Monday, April 11, 2011

Makeevka Letter 2

First off because I know you're all dying to know. Yes I'm feeling better. All I did was just sit on the toliet for a while and then I was feeling better! How cool is that. I also put a bread sack around my neck and that also did the trick.

This week has been pretty crazy. For last Pday we met up with the other Makeevka Elders and played some sports, we had to take about three or four little buses to get there. It was really far away and not the warmest time ever. So this week we decided not to go to sports and to enjoy our time together as a district. We have planned to go eat some pizza and then go and do some shopping. Just a chill day planned. That is something Elder Pulsipher and I just want to be chill and relax and kind of do our own thing. It's a lot of fun being with him. I love being around normal people doing missionary work. This week has been a blast.

Tuesday we had to find a bank and pay our utilities, that was a mess. It's hard enough because our land lady lives in Kiev, which makes no sense, and she isn't too easy to work with, oh yeah we have to talk in Russian. So after the hassle of paying our utilities we went shopping because we ran out of time yesterday. So we went shopping and then we went to this old lady to teach her. She is very interesting, kind of like everyone. We taught her about charity and then she said that she couldn't have charity in this country because of all the crazy things that have happened in this country. We challenged her to have some charity and she said yes. I hope that she'll have some charity. We then did some contacting and had a lot of success. We were able to talk to eight people and we gave out two Books of Mormon. This place is a lot of fun to talk to people.

Wednesday we had our district meeting. It's really weird not having a senior couple in your area because you can go over there and eat some good food. So we went over to our district leaders apartment for our meeting. We talked and laughed about all of the good things in this country. I had the lesson and talked about the first presidency message about finding the good in life. It was a lot of fun talking about all the crazy things in this country. We laughed for about seven minutes about how our missions have been so far. After the meeting we and did some contacting. Another great day for contacting. I don't know if it's the area or if the weather is getting warmer but people are sure more apt to talking to us now. We talked to seven people and gave out two Books. I just love being out on the streets when it's good. That night we met with a family and talked about the upcoming General Conference. The husband was a former branch president so they are awesome. It's a little bit weird teaching families that are spot on but we are here to make sure Zion is okay. After them we returned home and made dinner and then talked and then went to bed. Life is treating us well.

Thursday was another good day. We had planned that we would go to Ханженково a small little part of our area about thirty minutes away by bus. So we went and had a few lessons and everything was good. Here is were it gets interesting. We were are the bus stop waiting for our bus and it starts to rain. We hate life for a bit because when it rains peoplpe don't want to talk and it's cold. So we are waiting for our bus and these three guys come up to us are start talking. They say that they are missionaries too, they weren't, and we just end up talking about our church, oh wow how could that happen? So we talk about our church and then one of the guys remembers the Mormon missionaries and then calls his brother. He hands his phone to Elder Pulsipher and now I'm stuck trying to communicate with him. Come to find out his brother has been taugh by the missionaries and by surprise the guy lives in Ханженково so we set up a lesson to meet with him and find out more about him. He tells us his life story. The man has been saved by the hand of God so we could meet with him. He was a miner and then the mine had an explosion, 10 of his friends died and he was left with carbon monoxide or dioxide, can't remember, posioning. So he has a little bit of developmental problems but for the most part he's all there. He even knows English so we can talk with him in English. He's awesome. I love talking with him and we'll get him closer to God for sure. We then returned for the night and recalled what had happened during the day.

Friday, the rain never stopped and it rained all night and pretty much for the whole day. And when it rains no one is out on the streets and it's cold so really no one is going to talk to us. Good thing we had weekly planning that would eat up some time before we would head out and do some contacting. Not a lot of people talked to us and we luckily had some lessons planned for that night. We went to a lesson and the grandma is a member but the rest of her family isn't. We taught her grand-daughter, usually her mom too but she wan't home, so we taugh them and then before we could leave there was bowl of soup in front of us. I thought that I wasn't going to get it down but with a silent prayer I was able to eat it all down. The walk to our next appointment wasn't the most pleasant. We went to Ханженково again for some more lessons. On the bus I accidently let a fart go. I tried to blame it on Elder Pulsipher but it was to no avail. Then someone else let a fart go, promise this time it wasn't me, and this girl sitting down starts to hurl. I blame Elder Pulsipher for farting which causes the girl to throw up. It was just a lot of laughter between us. Our lessons went well and then we returned home for the night. Being here is a lot of fun. I really like this area.

Saturday was General Conference. We took a bus over to the church and watched four hours of TV chuch. Nothing as good as TV church. I really liked it all and I don't know if I could choose a favorite talk. Then we came home and made dinner. Not much happned but General Confence.

Sunday was filled with six hours of TV church. We watched all of Sunday's sessions and then Priesthood. It was a lot of TV watching but it was all good and of course. I really like Elder Bednar's talk and Elder Christofferson's talk. Those were some really good talks. After being at church all day we finally were able to come home and relax. We made some new recipe for dinner it was from the cookbook that is here. It was pretty good. We don't have any measuring spoons or anything so I just eyeballed how much of everything there should be. I put a little bit too much chili powder in. It reminded me of the meal that you made mom which had way too much chili. It was all good and we ate it and there is more waiting for us in the fridge. After dinner Elder Pulsipher and I talked more about the future of this mission and what we can do. Being with Elder Pulsipher is a lot of fun and he loves to laugh. His laugh kind of reminds me of dad's laugh. Just hearty and it means that he's loving life.

Being here as been a lot of fun and filled with laughter. The time is flying by so fast, faster than ever. That scares me a little bit. This transfer I will celebrate Elder Pulsipher's one year mark. Time seriously flies by so quickly it makes me scared. The next thing I know I'll be finishing my mission and then coming back home. That just kind of freaks me out. To me it seems like time will never slow down and then the next thing I know I'll be celebrating my 25th anniversary with my wife. I'm just excited to be alive and to be over here. There really isn't any other better mission in the world for me than this one. We are all brothers here and we love one another.

I hope that all is well back home, I hope the dogs stay home more now with the new fence. Thanks for everything that you have done for me. I love you all a lot, don't forget. Thanks for missing me back home, I miss you all over here.

Love Elder Frank Young

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