Monday, April 25, 2011

Makeevka Letter 4

Христос Воскрес...В истину воскрес!

Yeah....that's Russian. Welcome to my life. Do you know what that means? Probably not. I wish I could tell you! Oh it's your lucky day...I'll tell you what that means. Christ resurrected, In the true resurrection! That is what I think it means to the best of my knowledge. Yesterday, Easter Sunday, as we were waiting for our bus members were telling us this. Supposedly they say the first part and then you're supposed to say the second part back. Yeah, I didn't get that memo. So when we were waiting at the bus I was like, yep he sure did воскрес. It was a little awkward for a bit. I thought that it was a little weird and didn't like it too much. I thought about as throwing Christ's name around like it's nothing. But what ever, when in Ukraine you do as the Ukrainians do.

Easter here is really really different that what happens back home, imagine that. Here they all go to their Храм's and have a special cake blessed. They think of Easter and some fertility holiday. The cake is nicknamed by the missionaries as "penis cakes" yeah.....a little awkward but that is what they are. People take those and some painted eggs to the temple, that's what a xpam is, and then some one of their church leadership comes around and blesses them so that they will all be okay. They do their normal church stuff which would be standing and crossing themselves and praying to icons. Sounds a little bit weird to me but that is what happens here. After church we came home as per usual and then relaxed. No one was out after 2 p.m. That made missionary work a bit hard but we were tired and decided to take a Sunday nap. President Fry has told us to take it easy and to rest up as much as we can. We willingly followed his counsel and did what he wanted us to do. The nap was wonderful, took a while to go to sleep but then finally was able to sleep. However that night was brutual, going to sleep took forever.

This week Elder Pulsipher and I are making this a white handbook week. That is where we submit ourselves to the will of the white handbook. The mission has a goal of becoming a white handbook mission but, for some odd reason we just can't do it. It seems really simple, all the leaders need to do is throw us the white handbook and then let us follow it and let us do the work. It will be interesting to see how this week will go too. It's going to be killer doing everything to a 'T' and seeing if keeping the rules obnoxiously does pay off. I'm not sure how exactly to describe it but I don't want to make it sound like we don't keep the rules. OF COURSE I KEEP THE RULES, we just have been given a "higher law" and supposedly that's the only way to go. What makes this whole big mess really confusing is the higher law. We want to be a white handbook mission but we have the higher law, so which one do we follow? Elder Pulsipher and I have talked about it a lot and we find it all just a little wack. All that should be done would be to turn us over to the white handbook and let us go.

Oh well...this past week has been pretty chill. We had "specialized training" on Wednesday. That is where we got told that we want to be a white handbook mission and that we should follow everything in the handbook. They also showed is that in the white handbook it says that we shouldn't play sports. So basically we got told that sportz are no more. That is a heart break because that is where I got to know a lot of other missionaries. Also because I guess President Fry promised some Elders that sportz would never be cancelled. Oh well we we will do what we are asked to do. After "specialized training" we had interviews...dun dun dun!!! Nothing to be scared about. I'm coming home in two weeks though!! JUST KIDDING. President Fry and I talked more about the white handbook and how in a two transfers there's going to be a lot of new missionaries coming in. This coming transfer there will be five new Elders and then after that transfer there will be six coming in. He said that he wants some good trainers. He said that the new missionaries come in with a fire that he doesn't want quenched from older missionaries. I'm a bit scared of what could happen next transfer. I asked President Fry if I could stay another transfer with Elder Pulsipher because we are having a good time and doing the work. He said he would love that BUT, we'll have to see. Right now we are a little down about that because we are just having the times of our lives. I'm very happy and Elder Pulsipher says that he is happy too. We also picked up some more Книга Мормона's from the office so now we can go and do the work. Think about it, how important the Book of Mormon really is.

On Thursday we had district meeting that was a lot of fun. We opened with an hymn and I got to choose the song. We've decided that listening to a hymn would be better than singing a hymn. So what hymn did I pick? You'll probably never guess because it's not in the standard hymn book. It was from the Come thou fount CD, track 14. Rockin' my soul in the bosom of Abraham. That is about how the song goes too. Oh it was awesome. I was totally into the song and everyone just looked at me like I was a little different, but I'm used to that now. Everyone thought that it was joke but it was all for reals. That is some thing that I have learnt whilst being afar from home, making it always fun. If life isn't fun then make it fun so it is. Elder Pulsipher and I have been laughing a lot and just enjoy doing the work. When you're happy it's enjoyable. It's fun to laugh and it's fun when everybody laughs.

We had some lessons cancel on us and that always stinks. We traveled about thirty minutes out to the city where the person lives and when we got to where she lives, she wasn't home and she was sick so it really stunk, literally, no just kidding. You would have thought that she would have called and cancelled but nope that doesn't happen. So we found some other people that we could meet with and talked and taught them. We got some really sad news this week. The man that we found a couple weeks ago by miracle said that he doesn't and will never ever be baptized into our church. That was a heart break. The man, Edward, doesn't really do much and he can't see how the Lord has preserved him so he can meet with us. It was killer hearing that. We asked him about his church and of course he said that he was Christian, and that he can't betray his church. We pried deeper into trying to find out what that really means. It's just a mask that he just says that makes it look like he has a religion. It was so heart breaking that he wouldn't do anything. We asked him if he were to know which church was true if he would join them. His reply, I don't know. He doesn't have a do anything. It's just so sad to see that people don't care. I hate the excuse here when we go contacting, I have my own religion. We always ask what that means and then they can't really tell us or they say that they are Russian Orthodox. It's hard work being out here. I'm not looking for sympathy, it's just hard. This morning I read from PMG about not being discouraged when you get rejected. How is it possible not to get discouraged when no one will talk to you all day, day after day? I remember the words from Chris Kirkham about how when he was out here half of the mission was on antidepressants. I've told that with Elder Pulsipher because it's been something that we have talked about, and he says that most of the missionaries are depressed. When we talk with other Elders on the phone they sound really dead, it's a lot of hard work being out here. This morning over breakfast I was telling Elder Pulsipher that this is by far the most hardest thing I have done in my life. The days keep on going and life keeps moving. Mom thanks for your words of advice of keep on going even though it seems tough. I will.

We also got news that Russian is pretty much one of the hardest languages to learn. The patriarch was here and he served in Finland and he knows both languages fluently, Russian and Finnish. He said that by far it's Russian that is more difficult. He says at first it's Finnish but then it's Russian. Why? Because Russian is complex and nothing seems like it should work but some how it does. That's just wonderful news and just what I wanted to hear. For me I think my Russian is coming along. Hopefully someday I'll be able to understand it all. There are good days and bad days with the language. I keep on studying and praying that I'll be able to speak and understand.

Love Elder Frank Young

Monday, April 18, 2011

Makeevka Letter 3

Oh man oh man....I have no clue what is going on. Well I kind of do I just feel out of the loop because I have been and still am sick. Yes you read right, I'm sick....what else is new? This week has been a horrible week as health goes. We have been doing the normal things as pertaining to missionary work but everything else is just a mess. Today I'm feeling a little bit better but other than that I'm pretty sick. The other day our district leader called us in the morning and asked us how we were feeling and we said that we have felt better and that we aren't feeling the greatest. He said that we should stay home and not go to church. When we got that news I just hopped out of the shower and was getting ready to put on my church clothes. Then when we got that news I just put back on my sweat pants and laid right back down in bed. I was a little bit happy and a little bit sad. Happy because I didn't have to play the piano and I was already planning on telling the branch that I wasn't going to play because I was sick but then I never went to church. It also wasn't fun because that meant that we had to be home all day. Our room is about the size of the kitchen. The toliet room is about the size of the pantry, and our other room is about the size of my bedroom. So our apartment is not very big. Also our apartment is on average 60 degrees F. Yeah...that's really cold and nothing that should be endured. Have I also told you about the mold that is growing in our apartment?? In the postage stamp size kitchen there is mold growing on one of the walls. I took a picture and I'll send it your way. I know it's mold because it looks abnormal and I showed President Fry. So...that sucks, we have mold. The mold probably isn't helping with our health. Enough about my health.

This week has been quick and a weird week as well. Pretty much nothing is normal in this country. On Thursday we were doing some contacting and we saw a guy whisper into a cat's ear. I said, this place isn't normal. On Tuesday we had this weird service project. There is this big metal object in the shap of a man. He's sitting down on the earth and his legs and arms are slides. Try and paint that picture in your mind....helful hint, it's soviet union stuff, maybe that helps you with how it should look. We arrived and were given some metal brushes and we were then told to go and scrub the man so we could prep it for a new coat of paint. Seriously it was the most weird thing that I've probably done. We just aimlessly scrubbed away at some metal. Just think of about 20 Elders just scrubbing metal and nothing happening and pure utter confusion happening. Elders looking at Elders not knowing that is supposed to happen. So after about four hours of what seems like meaningless scrubbing we call it quits and go back to our area. It was is Donetsk. We come back to our area and have district meeting. We learned about how to start lessons and making it fun for everyone. It was a good district meeting and I learned some new ways on how to start a lesson. Speaking Russian is quite the challenge. Not gonna lie. I've heard that for Americans who want to be fluent in Russian it takes seven years for them to become fluent. I'm here for two years. Do the math. My Zone Leader talked to President Fry when he was my age in the mission and he said that he felt really uncomfortable with Russian. President Fry just said that he shouldn't worry about it and the Elders going home are just barely getting confident with Russian. That kind of sucks for me to hear. But I will keep on trying and not giving up. I have a goal for my mission, after my year mark I want to see how long I can go without speaking English. I would really like to speak Russian. So what I was trying to say, with Russian it's a bit hard to just chit chat before a lesson and just do the normal things that we all take for granted in Russian. But I will keep on going on and not giving up. During language study I put in my planner some new words that I should know and study those throughout the day. As a joke Elder Pulsipher and I speak Russian in the home. As much as a joke as it is, it's a lot of fun just saying funny things in Russian. I know that by small and simple things bring to pass great and marvelous things. I will always keep trying.

Guess what also I know??? I know the Book of Mormon is essential to our church. Without nothing can be done as for instance missionary work. We literally don't have any Books of Mormon to give out. The office also doesn't have any Books of Mormon to give out. So I guess it's been a good week to be sick. Elder Pulsipher and I just look at each other in the morning and say that we can't do anything because 1. we are sick and 2. we don't have any Books. So this week has been a really good testimony builder of the Book of Mormon. Sometime this week the office should recieve more books and hopefully I'll get your package mother dear. Thank you so much for sending that. I'm excited to recieve that.

On Saturday we went to the church building in Donetsk and performed some service. We did some cleaning up around the building. On one side of the church there is this big field and we raked and picked up some leaves. It was a lot of work and we only got about half of the field done with about 30 people helping. was a lot of work. I was feeling pretty good but then when we got home I think that it all started to go down hill, my health that is. I don't know what is going on with my body. We called Sister Fry the past couple of nights and told her of our situation. We have told her that there is the mold, our apartment is cold, and the weather isn't too warm. It seems like nothing seems to be working for us right now. But I have read that the Lord gives us trials to see how we do in them. I just read a conference talk from Elder Eyring about having faith always so when the storms of life come we will already be set for what ever comes our way. So what ever this sickness challenge is, I just hope that I'll be able to get through it and continue doing the work. Being sick is the last thing that I want to have happen to me and I really don't want to be sick over here. The hospitals scare me and the doctors are probably skecthy. There is a dentist office close by our apartment and sometimes when we walk by they are all out on smoke break smoking. That's pretty funny.

Since Elder Pulsipher and I have been inside a lot this past week we have done a lot of talking, which is nice. We have talked about how we always should be ourselves and not conform to what everyone else is doing. There is some crazy things happening in our mission and some of it doesn't seem right and shouldn't happen and people are just going along with it and not standing up for what should be right our their right. We have equated it to communism where people are just beat down by laws and they just conform and when more rules come the just deal with it and don't care. It's sad and we are a bit scared for the future of this mission. But anywho we smile and we do the work. We are having a party, Elder Pulsipher and I. I feel really happy and when I'm happy doing the work is a lot of fun. I think the people on the street can notice that we are happy and it just makes everything better. Thanks dad for beating that into my head: Make it fun for everyone. When life is fun, what could be wrong. So I leave you all with a challenge. Make life fun in every single possible way. If you are frowning turn that smile upside down and smile at everyone. Being happy is what this world needs. And if your happy let your face know it. Thanks for everything that you all have done for me throughout of my life. You're all wonderful people. I love you so so so so much. I'm excited to talk to you all in a couple of weeks.

Elder Frank Young

Monday, April 11, 2011

Makeevka Letter 2

First off because I know you're all dying to know. Yes I'm feeling better. All I did was just sit on the toliet for a while and then I was feeling better! How cool is that. I also put a bread sack around my neck and that also did the trick.

This week has been pretty crazy. For last Pday we met up with the other Makeevka Elders and played some sports, we had to take about three or four little buses to get there. It was really far away and not the warmest time ever. So this week we decided not to go to sports and to enjoy our time together as a district. We have planned to go eat some pizza and then go and do some shopping. Just a chill day planned. That is something Elder Pulsipher and I just want to be chill and relax and kind of do our own thing. It's a lot of fun being with him. I love being around normal people doing missionary work. This week has been a blast.

Tuesday we had to find a bank and pay our utilities, that was a mess. It's hard enough because our land lady lives in Kiev, which makes no sense, and she isn't too easy to work with, oh yeah we have to talk in Russian. So after the hassle of paying our utilities we went shopping because we ran out of time yesterday. So we went shopping and then we went to this old lady to teach her. She is very interesting, kind of like everyone. We taught her about charity and then she said that she couldn't have charity in this country because of all the crazy things that have happened in this country. We challenged her to have some charity and she said yes. I hope that she'll have some charity. We then did some contacting and had a lot of success. We were able to talk to eight people and we gave out two Books of Mormon. This place is a lot of fun to talk to people.

Wednesday we had our district meeting. It's really weird not having a senior couple in your area because you can go over there and eat some good food. So we went over to our district leaders apartment for our meeting. We talked and laughed about all of the good things in this country. I had the lesson and talked about the first presidency message about finding the good in life. It was a lot of fun talking about all the crazy things in this country. We laughed for about seven minutes about how our missions have been so far. After the meeting we and did some contacting. Another great day for contacting. I don't know if it's the area or if the weather is getting warmer but people are sure more apt to talking to us now. We talked to seven people and gave out two Books. I just love being out on the streets when it's good. That night we met with a family and talked about the upcoming General Conference. The husband was a former branch president so they are awesome. It's a little bit weird teaching families that are spot on but we are here to make sure Zion is okay. After them we returned home and made dinner and then talked and then went to bed. Life is treating us well.

Thursday was another good day. We had planned that we would go to Ханженково a small little part of our area about thirty minutes away by bus. So we went and had a few lessons and everything was good. Here is were it gets interesting. We were are the bus stop waiting for our bus and it starts to rain. We hate life for a bit because when it rains peoplpe don't want to talk and it's cold. So we are waiting for our bus and these three guys come up to us are start talking. They say that they are missionaries too, they weren't, and we just end up talking about our church, oh wow how could that happen? So we talk about our church and then one of the guys remembers the Mormon missionaries and then calls his brother. He hands his phone to Elder Pulsipher and now I'm stuck trying to communicate with him. Come to find out his brother has been taugh by the missionaries and by surprise the guy lives in Ханженково so we set up a lesson to meet with him and find out more about him. He tells us his life story. The man has been saved by the hand of God so we could meet with him. He was a miner and then the mine had an explosion, 10 of his friends died and he was left with carbon monoxide or dioxide, can't remember, posioning. So he has a little bit of developmental problems but for the most part he's all there. He even knows English so we can talk with him in English. He's awesome. I love talking with him and we'll get him closer to God for sure. We then returned for the night and recalled what had happened during the day.

Friday, the rain never stopped and it rained all night and pretty much for the whole day. And when it rains no one is out on the streets and it's cold so really no one is going to talk to us. Good thing we had weekly planning that would eat up some time before we would head out and do some contacting. Not a lot of people talked to us and we luckily had some lessons planned for that night. We went to a lesson and the grandma is a member but the rest of her family isn't. We taught her grand-daughter, usually her mom too but she wan't home, so we taugh them and then before we could leave there was bowl of soup in front of us. I thought that I wasn't going to get it down but with a silent prayer I was able to eat it all down. The walk to our next appointment wasn't the most pleasant. We went to Ханженково again for some more lessons. On the bus I accidently let a fart go. I tried to blame it on Elder Pulsipher but it was to no avail. Then someone else let a fart go, promise this time it wasn't me, and this girl sitting down starts to hurl. I blame Elder Pulsipher for farting which causes the girl to throw up. It was just a lot of laughter between us. Our lessons went well and then we returned home for the night. Being here is a lot of fun. I really like this area.

Saturday was General Conference. We took a bus over to the church and watched four hours of TV chuch. Nothing as good as TV church. I really liked it all and I don't know if I could choose a favorite talk. Then we came home and made dinner. Not much happned but General Confence.

Sunday was filled with six hours of TV church. We watched all of Sunday's sessions and then Priesthood. It was a lot of TV watching but it was all good and of course. I really like Elder Bednar's talk and Elder Christofferson's talk. Those were some really good talks. After being at church all day we finally were able to come home and relax. We made some new recipe for dinner it was from the cookbook that is here. It was pretty good. We don't have any measuring spoons or anything so I just eyeballed how much of everything there should be. I put a little bit too much chili powder in. It reminded me of the meal that you made mom which had way too much chili. It was all good and we ate it and there is more waiting for us in the fridge. After dinner Elder Pulsipher and I talked more about the future of this mission and what we can do. Being with Elder Pulsipher is a lot of fun and he loves to laugh. His laugh kind of reminds me of dad's laugh. Just hearty and it means that he's loving life.

Being here as been a lot of fun and filled with laughter. The time is flying by so fast, faster than ever. That scares me a little bit. This transfer I will celebrate Elder Pulsipher's one year mark. Time seriously flies by so quickly it makes me scared. The next thing I know I'll be finishing my mission and then coming back home. That just kind of freaks me out. To me it seems like time will never slow down and then the next thing I know I'll be celebrating my 25th anniversary with my wife. I'm just excited to be alive and to be over here. There really isn't any other better mission in the world for me than this one. We are all brothers here and we love one another.

I hope that all is well back home, I hope the dogs stay home more now with the new fence. Thanks for everything that you have done for me. I love you all a lot, don't forget. Thanks for missing me back home, I miss you all over here.

Love Elder Frank Young

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Here are some pictures that Elder Young sent a few weeks ago - sorry for the delay.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Cold Mountain Letter 19 / Makeevka Letter 1

Okay I know that you are all dying to know where I am in the world of the Dontesk Urkaine Mission. I am in Makeevka area particularly in the "Green" area if you translate it. My companion is Elder Pulsipher. He's from Denver, Colorado. He is in his seventh transfer and I'm in my fourth transfer. We're a little young but it's all going to work out and it's going to be an amazing transfer.

As for my normal loooong email about how my week went, here we go.


Tuesday-We had a lesson planned for the morning at 10:30 a.m. Ukraine time but around the hour of 9:27 we recieved a phone call saying that our lesson wasn't going to work out. That was a bummer because the Sister that we were going to meet has been canceling on us all the that sucks and I won't ever see her again. So we continued with our studies. We called the other Elders and confirmed plans with them to go to the Big Flea market. There I bought a "Columbia" jacket and some neck ties. The reason for the quotation marks is because it's probably not real but it says Columbia but that probably doesn't mean that it's real. Any way it's a pretty cool coat and I'm not going to complain about it. After shopping we returned home and made some food for dinner and then started cleaning our apartment because we had clean checks coming up, tomorrow. We were gonna go to a lesson with Okcana but when we called to set up the lesson for sure we were told that she wasn't home and that she "disappeared" again. That really isn't good. She was doing so good and then she went away. Hopefully she'll come back and keep progressing. Oh well that's the work here in Ukraine and you just have to keep going and not give up. So yes, Tuesday was filled with cleaning the apartment. I would clean some thing and then take a break and then start cleaning some thing else. It reminded me of the Peaceable School days when I was cleaning up and being a janitor. Kind of made me not really miss that but at the same time I did miss it.

Wednesday-This morning we had clean checks. The senior missionary couple came over and started going crazy and started checking everything. It was really intense. Of course we did our best job that we could do but they found a way to find some dirty things. It was a little bit silly. We had that place looking really good. On the stove there was some burnt on stuff and they took out a pocket knife and tried scraping off the dirty stuff. They said that we could have done a better job, we did the best that we could and it still wouldn't come off. The stuff was on there. It was a little bit too over-board but they said that they had to be overboard because President Fry wants things to be clean. So they went crazy about everything and then when they left Elder Lott and I talked about how crazy the cleaning check was. Then we did our studies. We were told by our land lady that we were to supposed to stay home because there would be someone that would come and check some things in the apartment. That was good because we cleaned the whole apartment and when the lady came in we were all ready for her. She came in and started taking pictures of the apartment. It was a little random but I've just accepted that anything can happen in this country. So after the lady took some pictures of the apartment we went to Sister Arrena-she's the short term memory loss grandma. That was my last lesson with her. I'll miss going to her and having just the most craziest time of my life there. The lesson went well and then she got all said because I was leaving. She said that she wanted to give me a hug and then I guess Elder Lott heard that she wanted to give me a kiss too. That was a little bit creepy and I think that he made that part up because I didn't hear it. After that lesson we went to the church building and had another lesson with the girl Elia. She suggested that we have the lesson all in English. Don't worry she knows English. So we had a lesson with her about how to endure to the end and what we need to do. It was a good lesson. We did have another lesson planned but he called and cancelled on us, Oleg. He's very intersting. I hope that he will be able to figure out life sometime soon. He's just extremely interesting.

Thursday-Oh Thursday...We had my last lesson with our old Branch Presient. He is really awesome and I'll miss going to him and talking with him. He is the guy that gave me the Ukrainian clothes, well the guy that I bought clothes from. We had a lesson with him and then we went to District metting. District Meeting.........So this whole day my stomach wasn't feeling good at all. I don't know what caused it but my stomach just felt upside down and not feeling good at all. The other night Elder Lott and I made pizza which was really good. So...I don't what caused my stomach to hurt. So we got to District Meeting and we started to eat. I was hungry but I didn't eat because my stomach felt all weird. So I some how got a little bit down and then something flipped in my stomach. I didn't feel too good and I bet I lost a little bit of color too in my face. So I stand up and go to the bathroom because I know that is all I'm supposed to do back home. If I'm sick go to the bathroom. I proceed to the bathroom and then it happens. I lift up the toliet seat and then I let it out........yes if you guessed throwing up, you guess right. It was bad. I thought it was everything I had in me but I was wrong. After the first round I went back out and everyone was looking at me like something terribly wrong has happened....well some thing wrong did happen. So I sit back down and then after a while I go back to the bathroom and yes throw up again. It wasn't good at all. I hated every minute of it. When I came back out the second time Sister Burr said that I was done for the day and that I was supposed to go home and relax. She also asked if I wanted a blessing too. I said yes of course and got a blessing. There is something about priesthood blessings that just bring comfort and just calm you down. The Burr's were extremely nice and ordered a taxi for me to take me home. So I went home and then undressed and laid down in bed. I got some sleep but then when I woke up I had to go to the bathroom for yes you guessed it another round. I'll get to the end of the horror story and tell you the stats. I threw up five times. When we left District Meeting Sister Burr called Sister Fry and told her of my predicament. That night around 10:10 p.m. I recieved a phone call from President Fry asking if everything was good for me. I said that I was doing really good because I felt good, but then when I finished talking to him I went and threw up for the final time. I told Elder Lott that if I'm not feeling good in the morning then I'm not going to transfer meeting.

Friday-Transfer meeting. In the morning I'm feeling pretty good and decided that I'm able to go. So we get everything ready and head down to the branch building and I hop on the bus that is going down to Donetsk. The only people that came down with me were Elder Bangeter and Elder Scovil. We were all in the MTC together so it was pretty fun to get back together and to talk. I wasn't feeling 100% but I was able to make it all the way down here with out any problems. So transfer meeting.....We sit down and have a little spiritual thought and then we proceed. The AP's did some thing different where we were able to participate is the transfer meeting. They had some eggs that were hollowed out and inside of them they had some paper telling you where you were gonna go. So it was pretty anxious to figure out who was going where. My name didn't called until the very end which made me a little bit nervous. But then my name was called and I was really happy with what was going to happen. So after the big mess of transfer meeting I gathered up all of my luggage and then hopped in a taxi and then drove about 40 minutes to my area. It was a good drive and I was able to see what was ahead of me. This area is going to be awesome. I told my companion about the mess I had the other day and that I was a bit sick. He said that we were just gonna relax then and hope that I start feeling better. We did go out for a second because there wasn't any food in the apartment so we got some food and then came back home and I tried to relax and feel better.

Saturday-This day was Mormon Helping Hands day in Ukraine. So every where across Ukraine members were out and about cleaning up. It was a lot of fun. For us we went to some park and cleaned up. When we got there the Branch President handed us some clippers and told us to clip some bushes. It really reminded me of working at UVU on the grounds crew. It took me back to those good 'ol days. So we clipped some branches and then started picking up garbage. I would still be there right now picking up garbage but we had to stop around noonish. There was a lot of garbage. Afterwards you could easily tell that we made an improvement. We as the missionaries were hungry and we went and got some pizza and ate that. After pizza my companion and I returned home and just slept we were beat and I still wasn't feeling any better.

Sunday-I love church. For us we have to travel a ways to get to church which isn't too much fun. We take a little bus from our house to another bus station and then we hop another bus and that takes us all the way to the church building in Donetsk. So it's about an hour of travel for us to get to church. When we got to church they were asking if anyone played the piano. I said yes and then I was pretty much told that I would be the Branch Pianist. So I had to play the hymns for Sacrament meeting and then I had to play the opening hymn for Sunday School and then I had to go up for primary and play a song. It was a really crazy hectic piano day. By the end of this transfer I should be really good at playing the piano....hopefully. The Fry's were there at church and I told them of my predicament that I am still in. Sister Fry told me that I should take it easy and that I shouldn't be too crazy. I told her that I haven't eaten pretty much anything since I've been down here and that's because I can't. She was really nice to me and helped me out. She also told me that I am supposed to call into her at night and tell her how I'm feeling and if I'm doing better or worse. When we got home I was starving and I was able to eat something for the first time. It felt really good to eat something. We were tired out from church because we have to do a lot. We have to travel really far and long, sit through church, and then come back home. It wears you out. So when we got home we took a sunday nap. Oh that felt so good. Then we woke up had something to eat and then went back to sleep for the night.

This area is going to be fun but every area that I'll probably serve in. There is something unique about this area though. The water turns off. The water is on from 6 to 10 a.m. and then again from 6 to 10 p.m. That is kind of lame but it will get some getting used to.

Love Elder Frank Young