at us because we are Americans and his family was like...that's nice dad, you're crazy. It was really weird. Then we finally got out of there and went home. It was pretty late by then so we made dinner and went to sleep.

Sunday was a good day. They wanted me to play the piano but I didn't really want to play. Then the usual pianst came and he saved the day. After church we had a lesson with Ela, which Elder Lott made me teach again. So I pretty much think that I could be senior next transfer. Then we went home and made some cordon-bleu but it was actually already made we just put it in the oven. That was really tasty and then we went with our old branch president to some other houses to check up on them. It was a good Sunday.

I just talked to my Zone Leader and he said that I won't be going on a train down to Donetsk but I'll be taking the normal bus down. That makes me a little bit sad but all will be well. Thank you all for all that you do. I really do love you all and love you a lot.

With love Elder Frank Young

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