Monday, May 23, 2011

Makeevka Letter 8

This past week has been quite well. Nothing too dramatic happened this week just the same old same old missionary work. First off my bowels have been pretty good and nothing too crazy has happened. I have found myself on the toilet a bit often but that happens to some Elders out here. It happened to Rob Kirkham and it happened to Barry. I got an email from him, that was really nice of him. I'll definitely have to write him back. He said that his problem is still giving him problems. Maybe my little "bug" will always give me problems. I like to look at my frequent bathroom trips as weight loss. I remember when it first started happening E. Pulsipher said that I was losing weight. I haven't lost as much weight as Mike, that's crazy! 22 pounds. If I lost 22 pounds I would be a toothpick and that wouldn't be healthy. Yes mom to answer your questions I am drinking a lot of water and we do have a water filter on our sink. Sometimes it puts out floaties and some other stuff and we just recently changed the filter so it's a bit sketchy that it continues to happen but we just pour it out and then fill it back up and hope that there won't be any floaties.

Today Elder Pulsipher is getting ready to go to Bulgaria. Yes he is leaving the mission for a couple of days to renew his visa. That means that I'll be alone for a couple of days. No just kidding I'll have another companion. That will be fun and will give me a bit of leadership opportunities. I'm a bit scared but what is the worst that could happen? Plus we'll be working and when we are working the time goes by really fast. There have been days this week when we wake up and do our studies and then when we go outside we can tell that the day will be a quick day. We go outside and do the work and then the next thing we know we are done with the day. The time has gone by so fast that May is almost over! Elder Pulsipher and I were just talking about how April was done and now May is done. Sometimes I feel like the time goes by faster and faster some days.

The other day we went and tried to find some people from our area book. The past two transfers that Elder Pulsipher has been here he has gone through the area book in hopes to find some one to teach. We had about 15 people to go and find and mapped out our route and then headed out. We found all of the apartments of where people live and when we tried to make contact not much happened. Only one person talked to us. It was really heart breaking. We try so hard and yet it seems like we get little in return. When we got to our last apartment building and got rejected we sat on a bench and started talking about what just happened. After reviewing the subject we decided to get some ice cream and find a park bench some where else and sat down. We did some passive contacting or otherwise known as "J-dub contacting". That is when you find a bench sit down and then put some material out and hope that someone will notice your material and stop and talk meanwhile you talk to your companion sitting next to you. It was really funny and we just laughed at what we were doing. Some people passed by us and of course didn't look at our material, maybe because it was a bad layout, and continued to walk by. Then of course someone stopped and talked to us, he was a drunkard. I'm sorry about how much drunk people get into my stories but they are everywhere and can be found any time of the day. It gets really annoying because they always harass us and give us a bad time. We try really hard to avoid them but they always seem to find us. So this drunk guy comes and starts to talk to us. We act like we don't see him and look the other way. There were some ladies sitting across the sidewalk on another bench and then they started talking to the drunk guy and said to leave us alone because we were trying to preach our gospel. It was really nice of them and then he left us alone. I looked over at them when the man left and gave them a happy look on my face of thank you so much for doing that. They were nice ladies, then they got up and left. We sat there for a little while longer and then gathered up our material and went home to make some dinner.

Saturday night we walking back home and we started talking to these youth. Come to find out that one of them knows perfect English and she has someone from America staying with her and her family because the lady is trying to adopt some kids. We got her contact information and hoped that we could be able to meet with her and tell her about how family can be together forever. Then on Sunday when we were at church we were waiting outside the chapel when all of a student an American couple walked out and of course all of the missionaries flocked them and started to talk to them. Guess why they were here? If you guessed to adopt kids then you guessed right. I wasn't talking to them but I overheard that and looked at E. Pulsipher and was like "what the???" We thought that it was them who we got information about the night before but it wasn't' them. I guess that there is another couple here doing the same thing. It was pretty cool. Church was church. It's an all day ordeal, we leave out 9 a.m. and then return to our house around 4 p.m. It's a seven hour process. If you're getting the feeling that I don't like church, you're wrong. I do love church. On our way home from church we were waiting for our bus when this crazy guy walks out into the road and obstructs traffic. He causes a bus to stop really quick, which it can't do so the bus accidentally hits the man and that causes him to move into another lane and another bus is trying to pass the bus that just stopped and that bus clips the man. So he got hit twice and then he goes crazy. He starts hitting the first bus that hit him and then the bus driver wasn't going to have any of that. He starts yelling at the man and the man goes nuts he tries to open the bus driver's door and hit him. The bus driver wasn't able to lock his door quick enough and it's flung open the crazy guy starts punching the bus driver but the bus driver is about three feet higher than the man on the street so he has the advantage. The bus driver gives the crazy guy a good kick to the chest to make him go away but only aggravates the man more and the bus driver is out on the street. They start a little fist fight and the crazy guy figures out that he isn't going to win and goes away. It was really intense, and we just stood there watching it all. That was THE most sketchiest thing I've ever seen so far on my mission.

Mom I liked in your email about having an attitude of gratitude. It's hard to do sometimes out here, but yet it's possible. You probably told me that the Elders that are the most happiest are those that work the hardest or are grateful for what is going on. Like I mentioned earlier about our adventure of trying to find people and having no success, it can be really hard to find happiness in that. In some of the stairwells there was human poo, the elevators didn't work, and no one was home. It can be hard to find happiness and joy in that but yet it's the Lord's work and His timetable of how things work. Sometimes it can be hard to remember that because there can be days when nothing seems to go our way. In our Branch-Missionary correlation meeting the other Elders are having all of this success and then when we present what we have it makes us seem like nothing is happening. The Branch Mission Leader said that when he was on his mission he had three transfers with a companion and the first two transfers nothing, absolutely nothing was happening. He didn't know what to do. They were working as hard as they possibly could but for some odd reason nothing was happening. They kept on going and then finally when it got to be the third transfer things started to happen. They had people to teach and people were on date to be baptized. He said that sometimes it's just the Lord testing us to see what will happen and see how patient we can be with what is going on. I feel like that is what is happening for us right now. We can find contacts on the street no problem but when we try and call them to set up, they don't answer their phone or say that they don't have time. It's really hard for us, but yet we keep on going. Maybe I told you last email about the focus of our transfer as a companionship. It's D&C 121:7-8. It's when Joseph Smith is in Liberty Jail and he's getting angry at God because so much horribleness is going on and he feels helpless. Then he receives a great revelation saying that his afflictions shall be but a small moment and if he endures them well he shall be exalted above his enemies and that all shall be well. I'm trying to focus on the enduring part when things get to be bad. Putting that one foot in front of the other and hoping that all will be well. Yes it's hard and I can lose hope. Walking on the street all day and having no one talk to us, finding people with no success, or having lessons cancel on us. It can all be hard but I think that God is testing us to see what we do. There's a story in the Book of Mormon about a group of people and the Lord sees it fit to give them a trial and see how they do. I think that's what happening now. He wants to know how we react to what's going on. I'm not going to give up and I'll always give it my all. I haven't ran a marathon but I've heard some good advice, just keep going and put one foot in front of the other and you'll finish. I'll keep doing that.

Family thanks for all that you have done for me. I thank you so much for your blessings that are sent my way. Just so you know the prayers are being sent your way as well. I've learned a lot out here and I've reflected a lot of what I've learned from home. Home is great place to be. I always like walking back into our apartment after a had day and have it feel like home. Having an apartment feel like home is a good feeling and if I can always have it feel like home then I must be doing something right. I always hope to have any place where I live feel like home. It's calm and relaxing and the spirit is there. During our last cleaning check the couple that inspected said that it felt good in our apartment. That was a good complement to get. The Burr's up in Kharkiv say that only when they mean it. That was good and assuring to know that our apartment feels good. Elder Pulsipher and I are having a wonderful time together. We are laughing and enjoying the work, even when it's hard. When we pray at night I always pray that we can be friends during the mission and after the mission. He's a great kid and I'm very grateful that we are together as missionary companions. I'll miss him when he's in Bulgaria. That's something that I've learned from home, be a friend to everyone. You two are great examples and so are both of your parents. Be friends with people, you never know what could happen because of it. Thanks for your great example to me. You are wonderful people and I love you so very much.

Elder Frank

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Makeevka Letter 7

Hello family!! I hope that all is well with you, things with me are going alright. The time here flies by so quickly I can't believe how fast the time really does fly by. Can you believe that I'll be going into my 5th transfer??!! It's crazy to think that. When you're working hard and having fun the time goes by so quick! This past Friday was transfer meeting and we weren't there because we weren't getting transfered. That is a blessing. I'll be E. Pulsipher's first two transfer companion his whole mission. We get along really well and everything is just perfect. When we first got together last transfer there wasn't any awkwardness between us. We are just two good boys doing the work and having fun. We are excited to have another transfer together. Our area is on the verge of exploding as E. Pulsipher has said. It seems like everyday we have someone come up to us ask for a book or they want to talk about the Gospel. I can not complain about that. When we go out we are happy and I think has to do something with what other people see. We are happy and other people want to know why we are happy and they are apt to talking to us. We have said that doing missionary work isn't a pain and that it's actually quite fun. I agree.

This week has been pretty good. Like I have said we have a youth gang that we some how always run into. There is girl in the group who is awesome and she speaks a bit of English and is super clean. She seems like she could already be Mormon but she isn't. She doesn't smoke or drink and she says that it's bad and that she'll never do that. She respects us as missionaries and is really happy. We gave her a Book of Mormon and asked her to read. She said that she would read. The times that we have run into her on the streets she has said that she has read the Book of Mormon. That is awesome, someone keeping commitments. Hopefully sometime this week we'll be able to have a sit down lesson with her and teach her all the good stuff.

I went on a split with Elder Jahernt, he's from Germany, and the split was a lot of fun. We had a lot of lessons.....4 lessons. We met with an inactive lady and then a family, the husband is inactive and they are trying to get him back to activity. The first lesson with the inactive lady was a good lesson. I guess she is meeting with some J-dubs and so we watched the Restoration movie with her to make sure that she remembers about Joseph Smith and how important the restoration really is. She seemed to like it and was really nice. Our next lesson was interesting. We met up with a member and then went to the family. They are a nice family. They were doing remolding in the apartment and so it was really bare but from what I could imagine the finished project will look really cool. Their daughter just got back from a Ukraine Youth Conference held down in the Creame, down by the Black Sea. I've seen some photos and it is an amazing beautiful place. She just went off about what she learned and then her mom went off on some weird equation about unity, knowledge, and something else. It was all irrelevant and I didn't really pay too much attention, probably because I wasn't focusing or couldn't understand what they were saying. After that lesson we came back home and had some food to eat and then went to bed. The next day we woke up and had some studies and then went to another two lessons. The first one was with this really smart guy, and because he's so smart he kind of went crazy which made him go inactive. So we met with him and discussed the Book of Mormon with him. The reasons for going inactive are either not praying or reading the Book of Mormon. So we talked about that and then he went and got some Soviet stuff and tried to sell it to us. E. Jahernt bought some old coins. I held a coin that had the date 1773 on it. Older than America!! The guy had a lot of random crazy Soviet stuff. After him we went to our Branch President's apartment and there was his wife and another member. I guess we were there to help them teach as member missionaries better but what ended up happening was the member telling this crazy story and me not paying attention. After that awkward lesson we came back to the apartment and finished studies and had district meeting.

District meeting was pretty good. Our Zone Leaders have some goals for us they were the typical mission goals. Do this, do that, pray on your knees as often as possible. Nothing too earth shaking from them. Our split ended after District meeting and it's always good being back with Elder Pulsipher. I love the kid and he's awesome. We get along really easily and we have a lot of fun together. We laugh and joke and just love doing the work. I remember a few district meetings ago when Elder Duke was there and Elder Pulsipher and I were laughing and cracking jokes and he said that we are having too much fun together. That is how missionary work and life should be. Having too much fun.

The next day, so now Thursday or Четверг if you're counting, was a great day. We were walking to a lesson when some old guy stopped us and started talking to us. He asked some very good questions, like "There's one God, and one Bible but why are there some many churches???" We said that we were in a hurry and that we would love to meet with him. We gave him a Book of Mormon and then got his information and then went to our lesson. I asked the kid that we met with about our incounter and asked him how he would answer the question. He answered the question perfectly. He's planning on going on a mission later this year so it would be really cool if we could have him come on a lesson with us and have him get ready for missionary work. We did some contacting after the lesson and got some more good numbers. We tried going to some houses that we know and when we knocked on one door the lady answered the door and said that her husband was there and that he killed himself. We both looked at each other extremly confused and then she closed the door and walked away. It was that one lady who I sent you a picture of during our phone call. She is a bit crazy. She told us to try the house across the street and then laughed at us. It was really scary and weird. We then walked down the street to another house. We found this guy a couple of weeks ago and he was really nice and he told us where he lived. So we were in the neighboorhood and stopped by. He wasn't home but his wife was. She was a really nice lady and said that he left but that we should come back on Sunday. We said that we would come back on Sunday and then went home for some dinner. We made some tacos, everything from scracth including the tortillas. Thank you so much for the taco seasoning packets. They are amazing!!! After dinner it turned dark and once it's dark our area can be really scary at night and so we don't want to risk it and our leaders have said that once it's dark you should just stay inside. For one reason or another everyone gets drunk and they aren't the nicest of drunk people. Which reminds me we had a bad drunk person encounter. We were walking to a lesson and some guy stops us, he's pretty buzzed and starts talking to us. We usually stop and talk for a minute and then keep on going but this guy made us stop and talk to him. As we tried to leave he grabbed E. Pulsipher's backpack and ripped it off of him. He then held it away from us and wouldn't give it back. We asked and then he just walked away with it. It wasn't good. We stood there for a while and then watched him sit down and sit the bag down too. Elder Pulsipher walks over and get his bag back and then walks away the drunk guy then follows us and then stops us again. He starts yelling at E. Pulsipher and then takes a drunk punch at him. Good thing he was drunk and his punch was really slow and E. Pulsipher is really fast and dodged the punch and then we just started to run away. It could have gotten pretty ugly pretty fast and I'm just glad that it didn't.

Friday...the day my world starts to go upside down. Hoefully you've read the other email that I sent earlier and it will make sense. I won't go into detail of what happened because I don't want to gross out my readers on my blog. We had a lesson with a elderly lady, it's a bit of a confusing story which requires some explanation. After district meeting we got a phone call saying that someone needs a blessing. So we go and give her a blessing and then after that we set up for another lesson later that week. When we come back for the lesson the lady that lives with her is a member. Hopefully that is all clear. So we start teaching her a lesson and we start by asking her how she is. She in turn starts babbling and then starts crying. It was really awkward. Elder Pulsipher under his breath says "oh my gosh, are you for real??" I hear that an start to smile and hold down the laughter. It was just a 'What's happening' moment. The member who left the room hears the crying and comes back into the room. We end up teaching her the lesson because she could respond. Simply put it was just a weird lesson. After that lesson we came back to our apartment because there is this old lady who likes to make us work. They love care tire 'fences' so to say. She made us dig some holes and put some car tires half way down and then cover it up so it will stand. They look really hideous but we happily did the work. When we were working some older men came over and said that they would do the work, but due to bad habits for smoking one of them had to quit and supervised and made sure that the fence was straight. The finished project looks....well....not that great but the lady is happy so we won't complain. We finished that project and then went inside to finish our left over tacos. We then went back outside to find some contacts. We knocked on one door thinking that a guy would open the door but some woman opened the door. We asked if he was home but she just gave us a confused look that she didn't know the man. So being the missionaries that we are we didn't give up and we talked to her about the Book of Mormon and why we are here. We gave he a book and then she said that we could come back in a week. Boo yah!! After her place we were walking on the street to another house when we ran into our Branch President and his wife and a member. That was pretty cool and rarely ever happens. We talked to them for a while and then continued on our path. The other people weren't home but yet again we ran into some youth from our "gang". We talked with them and then I had to get home.

The next day wasn't any better for me. I must have had a bug in me and life just wasn't good. I was rushing to the bathroom and didn't feel good at all. After some time I started feeling better and then we went out contacting. We were out for a while and I felt good. I had a constant prayer going asking Heavenly Father that he would help me feel good and that all will be okay. I can assure you that Heavenly Father does hear prayers and does answer them. After some hours of contacting we came back home and I took a nap because I wasn't feeling too good. I slept for a while and when I woke up I felt a bit better. Elder Pulsipher was bored of being inside and said that he needed to go outside and get some fresh air. So we go for a walk but urgently come back home. I guess I wasn't feeling too good. To make matters worse our water was off and it was about 8:30 p.m. usually water is on at 6 p.m. I called Sister and President Fry telling them of my concern and that I needed to be somewhere where there is water. President made some phone calls and then said that I could go to our Zone Leaders apartment in Dontesk. We ended up opting going to our District Leaders apartment because it was closer and for some odd reason they had water. So we go over there and have an allowed sleep over. I didn't go to church and just slept and took some medicine.

Today I'm feeling a bit better and hopefully tomorrow everything will go back to normal. Thanks for all that you do for me family. I love you all very much.

Love Elder Frank

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Makeevka Letter 6

Today is Victory Day.....Yes today is the day that the CCCP or the USSR (same thing) won the war against Germany and the enemy. Check your history books because they are right and what we have been taught is wrong. This morning we went to the center of the city and watched a parade. The parade wasn't anything too special. The Art City Days parade totally kicks this parades trash in how extravagant it can be. Here there were just a lot of people walking down the street, and I mean a lot of people. It seemed like most of the people were just random crazy people that probably had no deal in being in WWII. However it was pretty cool to see the parade and to see how other people celebrate their holidays. There were some men playing some band instruments and a lot of people waving flags and some really really old people marching with medals for doing everything in the war. We saw some old guys with medals all over their suit jackets. Elder Pulsipher said that he had about half of what this one guy had in his own collection. That was pretty funny. You can buy some communism stuff everywhere it seems like. That is what we did today. Tonight could be a little bit crazy because with any holiday people like to drink beer and get wasted. We'll be extra careful tonight and stay away from sketchy situations.

This past week went by pretty fast. I feel like every week is going by really quick, and other Elders tell me that the time just gets going faster and faster. I can't believe how fast the time has gone. This transfer is almost over and I can remember it just barely starting! It's insane, I guess the saying is true: when you're having fun and working hard, time flies. I'm a believer of that. Elder Pulsipher and I are having a lot of fun doing the work together. We are always laughing and having a good time. Like I said in our phone call, when we are happy other people are more keen to listening to us because we are enjoying what we are doing. It's true. I'm glad that Elder Pulsipher and I are together for one more transfer. We are going to work hard and get the work done. We are going to set some goals and achieve them this coming transfer. Last Friday was transfer call day. The AP's usually do phone calls in the morning but I guess that they were on a split and they started late. So we waited all morning for a possible phone call. That never happened. So we were thrilled because we asked if we could stay together for another transfer, so we got what we wanted. Later than night we heard that phone calls were out and then we got nervous. We got no phone call which means that we are together for sure. Oh how much of a blessing it is. I guess the AP's had to do some rearranging with transfers because there is a lot of Elders coming in. There will be 8 bodies coming in but 7 of those will stay in our mission. Confused? One of the eight has visa problems, I'm not sure where he is supposed to go but that is all I know. We originally heard six were coming in but one more is coming in. The mission will grow pretty quick and I'll get old quick too. I don't feel that old. I'll be going into my fifth transfer which is crazy to think but anywho we are getting more Elders.

This week was not such a good lesson week. We had some people "dog" us and that is never fun to hear. We had a lesson planned with some youth that we found but they called and cancelled. We called some other members but they weren't able to meet. We did have one lesson with a part member family. They are really nice people but the sister who is a member was making it a bit difficult for us. We watched the movie Finding Faith in Christ and then after watching it we bore our testimonies. Before we started she was like: well why don't we just bear our testimonies now and then watch the movie? We just threw in the movie and then tried to bear our testimonies afterwards. Elder Pulsipher went first and did a marvelous job and then I went. I started off with talking about miracles and how they existed back then and how they still exist today. She then interrupts me and asks what miracles there are today. I say that it's raining today and that is a miracle, that the church is here in Ukraine, and that we are here as missionaries. She then asks how often it rains where I'm from. I try and recall and I can't remember, it's been about 8 months since I've been home and can recall the frequency of the rain. I hate to say it but she kind of ruined the good lesson and then when we realized that it was going down hill we tried to bag the lesson and get out. It was heart breaking. Hopefully next time we'll have a better lesson and we'll be able to control everything and have A-OK.

The weather is getting warmer which is kind of freaking me out. I'm used to it being cold but now it's starting to get really warm. Elder Pulsipher and I were waiting for a bus but then he said that he was hungry and so we ran to a little store and then ran back. When we got back to the bus we were sweating and it was hot. We were huffing and puffing because we were out of shape and that it was hot. Elder Pulsipher looked over at me and saw some beads of sweat going down my face and then he said that what we are feeling right now will happen everyday in the summer. I'm kind of looking forward to that and not at the same time. Earlier today I was like I wish it was winter again. Some small part of me liked the cold and being freezing cold. But...I'll just have to endure and enjoy what I have. I read Elder Wirthlin's talk "Come what may and love it" which probably has to be my favorite talk of all time, and it was talking about enjoying the moment and laughing and just dealing with what you have. Elder Pulsipher and I were talking about it and it's just correct in every way. The talk talks about compesation and the Atonement. I've always thought that the Atonement was just for sins and what not but it's for everything bad that happens. Like if life isn't fair right now or it's raining on your parade the next life everything will be compensated for and will be hundredfolds better. It opened my eyes and just makes me feel grateful. Mom I really enjoyed your last email about Ethnocitricity and the Atonement. It was a great email and really helped. Thank you much.

I've been learning a lot out here. I've grown physically and spiritually. Personal study is always a little piece of heaven that I love. Searching the scriptures, likening myself unto them and just learning more is a lot of fun. Like I've said before learning Russian is no easy task. I don't know if I've sent this phrase before but I'll send it again. English missionaries come home fluent in the Gospel, Spanish missionaries come home fluent in Spanish and Russian missionaries just come home. We are out here struggling everyday trying to do missionary work. It's a bit depressing to hear that phrase, but I don't know if I entirely agree with it. I've learned a lot out hear and I think that we come home men. I've learned how to accept disappointment when something doesn't work out. I've learned how to struggle and never ever give up. I've learned to rely on my Heavenly Father for help, I've learned about the power of prayer and how prayers can be answered. I've learned more than I could if I was back home. Being out here is a blast even though some people reject us and wave us off, being out here is amazing. There are people out here that are willing and accepting to the Gospel, it's just a matter of finding them. I'm grateful to be out here.

Love Elder Frank Young

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Makeevka Letter 5

Note: Sorry for the delay in posting. Enjoy Elder Young's Letter.

Hey family!!! I hope that all is well. Today we did some service for some people that moved into our branch. They had some "shack" that was barely standing and they wanted us to take it down and move some other stuff. So we willingly did so. We took down their shed and cleaned up their back yard. It looks so much better. I wish I had a before and after picture but I don't. It was like the show on ABC about doing the home make overs, yeah we were that good. We advertised that a family needed help and that we need help in priesthood meeting and a lot of people were all like " old are they?" They were just making excuses not to come and help. It was really sad and not a lot of people showed up. There was one guy that showed up, he's amazing. His left hand is gimp and doesn't work but he was doing the most work out of anyone. He just came and did work. He brought his grandson with him and we all just went to work. He is truly amazing. He's a great example for everyone else. Our branch president picked us up and drove us there. I was blessed with getting to ride 'shotgun' in the car. Oh it felt so good to sit in a car and have the wind blowing in. It made me miss driving. There are some other people that have been riding bikes and that makes me want to ride a bike. I've contemplated about asking some one to buy their bike from them right then and now for a certain amount of money but yet I'm hesitant to do that. Maybe someday I'll do that. So this week...

We have been working really hard. This week we tried to keep close to the white handbook as much as possible because President Fry and the AP's have come out with a presentation about being a white handbook mission. So Elder Pulsipher and I, well Elder Pulsipher had this thought that we should try it out and see what happens. In the white handbook it says that we should wear our prosolyte clothes as much as possible. So last P-day we did. It was the worst thing in the world. We went to Donetsk to try and take a tour of the soccer stadium there but they were closed. So we walked around Donetsk for a while and then came back. We did some shopping and then went home. Elder Pulsipher and I were a bit upset because it just seemed like everything that day went down hill for us. However the rest of the week was pretty good. This week we were able to give out 13 Books of Mormon. That is the most I've ever given out in a week in my entire mission. One day we gave out six books! Last Monday we were at the internet club and some kids were looking at a book that I had out and they started asking questions about it. So I gave it to them and then promised the other kid that I would bring him one. It was really awesome. The day we gave out six books was just awesome as can be. We had given out a book earlier that day, some guy just came up to us and asked for the book and of course we gave it to him. But that evening we had five books on us and so we made a plan to give out those books and then we would treat ourselves to a good evening. So with that goal set we went off. We started our walk and then started talking to people. We gave out some books right away and then we found ourselves with only one book left and I had it. We were walking down the sidewalk and then I looked left down a street. I saw this older woman walking down the street and then Elder Pulsipher looked too. He was like "what do you think?" I said "let's go give her this book." So we walked down and talked to her. She was really really nice and I thought that for a second that she was going to be a Jehovah's Witness, but she wasn't. So I told her that I saw her from afar and that I felt like I need to talk to her. I told her that I'm here because of this book and that I want her to read it. She was like I already have a Bible. We explained to her that the Book of Mormon adds to the Bible and helps out in life. She thought about it for a moment and then took the book. It felt so good to give her that book. When we went our seperate ways we were really happy because we didn't have any more material on us and that meant we were able to go and treat ourselves right. We bought some ice cream and had a good night talking and eating ice cream. When days are like those, it's amazing and I could do it all day forever.

On Saturday we went to Edward's radio shack. I'm grateful that I'm still alive. It was a bit sketchy. It was a one story building which is used to train men to become miners. It was pretty sketch. Some of the teaching stuff is way old. Like older than, well just really out dated. It's pretty sad how much they are outdated here. But any who, the radio. Edward has his friends there because it was Saturday and that is when they get together. So we met his friends and then we went to the radio room. There in the room was everything. His radio and his instruments. It was really interesting at first and then it got to be pretty boring. He said that Western Europe wasn't recieving his signal and that no one was talking from there. How ever people from the East were making contact with us. We had some people from India, Malyasia, New Guniea, and Japan talking to us. It was pretty cool, then got boring. Edward was a bit upset that no one from the West was talking with us. We had enough and then we asked if we could go to his apartment and have a lesson with him. He was down and then we went to his house. We bought some food and ate and then had a lesson with him. The lessons are always good but he won't keep a commitment, and that is heart breaking. So we are dropping him for sure.

We met with a really cool family this week too. A mother, father, and two daughters. They are members and super strong and active. It was my first time going to them and we just had a blast. They are funny and it reminded me of being back home and laughing with family members. We taught them about Alma 6:6, which is our mission theme for the year. It talks about praying and fasting for those who don't know God. We gave them some BOM's and challenged them to give them out. They said they would. On Sunday for open mic one of the daughters got up and bore testimony about what we taught her. She shared the scripture and then said that we need to fast and pray for those who don't know God. It was awesome it make Elder Pulsipher and I really happy because what we taught stuck with them and they are applying what they learned.

Love Elder Young