Monday, April 18, 2011

Makeevka Letter 3

Oh man oh man....I have no clue what is going on. Well I kind of do I just feel out of the loop because I have been and still am sick. Yes you read right, I'm sick....what else is new? This week has been a horrible week as health goes. We have been doing the normal things as pertaining to missionary work but everything else is just a mess. Today I'm feeling a little bit better but other than that I'm pretty sick. The other day our district leader called us in the morning and asked us how we were feeling and we said that we have felt better and that we aren't feeling the greatest. He said that we should stay home and not go to church. When we got that news I just hopped out of the shower and was getting ready to put on my church clothes. Then when we got that news I just put back on my sweat pants and laid right back down in bed. I was a little bit happy and a little bit sad. Happy because I didn't have to play the piano and I was already planning on telling the branch that I wasn't going to play because I was sick but then I never went to church. It also wasn't fun because that meant that we had to be home all day. Our room is about the size of the kitchen. The toliet room is about the size of the pantry, and our other room is about the size of my bedroom. So our apartment is not very big. Also our apartment is on average 60 degrees F. Yeah...that's really cold and nothing that should be endured. Have I also told you about the mold that is growing in our apartment?? In the postage stamp size kitchen there is mold growing on one of the walls. I took a picture and I'll send it your way. I know it's mold because it looks abnormal and I showed President Fry. So...that sucks, we have mold. The mold probably isn't helping with our health. Enough about my health.

This week has been quick and a weird week as well. Pretty much nothing is normal in this country. On Thursday we were doing some contacting and we saw a guy whisper into a cat's ear. I said, this place isn't normal. On Tuesday we had this weird service project. There is this big metal object in the shap of a man. He's sitting down on the earth and his legs and arms are slides. Try and paint that picture in your mind....helful hint, it's soviet union stuff, maybe that helps you with how it should look. We arrived and were given some metal brushes and we were then told to go and scrub the man so we could prep it for a new coat of paint. Seriously it was the most weird thing that I've probably done. We just aimlessly scrubbed away at some metal. Just think of about 20 Elders just scrubbing metal and nothing happening and pure utter confusion happening. Elders looking at Elders not knowing that is supposed to happen. So after about four hours of what seems like meaningless scrubbing we call it quits and go back to our area. It was is Donetsk. We come back to our area and have district meeting. We learned about how to start lessons and making it fun for everyone. It was a good district meeting and I learned some new ways on how to start a lesson. Speaking Russian is quite the challenge. Not gonna lie. I've heard that for Americans who want to be fluent in Russian it takes seven years for them to become fluent. I'm here for two years. Do the math. My Zone Leader talked to President Fry when he was my age in the mission and he said that he felt really uncomfortable with Russian. President Fry just said that he shouldn't worry about it and the Elders going home are just barely getting confident with Russian. That kind of sucks for me to hear. But I will keep on trying and not giving up. I have a goal for my mission, after my year mark I want to see how long I can go without speaking English. I would really like to speak Russian. So what I was trying to say, with Russian it's a bit hard to just chit chat before a lesson and just do the normal things that we all take for granted in Russian. But I will keep on going on and not giving up. During language study I put in my planner some new words that I should know and study those throughout the day. As a joke Elder Pulsipher and I speak Russian in the home. As much as a joke as it is, it's a lot of fun just saying funny things in Russian. I know that by small and simple things bring to pass great and marvelous things. I will always keep trying.

Guess what also I know??? I know the Book of Mormon is essential to our church. Without nothing can be done as for instance missionary work. We literally don't have any Books of Mormon to give out. The office also doesn't have any Books of Mormon to give out. So I guess it's been a good week to be sick. Elder Pulsipher and I just look at each other in the morning and say that we can't do anything because 1. we are sick and 2. we don't have any Books. So this week has been a really good testimony builder of the Book of Mormon. Sometime this week the office should recieve more books and hopefully I'll get your package mother dear. Thank you so much for sending that. I'm excited to recieve that.

On Saturday we went to the church building in Donetsk and performed some service. We did some cleaning up around the building. On one side of the church there is this big field and we raked and picked up some leaves. It was a lot of work and we only got about half of the field done with about 30 people helping. was a lot of work. I was feeling pretty good but then when we got home I think that it all started to go down hill, my health that is. I don't know what is going on with my body. We called Sister Fry the past couple of nights and told her of our situation. We have told her that there is the mold, our apartment is cold, and the weather isn't too warm. It seems like nothing seems to be working for us right now. But I have read that the Lord gives us trials to see how we do in them. I just read a conference talk from Elder Eyring about having faith always so when the storms of life come we will already be set for what ever comes our way. So what ever this sickness challenge is, I just hope that I'll be able to get through it and continue doing the work. Being sick is the last thing that I want to have happen to me and I really don't want to be sick over here. The hospitals scare me and the doctors are probably skecthy. There is a dentist office close by our apartment and sometimes when we walk by they are all out on smoke break smoking. That's pretty funny.

Since Elder Pulsipher and I have been inside a lot this past week we have done a lot of talking, which is nice. We have talked about how we always should be ourselves and not conform to what everyone else is doing. There is some crazy things happening in our mission and some of it doesn't seem right and shouldn't happen and people are just going along with it and not standing up for what should be right our their right. We have equated it to communism where people are just beat down by laws and they just conform and when more rules come the just deal with it and don't care. It's sad and we are a bit scared for the future of this mission. But anywho we smile and we do the work. We are having a party, Elder Pulsipher and I. I feel really happy and when I'm happy doing the work is a lot of fun. I think the people on the street can notice that we are happy and it just makes everything better. Thanks dad for beating that into my head: Make it fun for everyone. When life is fun, what could be wrong. So I leave you all with a challenge. Make life fun in every single possible way. If you are frowning turn that smile upside down and smile at everyone. Being happy is what this world needs. And if your happy let your face know it. Thanks for everything that you all have done for me throughout of my life. You're all wonderful people. I love you so so so so much. I'm excited to talk to you all in a couple of weeks.

Elder Frank Young

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