Thursday, May 5, 2011

Makeevka Letter 5

Note: Sorry for the delay in posting. Enjoy Elder Young's Letter.

Hey family!!! I hope that all is well. Today we did some service for some people that moved into our branch. They had some "shack" that was barely standing and they wanted us to take it down and move some other stuff. So we willingly did so. We took down their shed and cleaned up their back yard. It looks so much better. I wish I had a before and after picture but I don't. It was like the show on ABC about doing the home make overs, yeah we were that good. We advertised that a family needed help and that we need help in priesthood meeting and a lot of people were all like " old are they?" They were just making excuses not to come and help. It was really sad and not a lot of people showed up. There was one guy that showed up, he's amazing. His left hand is gimp and doesn't work but he was doing the most work out of anyone. He just came and did work. He brought his grandson with him and we all just went to work. He is truly amazing. He's a great example for everyone else. Our branch president picked us up and drove us there. I was blessed with getting to ride 'shotgun' in the car. Oh it felt so good to sit in a car and have the wind blowing in. It made me miss driving. There are some other people that have been riding bikes and that makes me want to ride a bike. I've contemplated about asking some one to buy their bike from them right then and now for a certain amount of money but yet I'm hesitant to do that. Maybe someday I'll do that. So this week...

We have been working really hard. This week we tried to keep close to the white handbook as much as possible because President Fry and the AP's have come out with a presentation about being a white handbook mission. So Elder Pulsipher and I, well Elder Pulsipher had this thought that we should try it out and see what happens. In the white handbook it says that we should wear our prosolyte clothes as much as possible. So last P-day we did. It was the worst thing in the world. We went to Donetsk to try and take a tour of the soccer stadium there but they were closed. So we walked around Donetsk for a while and then came back. We did some shopping and then went home. Elder Pulsipher and I were a bit upset because it just seemed like everything that day went down hill for us. However the rest of the week was pretty good. This week we were able to give out 13 Books of Mormon. That is the most I've ever given out in a week in my entire mission. One day we gave out six books! Last Monday we were at the internet club and some kids were looking at a book that I had out and they started asking questions about it. So I gave it to them and then promised the other kid that I would bring him one. It was really awesome. The day we gave out six books was just awesome as can be. We had given out a book earlier that day, some guy just came up to us and asked for the book and of course we gave it to him. But that evening we had five books on us and so we made a plan to give out those books and then we would treat ourselves to a good evening. So with that goal set we went off. We started our walk and then started talking to people. We gave out some books right away and then we found ourselves with only one book left and I had it. We were walking down the sidewalk and then I looked left down a street. I saw this older woman walking down the street and then Elder Pulsipher looked too. He was like "what do you think?" I said "let's go give her this book." So we walked down and talked to her. She was really really nice and I thought that for a second that she was going to be a Jehovah's Witness, but she wasn't. So I told her that I saw her from afar and that I felt like I need to talk to her. I told her that I'm here because of this book and that I want her to read it. She was like I already have a Bible. We explained to her that the Book of Mormon adds to the Bible and helps out in life. She thought about it for a moment and then took the book. It felt so good to give her that book. When we went our seperate ways we were really happy because we didn't have any more material on us and that meant we were able to go and treat ourselves right. We bought some ice cream and had a good night talking and eating ice cream. When days are like those, it's amazing and I could do it all day forever.

On Saturday we went to Edward's radio shack. I'm grateful that I'm still alive. It was a bit sketchy. It was a one story building which is used to train men to become miners. It was pretty sketch. Some of the teaching stuff is way old. Like older than, well just really out dated. It's pretty sad how much they are outdated here. But any who, the radio. Edward has his friends there because it was Saturday and that is when they get together. So we met his friends and then we went to the radio room. There in the room was everything. His radio and his instruments. It was really interesting at first and then it got to be pretty boring. He said that Western Europe wasn't recieving his signal and that no one was talking from there. How ever people from the East were making contact with us. We had some people from India, Malyasia, New Guniea, and Japan talking to us. It was pretty cool, then got boring. Edward was a bit upset that no one from the West was talking with us. We had enough and then we asked if we could go to his apartment and have a lesson with him. He was down and then we went to his house. We bought some food and ate and then had a lesson with him. The lessons are always good but he won't keep a commitment, and that is heart breaking. So we are dropping him for sure.

We met with a really cool family this week too. A mother, father, and two daughters. They are members and super strong and active. It was my first time going to them and we just had a blast. They are funny and it reminded me of being back home and laughing with family members. We taught them about Alma 6:6, which is our mission theme for the year. It talks about praying and fasting for those who don't know God. We gave them some BOM's and challenged them to give them out. They said they would. On Sunday for open mic one of the daughters got up and bore testimony about what we taught her. She shared the scripture and then said that we need to fast and pray for those who don't know God. It was awesome it make Elder Pulsipher and I really happy because what we taught stuck with them and they are applying what they learned.

Love Elder Young

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