Monday, April 4, 2011

Cold Mountain Letter 19 / Makeevka Letter 1

Okay I know that you are all dying to know where I am in the world of the Dontesk Urkaine Mission. I am in Makeevka area particularly in the "Green" area if you translate it. My companion is Elder Pulsipher. He's from Denver, Colorado. He is in his seventh transfer and I'm in my fourth transfer. We're a little young but it's all going to work out and it's going to be an amazing transfer.

As for my normal loooong email about how my week went, here we go.


Tuesday-We had a lesson planned for the morning at 10:30 a.m. Ukraine time but around the hour of 9:27 we recieved a phone call saying that our lesson wasn't going to work out. That was a bummer because the Sister that we were going to meet has been canceling on us all the that sucks and I won't ever see her again. So we continued with our studies. We called the other Elders and confirmed plans with them to go to the Big Flea market. There I bought a "Columbia" jacket and some neck ties. The reason for the quotation marks is because it's probably not real but it says Columbia but that probably doesn't mean that it's real. Any way it's a pretty cool coat and I'm not going to complain about it. After shopping we returned home and made some food for dinner and then started cleaning our apartment because we had clean checks coming up, tomorrow. We were gonna go to a lesson with Okcana but when we called to set up the lesson for sure we were told that she wasn't home and that she "disappeared" again. That really isn't good. She was doing so good and then she went away. Hopefully she'll come back and keep progressing. Oh well that's the work here in Ukraine and you just have to keep going and not give up. So yes, Tuesday was filled with cleaning the apartment. I would clean some thing and then take a break and then start cleaning some thing else. It reminded me of the Peaceable School days when I was cleaning up and being a janitor. Kind of made me not really miss that but at the same time I did miss it.

Wednesday-This morning we had clean checks. The senior missionary couple came over and started going crazy and started checking everything. It was really intense. Of course we did our best job that we could do but they found a way to find some dirty things. It was a little bit silly. We had that place looking really good. On the stove there was some burnt on stuff and they took out a pocket knife and tried scraping off the dirty stuff. They said that we could have done a better job, we did the best that we could and it still wouldn't come off. The stuff was on there. It was a little bit too over-board but they said that they had to be overboard because President Fry wants things to be clean. So they went crazy about everything and then when they left Elder Lott and I talked about how crazy the cleaning check was. Then we did our studies. We were told by our land lady that we were to supposed to stay home because there would be someone that would come and check some things in the apartment. That was good because we cleaned the whole apartment and when the lady came in we were all ready for her. She came in and started taking pictures of the apartment. It was a little random but I've just accepted that anything can happen in this country. So after the lady took some pictures of the apartment we went to Sister Arrena-she's the short term memory loss grandma. That was my last lesson with her. I'll miss going to her and having just the most craziest time of my life there. The lesson went well and then she got all said because I was leaving. She said that she wanted to give me a hug and then I guess Elder Lott heard that she wanted to give me a kiss too. That was a little bit creepy and I think that he made that part up because I didn't hear it. After that lesson we went to the church building and had another lesson with the girl Elia. She suggested that we have the lesson all in English. Don't worry she knows English. So we had a lesson with her about how to endure to the end and what we need to do. It was a good lesson. We did have another lesson planned but he called and cancelled on us, Oleg. He's very intersting. I hope that he will be able to figure out life sometime soon. He's just extremely interesting.

Thursday-Oh Thursday...We had my last lesson with our old Branch Presient. He is really awesome and I'll miss going to him and talking with him. He is the guy that gave me the Ukrainian clothes, well the guy that I bought clothes from. We had a lesson with him and then we went to District metting. District Meeting.........So this whole day my stomach wasn't feeling good at all. I don't know what caused it but my stomach just felt upside down and not feeling good at all. The other night Elder Lott and I made pizza which was really good. So...I don't what caused my stomach to hurt. So we got to District Meeting and we started to eat. I was hungry but I didn't eat because my stomach felt all weird. So I some how got a little bit down and then something flipped in my stomach. I didn't feel too good and I bet I lost a little bit of color too in my face. So I stand up and go to the bathroom because I know that is all I'm supposed to do back home. If I'm sick go to the bathroom. I proceed to the bathroom and then it happens. I lift up the toliet seat and then I let it out........yes if you guessed throwing up, you guess right. It was bad. I thought it was everything I had in me but I was wrong. After the first round I went back out and everyone was looking at me like something terribly wrong has happened....well some thing wrong did happen. So I sit back down and then after a while I go back to the bathroom and yes throw up again. It wasn't good at all. I hated every minute of it. When I came back out the second time Sister Burr said that I was done for the day and that I was supposed to go home and relax. She also asked if I wanted a blessing too. I said yes of course and got a blessing. There is something about priesthood blessings that just bring comfort and just calm you down. The Burr's were extremely nice and ordered a taxi for me to take me home. So I went home and then undressed and laid down in bed. I got some sleep but then when I woke up I had to go to the bathroom for yes you guessed it another round. I'll get to the end of the horror story and tell you the stats. I threw up five times. When we left District Meeting Sister Burr called Sister Fry and told her of my predicament. That night around 10:10 p.m. I recieved a phone call from President Fry asking if everything was good for me. I said that I was doing really good because I felt good, but then when I finished talking to him I went and threw up for the final time. I told Elder Lott that if I'm not feeling good in the morning then I'm not going to transfer meeting.

Friday-Transfer meeting. In the morning I'm feeling pretty good and decided that I'm able to go. So we get everything ready and head down to the branch building and I hop on the bus that is going down to Donetsk. The only people that came down with me were Elder Bangeter and Elder Scovil. We were all in the MTC together so it was pretty fun to get back together and to talk. I wasn't feeling 100% but I was able to make it all the way down here with out any problems. So transfer meeting.....We sit down and have a little spiritual thought and then we proceed. The AP's did some thing different where we were able to participate is the transfer meeting. They had some eggs that were hollowed out and inside of them they had some paper telling you where you were gonna go. So it was pretty anxious to figure out who was going where. My name didn't called until the very end which made me a little bit nervous. But then my name was called and I was really happy with what was going to happen. So after the big mess of transfer meeting I gathered up all of my luggage and then hopped in a taxi and then drove about 40 minutes to my area. It was a good drive and I was able to see what was ahead of me. This area is going to be awesome. I told my companion about the mess I had the other day and that I was a bit sick. He said that we were just gonna relax then and hope that I start feeling better. We did go out for a second because there wasn't any food in the apartment so we got some food and then came back home and I tried to relax and feel better.

Saturday-This day was Mormon Helping Hands day in Ukraine. So every where across Ukraine members were out and about cleaning up. It was a lot of fun. For us we went to some park and cleaned up. When we got there the Branch President handed us some clippers and told us to clip some bushes. It really reminded me of working at UVU on the grounds crew. It took me back to those good 'ol days. So we clipped some branches and then started picking up garbage. I would still be there right now picking up garbage but we had to stop around noonish. There was a lot of garbage. Afterwards you could easily tell that we made an improvement. We as the missionaries were hungry and we went and got some pizza and ate that. After pizza my companion and I returned home and just slept we were beat and I still wasn't feeling any better.

Sunday-I love church. For us we have to travel a ways to get to church which isn't too much fun. We take a little bus from our house to another bus station and then we hop another bus and that takes us all the way to the church building in Donetsk. So it's about an hour of travel for us to get to church. When we got to church they were asking if anyone played the piano. I said yes and then I was pretty much told that I would be the Branch Pianist. So I had to play the hymns for Sacrament meeting and then I had to play the opening hymn for Sunday School and then I had to go up for primary and play a song. It was a really crazy hectic piano day. By the end of this transfer I should be really good at playing the piano....hopefully. The Fry's were there at church and I told them of my predicament that I am still in. Sister Fry told me that I should take it easy and that I shouldn't be too crazy. I told her that I haven't eaten pretty much anything since I've been down here and that's because I can't. She was really nice to me and helped me out. She also told me that I am supposed to call into her at night and tell her how I'm feeling and if I'm doing better or worse. When we got home I was starving and I was able to eat something for the first time. It felt really good to eat something. We were tired out from church because we have to do a lot. We have to travel really far and long, sit through church, and then come back home. It wears you out. So when we got home we took a sunday nap. Oh that felt so good. Then we woke up had something to eat and then went back to sleep for the night.

This area is going to be fun but every area that I'll probably serve in. There is something unique about this area though. The water turns off. The water is on from 6 to 10 a.m. and then again from 6 to 10 p.m. That is kind of lame but it will get some getting used to.

Love Elder Frank Young

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