Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Makeevka Letter 7

Hello family!! I hope that all is well with you, things with me are going alright. The time here flies by so quickly I can't believe how fast the time really does fly by. Can you believe that I'll be going into my 5th transfer??!! It's crazy to think that. When you're working hard and having fun the time goes by so quick! This past Friday was transfer meeting and we weren't there because we weren't getting transfered. That is a blessing. I'll be E. Pulsipher's first two transfer companion his whole mission. We get along really well and everything is just perfect. When we first got together last transfer there wasn't any awkwardness between us. We are just two good boys doing the work and having fun. We are excited to have another transfer together. Our area is on the verge of exploding as E. Pulsipher has said. It seems like everyday we have someone come up to us ask for a book or they want to talk about the Gospel. I can not complain about that. When we go out we are happy and I think has to do something with what other people see. We are happy and other people want to know why we are happy and they are apt to talking to us. We have said that doing missionary work isn't a pain and that it's actually quite fun. I agree.

This week has been pretty good. Like I have said we have a youth gang that we some how always run into. There is girl in the group who is awesome and she speaks a bit of English and is super clean. She seems like she could already be Mormon but she isn't. She doesn't smoke or drink and she says that it's bad and that she'll never do that. She respects us as missionaries and is really happy. We gave her a Book of Mormon and asked her to read. She said that she would read. The times that we have run into her on the streets she has said that she has read the Book of Mormon. That is awesome, someone keeping commitments. Hopefully sometime this week we'll be able to have a sit down lesson with her and teach her all the good stuff.

I went on a split with Elder Jahernt, he's from Germany, and the split was a lot of fun. We had a lot of lessons.....4 lessons. We met with an inactive lady and then a family, the husband is inactive and they are trying to get him back to activity. The first lesson with the inactive lady was a good lesson. I guess she is meeting with some J-dubs and so we watched the Restoration movie with her to make sure that she remembers about Joseph Smith and how important the restoration really is. She seemed to like it and was really nice. Our next lesson was interesting. We met up with a member and then went to the family. They are a nice family. They were doing remolding in the apartment and so it was really bare but from what I could imagine the finished project will look really cool. Their daughter just got back from a Ukraine Youth Conference held down in the Creame, down by the Black Sea. I've seen some photos and it is an amazing beautiful place. She just went off about what she learned and then her mom went off on some weird equation about unity, knowledge, and something else. It was all irrelevant and I didn't really pay too much attention, probably because I wasn't focusing or couldn't understand what they were saying. After that lesson we came back home and had some food to eat and then went to bed. The next day we woke up and had some studies and then went to another two lessons. The first one was with this really smart guy, and because he's so smart he kind of went crazy which made him go inactive. So we met with him and discussed the Book of Mormon with him. The reasons for going inactive are either not praying or reading the Book of Mormon. So we talked about that and then he went and got some Soviet stuff and tried to sell it to us. E. Jahernt bought some old coins. I held a coin that had the date 1773 on it. Older than America!! The guy had a lot of random crazy Soviet stuff. After him we went to our Branch President's apartment and there was his wife and another member. I guess we were there to help them teach as member missionaries better but what ended up happening was the member telling this crazy story and me not paying attention. After that awkward lesson we came back to the apartment and finished studies and had district meeting.

District meeting was pretty good. Our Zone Leaders have some goals for us they were the typical mission goals. Do this, do that, pray on your knees as often as possible. Nothing too earth shaking from them. Our split ended after District meeting and it's always good being back with Elder Pulsipher. I love the kid and he's awesome. We get along really easily and we have a lot of fun together. We laugh and joke and just love doing the work. I remember a few district meetings ago when Elder Duke was there and Elder Pulsipher and I were laughing and cracking jokes and he said that we are having too much fun together. That is how missionary work and life should be. Having too much fun.

The next day, so now Thursday or Четверг if you're counting, was a great day. We were walking to a lesson when some old guy stopped us and started talking to us. He asked some very good questions, like "There's one God, and one Bible but why are there some many churches???" We said that we were in a hurry and that we would love to meet with him. We gave him a Book of Mormon and then got his information and then went to our lesson. I asked the kid that we met with about our incounter and asked him how he would answer the question. He answered the question perfectly. He's planning on going on a mission later this year so it would be really cool if we could have him come on a lesson with us and have him get ready for missionary work. We did some contacting after the lesson and got some more good numbers. We tried going to some houses that we know and when we knocked on one door the lady answered the door and said that her husband was there and that he killed himself. We both looked at each other extremly confused and then she closed the door and walked away. It was that one lady who I sent you a picture of during our phone call. She is a bit crazy. She told us to try the house across the street and then laughed at us. It was really scary and weird. We then walked down the street to another house. We found this guy a couple of weeks ago and he was really nice and he told us where he lived. So we were in the neighboorhood and stopped by. He wasn't home but his wife was. She was a really nice lady and said that he left but that we should come back on Sunday. We said that we would come back on Sunday and then went home for some dinner. We made some tacos, everything from scracth including the tortillas. Thank you so much for the taco seasoning packets. They are amazing!!! After dinner it turned dark and once it's dark our area can be really scary at night and so we don't want to risk it and our leaders have said that once it's dark you should just stay inside. For one reason or another everyone gets drunk and they aren't the nicest of drunk people. Which reminds me we had a bad drunk person encounter. We were walking to a lesson and some guy stops us, he's pretty buzzed and starts talking to us. We usually stop and talk for a minute and then keep on going but this guy made us stop and talk to him. As we tried to leave he grabbed E. Pulsipher's backpack and ripped it off of him. He then held it away from us and wouldn't give it back. We asked and then he just walked away with it. It wasn't good. We stood there for a while and then watched him sit down and sit the bag down too. Elder Pulsipher walks over and get his bag back and then walks away the drunk guy then follows us and then stops us again. He starts yelling at E. Pulsipher and then takes a drunk punch at him. Good thing he was drunk and his punch was really slow and E. Pulsipher is really fast and dodged the punch and then we just started to run away. It could have gotten pretty ugly pretty fast and I'm just glad that it didn't.

Friday...the day my world starts to go upside down. Hoefully you've read the other email that I sent earlier and it will make sense. I won't go into detail of what happened because I don't want to gross out my readers on my blog. We had a lesson with a elderly lady, it's a bit of a confusing story which requires some explanation. After district meeting we got a phone call saying that someone needs a blessing. So we go and give her a blessing and then after that we set up for another lesson later that week. When we come back for the lesson the lady that lives with her is a member. Hopefully that is all clear. So we start teaching her a lesson and we start by asking her how she is. She in turn starts babbling and then starts crying. It was really awkward. Elder Pulsipher under his breath says "oh my gosh, are you for real??" I hear that an start to smile and hold down the laughter. It was just a 'What's happening' moment. The member who left the room hears the crying and comes back into the room. We end up teaching her the lesson because she could respond. Simply put it was just a weird lesson. After that lesson we came back to our apartment because there is this old lady who likes to make us work. They love care tire 'fences' so to say. She made us dig some holes and put some car tires half way down and then cover it up so it will stand. They look really hideous but we happily did the work. When we were working some older men came over and said that they would do the work, but due to bad habits for smoking one of them had to quit and supervised and made sure that the fence was straight. The finished project looks....well....not that great but the lady is happy so we won't complain. We finished that project and then went inside to finish our left over tacos. We then went back outside to find some contacts. We knocked on one door thinking that a guy would open the door but some woman opened the door. We asked if he was home but she just gave us a confused look that she didn't know the man. So being the missionaries that we are we didn't give up and we talked to her about the Book of Mormon and why we are here. We gave he a book and then she said that we could come back in a week. Boo yah!! After her place we were walking on the street to another house when we ran into our Branch President and his wife and a member. That was pretty cool and rarely ever happens. We talked to them for a while and then continued on our path. The other people weren't home but yet again we ran into some youth from our "gang". We talked with them and then I had to get home.

The next day wasn't any better for me. I must have had a bug in me and life just wasn't good. I was rushing to the bathroom and didn't feel good at all. After some time I started feeling better and then we went out contacting. We were out for a while and I felt good. I had a constant prayer going asking Heavenly Father that he would help me feel good and that all will be okay. I can assure you that Heavenly Father does hear prayers and does answer them. After some hours of contacting we came back home and I took a nap because I wasn't feeling too good. I slept for a while and when I woke up I felt a bit better. Elder Pulsipher was bored of being inside and said that he needed to go outside and get some fresh air. So we go for a walk but urgently come back home. I guess I wasn't feeling too good. To make matters worse our water was off and it was about 8:30 p.m. usually water is on at 6 p.m. I called Sister and President Fry telling them of my concern and that I needed to be somewhere where there is water. President made some phone calls and then said that I could go to our Zone Leaders apartment in Dontesk. We ended up opting going to our District Leaders apartment because it was closer and for some odd reason they had water. So we go over there and have an allowed sleep over. I didn't go to church and just slept and took some medicine.

Today I'm feeling a bit better and hopefully tomorrow everything will go back to normal. Thanks for all that you do for me family. I love you all very much.

Love Elder Frank

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