Thursday, June 30, 2011


The design with what some member guy makes in our area. They are really cool. 

Me and President Fry. 

The old grandma is super old she fought on the front lines of WWII. 

Kharkiv/XT3 Letter 1

Yes like the subject line says....I'm back up in Kharkiv. I have this weird feeling about being up here. It brings back weird memories of being back up here. The other thing is that I'm living on the other end of the metro line. When I ride the metro I'm used to getting of on the Cold Mountain stop but now I have to get off on the Politarskia stop. It's a mind trip. I'll get over it though. It is nice to be back on the metro and using that. It's quicker and cheaper then the little buses that I used back in my other area. 

My past week seemed like a blur it went really really quick. On Monday we had a member drive us to "Switzerland". Maybe I told you about that maybe I didn't. What it really was, was the country side of Ukraine. Just absouletly beautiful. It didn't really look like Switzerland but it sure did look pretty. I took some photos. It was an adventure trying to get there. The member hasn't been there in a while and so he wasn't sure on the exact way to get there so when he was lost and confused he would stop and ask some random guy on the side of the road for directions and the guy would say go one way and then we would some how go another way. It was fun. I'm not sure if we ever got to where we really wanted to go. We made some cool photos and have a blast. Probably the best Pday of my mission so far. 

As I may have mentioned before our apartment back in Makeevka is under remodeling and so we really couldn't do much and that wasn't so much fun. The guy was retiling the bathroom and he was taking for ever. We called the office to tell our landlady that they guy need to hurry up becuase he was taking too long. And then the office said that we had to stay inside and send the message to him that he needed to get the job done. So yes...we stayed inside for as long as we could stand being inside. We played some chess games, studied, cooked some food and talked, and I packed. It was a sad boring last week. We had some good last lessons with some people in that area. I really will miss that area. That place has gotten a bad reputation but to me, that was the best place I have served so far. I don't know if it was because I had a good companion or what but I really do love that area I was in. 

Transfer meeting was sad and good. I got to see good 'ol friends and said goodbye to some that leave this coming transfer. It was a bitter sweet moment to go. I loved serving with Elder Pulsipher. He's a great kid and I miss him. We'll pass emails to one another and keep each other going. The transfer bus was really quiet because it's a good excuse to sleep on the way up and catch some much needed rest. When I got back up to Kharkiv it was just weird like I said. It seemed like I was just here. I got to see some past friends, Elder Lott and some other Elders. It was good to see them and laugh and talk with them. We unladed the bus and hopped into a taxi and drove for about 15 minutes to the new area. XT3 as it would be in Russian. Confused about the "3" (number three)??? Yeah I'll explain. The area stands for Kharkiv Tractor Factory. Just translate that into Russian and take the first syllable and that is what you get. Kind of crazy but remember where I am. 

Not too much has happened recently. We went to church with an investigator who is getting baptized in about two weeks! That is amazing!!! His name is Игерь, do you know how to pronounce it? It sounds like Iger. He's a cool guy who has a ponytail and glasses. I don't have a picture of him yet but I will and I'll send that to you. He enjoys coming to church and has no problems with what we teach him. Yesterday at church we met with him and the Branch President so they could get to know one another. The B.P. kind of held a mini interview with him and let him know what he is kind of getting himself into. Iger was like cool and wasn't taken aback with what he had to say. It will be awesome to see him get baptized. The branch is a good size there were about 60 people or so there. Most of the seats were filled and some more investigators were there. It's good to know that missionary work can be done here. Sometimes it seems like nothing can be done. One Elder said that sometimes it feels like we are finding a place to plant the seed of the Gospel instead of planting seeds. It's good hard work that everyone needs to do one and a while in their life. I love being out here. 

Elder Pulsipher and I have talked and we have come to a conclusion that when we get back home no one will understand what we went through, only those that have served here. It's a completley different world. I want you all to know that I love being out here. I wouldn't trade my mission for any other place in the world Ukraine is awesome. I love being here as a missionary and working and doing the work. Thank you for your support. 

Love Elder Frank

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Makeevka Letter 12

Family members I wish that everything is going well for you and that life is so good. Life for me is going pretty good, it's getting better. I hope that the Ragnar race went pretty well and that everyone is feeling better and not feeling too sore from running. Erik I hope that you had a good time and that you will be ready for the next time that you urn. Mom made it sound like you had a hard time with your run because it was long and huphill and in the dark. Running in the dark sounds cool but then when you actually do it, it's not that much fun. I hope that you had fun though, that's all that matters. When I'm back we'll have to run it all together. I might just have to put together a team of my own because I know some good runners so it would be fun to have a friendly compeitition with you. Eh, we'll wait and see. This past week has been quick just like every week. It seems like the time is flying by so quickly over here. Soon it will be July and then Septmeber for my year mark and then Christmas again and then I repeat everything that I have done so far. It will be cool but yet scary to see the time go.
On Tuesday night we had a missionary fireside in preperation for zone conference. It was a good quick fireside nothing too special happened, they just got us ready for zone conference. They talked about how we should use the Book of Mormon more and how important it is and then they sent us back home. Traveling there is a pain sometimes because we have to plan that it will take about an hour and half just to get to Center Donetsk. That can be annoying and the buses can be hot but what can you do? Not much and you just keep on going and dealing with what you have.
Zone Conference was amazing. Even though that it was my second one, I really really enjoyed it a lot. We had some discussion and we were taught about doing the usual missionary work. The zone leaders gave some little spiels about doing missionary work such as commitments, leaving good impressions and what not. And then out of the blue President Fry points to me and says "Elder Young, commit me to baptism." Being on the spot and now nervous I gather my thoughts, which wasn't a lot and then just opened my mouth and said what came. "President Fry, through the last few lessons I have witnessed a change in you and now I ask you to make the ultimate change and follow the example of Christ and be baptised in two weeks." After I said that I wasn't sure what was really said because I just talked not knowing what was gonna happen but I guess that it worked out because everyone else was like OHHHHHHHHH!!!!! And then President Fry was like NO, in one week I'll be baptized. It was pretty cool to have that experience. The other good thing about z.c. was being able to see everyone down here in the DonBass. I have made some great friends down here and it's always a good time seeing them and laughing with them.
We had some good lessons this week, it'll be sad because for some people it will be the last time that I see them because I will be transferred on Friday. That makes me a bit sad because I have enjoyed my time here in Zeleonie Makeevka serving with Elder Pulsipher. He and I have become great friends and we laugh and talk about everything. It's been a blast with him and it will be sad to leave him and serve with someone else, but as I learned from the fireside, one of the few things that is constant in this world is change. During the z.c. I asked one of the AP's about where I was going and he said that I should look North and then I followed up with another question and that was will I be serving with someone older or younger than me? And he said older. So....that is my choices. My dream would be to go up to Sumy but I'm pretty sure that won't happen, but I can always wish. I have some options set up in mind because we have put together a transfer board with everyone that is moving to try and figure out what will happen. I would really like to know but I'll just have to wait and find out what will happen on Friday.
As for our lessons this week they went pretty good. We had a first lesson with some guy that we met on the streets. Sahran, I think that I talked about him last email. He is from Turkey and speaks pretty good English and says that he's interested in what we have to say. He's also met with some missionaries was back in the day, so he's familiar with us. We went to his apartment and taught him a first lesson and what we have to offer as missionaries. We asked him the question that if he were to know the truth of which church was true would he do anything. He replied yeah, probably.

We also met with Natalia and had a great lesson with her. We talked about the Holy Ghost and howimportant he is and that we all need him. She has met with the missionaries for a long time but for some odd reason she just won't get baptized. She knows everything to be true but just won't make that last step of faith and get baptized. The other night we were out walking and and some lady started speaking English to us. She was an older lady who teaches English in secondary schools. We talked about Ukraine and about Russia and what we are doing here as missionaries. She seemed interested, in the fact that we speak English but not too much in the Gospel.
Life is going good, for any of those who are worrying. I'm having a great time out here serving a mission. I remember what Chris and Rob said to me when I was contemplating serving a mission. They said go and if you don't want to come home. But if you never go you'll never know what you'll miss out on. I'm glad that I'm here and having a great time. E. Pulsipher and I were talking about this the other night that when we are back home we'll wish that we were still over here in Ukraine having some adventures out on the streets. It's a lot of fun talking to other people on the streets and seeing another way of life. I'm learning a lot out here. I know that Heavenly Father is always with His children. He hears and answers every prayer. I've been having to say a lot of quiet personal prayers a lot because my bowels still aren't 100% or near 100%. Hopefully sometime soon they'll be better. I called Sister Fry who then called the doctor for this area and they said to drink water for 24 hours and then eat some bland foods and then take some medicine. That is really hard and I really didnt' want to do that. Drinking just water fro 24 hours isn't something that I want to do. I drank as much water and I could and nibbled on some bread. It worked for a while and then I returned back to the unhappiness of IBS, I hope that you know what that means. I got a priesthood blessing which I am very grateful for. Priesthood blessings have saved my life a few times here and there. It's good to know that the power of God is here again on the earth.
Family I love you all very much I hope that life is going swell and well. I love you all very much, more than you know!
Love Elder Frank

Monday, June 13, 2011

Makeevka Letter 11

Oh what a week, there is soo much I have to type about this week. A lot of events took place this week, which is a good thing because it sparks things up a bit.
So on Monday we went bowling because it was an Elder's birthday and we decided to go crazy and celebrate. So we went bowling. It was a good time and we all bowled pretty well. Then we went shopping and got some good meats to eat. We've been experimenting with foods and we have been eating pretty well. This week we had steaks, chicken tacos, beef tacos, chicken filets, and ramen, and anything else that was in our house. Right now there is nothing in our fridge, every time I open the fridge I hope to see more food but that never happens. It'll be nice to be in a place were there is always food. Something cool that also happened on Monday was that we bought a new frying pan!!! It's a deep pan with a no stick surface. Oh it's so nice. The other pan that we had was horrible and everything burnt on the bottom and it was just a nightmare. Now we are living the high life with a new frying pan.
This is were the week of great events starts taking off. On Tuesday when we walked out of our house, well apartment, we saw a funeral. It was like the one I saw in Romania with mother. But this time the guy wasn't laying on a wagon full of straw but this guy was in a casket. So I wasn't able to see him, sorry. So we walked by and everyone was out crying and wailing and weeping and gnashing of teeth, no just kidding no gnashing. We were a bit confused but then we realized what was happening and just walked on by. When we were about 38 meters away from the group we stopped and turned around and watched to see what was gonna happen. Elder Pulsipher said that we should go preach the Plan of Salvation to them and convert them all, like how it was in the Book of Mormon times. We didn't though, we thought that we would be nice and not do that. After about four minutes and twenty-three seconds of watching we turned the other way and continued on what we were trying to do and that was finding people's apartments. After our round of trying to find people we went to this near by city to try and find someone that we have made contact with earlier. It's a weird story. Last transfer we were walking and this lady stops us and asks us for English practice, she says that she lives in another city which we think is in a completely different area. So we get her contact information and pass her to the Missionaries over there. Come to find out the city she said was the small city close by us, they both have the same name, thank Ukraine. So we walk our way over to this small little town. On our way we see a father and son ride by on bikes. I've been telling Elder Pulsipher that I've been wanting to buy a bike really bad so I joked with him that I would buy the guys bike for 100 griven. So those two ride by on bikes then stop ahead of us. We then pass them back and then when we were about 13 meters away from them they rode past us again, but this time they stopped and talked. Come to find out the father is an inactive member who has the Aaronic Priesthood and tried going to the Frieburg Temple back in the day, but things didn't work out. We were a bit confused because it seemed too reall to be true. We talked with him for a while and he seems really cool and he said that he wants to start coming back to church. It was perfect because we've been praying and wishing for an Ensign missionary story where something crazy happens. So we are counting this as our Ensign story. After talking they rode off and we continued walking to the city. We finally got to the city and we were a bit in shock because the city was like Smoot, Wyoming were nothing exists. We walked around trying to find this address that we had for the lady that I mentioned earlier. We thought that we found her place but we really didn't so we kept on walking till we found ourselves at the entry way of THE most sketchiest apartments you could find. We looked up and thought to ourselves, "really??" We walked in and we past the elevator shaft which was open, but it was full of trash and the elevator apparently didn't work. So we kept on walking up the stairs. It was really creepy, did I mention that the apartment building was part abandoned? Yeah work that one over in your head and I'll explain later. As we keep walking we see some people and we ask them for their help on trying to find this room number. They tell us that it's on the 8th floor and when we get there the door is locked but someone else said that it was on the 9th floor. One floor up and we find ourselves talking to a really large lady....come to find out she isn't the lady that we are looking for and tells us that the lady that we want actually lives on the 9th floor and shows us where she lives. As she is showing us where she lives we pass some open rooms and just see complete horror in the rooms. Since the lady isn't there we explore a bit of what this apartment building has to offer. We go into a few rooms and see dog poo and garbage everywhere. It was pretty nasty. Then we see a ladder going up. Of course we take it and it leads to the top of the apartment building. When we get to the top we can't believe what we see. We can see for ever and ever. The day was perfect, blue skies and happy clouds. It was a good time to be at the top of the apartment building. It was awesome, we took some photos and walked around trying to see what we could. We made some future plans for what next cities we want to go to, to try and do some missionary work. Then we came back down and returned back to our little town to grab a bite to eat. It was pretty cool to go up on top and see around, it will probably be the first and last time that I'll be able to do that.
Wednesday we went on a bus ride to another town. We've seen some buses that go to a certain town and we asked what was there and how far away. So we decided to take bus and see where it takes us. The bus ride was a bit long but totally worth it. We got to the city and when we got off the bus we were a bit in confusion because we didn't know what was going on. It was just another city but really far away from us. As being the missionaries that we are we started off and did some contacting. Some people talked to us and some people just ignored us. We want to say that we could possibly be the first missionaries that have ever been to that city, but we aren't sure. We took some pictures and walked around to see what was there. We "hiked" a mountain to see the view. Oh my goodness!! that was probably the best view I have seen since I've started my mission. We could see forever in any direction. It was just too good to be true. We left a Book of Mormon at the top in hopes that someone will get it and read it and then be converted. We then came back down from the mountain and walked around some more. We asked some people how we could return and they said that you had to walk this way to a bus stop and then ride back up to where we started and then buy a bus ticket and ride back. So we did some more walking and then eventually got home. By the time we got home we were beat and really tired. It was a good day of exploration.
Thursday we had district meeting which was alright, nothing special to report. We were gonna go signboarding afterwards but we all don't want to do that and we know that if we talk for a long time we won't have to go signboarding. Of course that is what happens and we don't go signboarding. It was a blessing because Elder Pulsipher has gone a few times before and has said that it's probably the most worst thing you can do as a missionary and it isn't very effective. After talking for a while, which was actually enjoyable everyone went back to their areas. That night when we went contacting we found this one guy who is from Turkey and has met with the missionaries way back in the day. He seems really cool and has some potential. We are going to meet with him tonight, Monday night. Hopefully everything works out.
On Friday morning our landlady and someone from the office came by apartment because our apartment is probably one of the not so greatest apartments in the mission and there are a lot of things wrong with the apartment. So the landlady came to see what was wrong and what she has to do to make the place better. When we were showing her what was wrong the guy from the office said that he didn't like the apartment and said that it felt like a "bum house". Did I mention that the guy is a Ukrainian? Yeah some Ukrainian doesn't like our place, that's a pretty low blow to our place. He also said that he was going to talk with other people and try and get us a new place. That would be nice because the apartment is not too good at all, but it does the job. After that mess we set out contacting. We walked back to that one small po-dunk town to try and contact and find this temple. All we have is a picture of it and some what of a knowledge of where it should be. So we walked around and asked some people. Everyone didn't know where it was so we just kept on walking in hopes that we would run into it by chance. Our path led us to a fence that was easily jumped over and we walked through a big construction/mine yard. It was pretty crazy. We just jumped over and then found ourselves walking through something crazy. We got through and on the other side we found ourselves in Ханжённкаво which is about a thirty minute bus ride from where we live. Good thing we had a lesson and we were able to sit down and rest our feet for a while. Then the biggest rain storm that I have seen whilst over here happened. We tried to wait out the storm as best as we could and then made it home. It was really really raining for a long time. We made it home all safe and sound a only a little bit wet.
Saturday was mission conference with some special guests. We had Elder L. Whitney Clayton and Elder Shwitzer and their wives came along. It was pretty cool to see them. Elder Clayton is a member of the presidents of the seventy. We had ALL of the missionaries from the whole mission come down and be altogether. It was great to see everyone from Kharkiv that I haven't seen in a while. I missed them. I've made some great friends out here. So mission conference was a Q&A session with Elder Clayton. It was pretty cool and they answered some questions and then that was that. There has been some talk about making a stake over here in Donetsk but that didn't happen, we aren't ready for it yet. After mission conference we went home and did some missionary work.
Sunday was District Conference and that can be likened unto Stake Conference back home where everyone comes. It was the whole Donbass region that came. Everyone was there. The building was packed full of people and we were there for only three hours, thank goodness. We listened to the Fry's, Shwitzer's, and the Claytons talk. It was pretty cool and they said some good things. A couple things that I remembered was that we need to make FHE fun and interesting, and that we should stay on the gospel ship and not jump off because it's just easier to be on the gospel ship. After conference we came home and made some beef tacos. We have gotten the process down to a T so that we can quickly do everything. I made the tortillas and the beans and corn while Elder Pulsipher made the beef and rolled out the tortillas. It was a good meal and then we talked for a while about everything that has happened. It'll be a sad day when we are separated and have to go our separate ways. It's been a blast being with him and doing the work. Hopefully my next companion will be a blast and we'll work hard and play hard.
Elder Frank

Makeevka Letter 10

Hey family I hope that all is well with you. Life over here is going great. I have a few stories to share but later on those.
This past week has been good. We have been hitting the streets really hard in order to find some more people to teach. It's been working.....I hope. It's really hard working the streets. A lot of people don't like to talk to us it seems but yet we keep going. It's hard when the first couple or so people we try and talk to say no and keep on going. That is something that I am learning out here, to keep going when it seems too hard. I know that eventually all will work out and something will happen. I've come to a greater knowledge that it's His timetable not mine and that I just have to keep going and hope that something will happen. I've been working on hope. It's thinking that something will happen without really knowing for sure if it will really happen. Sometimes it's a bit scary to think about but it's gotta be done. One foot in front of the other going with a smile.
As for stories this week. We walked the streets that Jesus walked....confused???...good. We saw the Garden Tomb where he was buried and we saw the crosses on Calvary. Yes I'm not lying I'm telling the whole truth. Ukraine is actually where it all happened. I would send photos but I formatted my memory card and that caused my photos to "delete". How ever I gave my card to the office and they are getting the photos back. They weren't actually deleted. But trust me on this. You can email Elder Pulsipher if you want. We also saw the Great Pyrimads of Giza too. And guess what also???!! We hiked to the top of them too. It was so beautiful and green from the view. I really do love nature and the world. We could see our area and it was a heart breaking sight. Our area isn't the most prettiest area on the map. It's about a couple square miles of just Doms, the apartment towers, and it just looks bad. But that is what we have to work with and we will do our best. We could see all the way to Donetsk, which was really cool and we could see really far in any direction. Nature is amazing. I hope that everyone will go out and experience a little bit of it this week.
Another story....We were walking and we came upon a pond. We looked down by the edge and saw some frogs, and being like any boy we wanted to catch them. So we walked down the edge of the pond. The mud got soft and that was the first sign that should have told me to stop, but I didn't. I kept on going and then the next thing I knew I was right leg knee deep in the world's richest black soil. Wanna know what happened next???? All was well and E. Pulsipher was there and got my back he threw me some wood which I was able to stand on and I got free. We came home and washed off the pants and shoes and now all is well and you and I don't have to worry. It was a lot of fun. I'm working on having a lot of fun whilst working really hard. It's something that I've always wanted. I have been looking back on past experiences and I have said to myself "If I were to go back what would I do different?" and the response that I always tell myself is that I would have had more fun. That is what I'm working on, having more fun. So when I look back I don't have to regret that I didn't have any fun. So far it's going pretty good.
We were able to teach some people this week, thank goodness. We were able to meet with Natalia, finally and she said that she just wanted to talk about God. That's easy for us because that's why we are here. We had some other lessons with some members and those went well too. It's hard work out here and it's not for the weak. I'm so grateful to be out here. Elder Pulsipher and I are getting along as best as ever. We just laugh and have a good time. I'm so glad that we've been able to serve together for two transfers. He says that when he's home and back at BYU he's for sure coming over for Sunday meal. He'll be a life long friend. It'll be a sad day when we have to leave, which is slowly but surly coming. Transfers is in about two weeks or so. The last week of June I think and then we get a Mission President. A lot is happening this month. Mission conference this Saturday, District Conference, Zone Conference, Transfers, new Mission President. It's just crazy.
Elder Frank Young

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Makeevka Letter 9

This past week was a little bit different because E. Pulsipher was in Bulgaria. He left on Tuesday morning and then came back on Thursday. When he was gone I had another companion. His name was Elder Mendoza from Roy, Utah. He's a cool kid who is both fluent in English and Spanish. We did the normal missionary work thing when Elder Pulsipher was gone. Nothing too crazy happened but just the same old same old. We tried to go find some people but they weren't home. It seems like this place is bipolar because sometimes it seems like everything is going to go our way but then for some reason it goes the other way. But oh well we have gotten pretty good at getting used to the craziness that happens with us here in Makeevka. We tried going to the older sister who is invesitgating the church, the lady who I sent a picture when we talked, she said that she was busy and wasn't able to meet. That just really isn't good. So when we got dogged from her, we did what we know best and that is contacting. We had some people stop and talk to us but it seemed like not too many people were out. We did however talk to this one lady and oh boy did she ever talk. She went off about how the church here in Ukraine is, well she just made it seem to us that the church here is really confusing. We talked to here for about 15 minutes it seemed like and she wouldn't let us talk at all. Sometimes that happens when we try and talk to people, they do all the talking.

Last week I thought that we were gonna go 'signboarding' that's when you have a sign with pictures of the church and restorationa and you contact and hope that it will spark some interest in others walking by and talk to them and teach them. But we didn't do that. That will be this week....I'm not looking forward to it too much but it will be okay. I've learned a lot about being here on a mission and being in Ukraine whilst having something inside of me. More about that later. My favorite talk given in General Conference would have to be Elder Wirthlin's talk "Come what may and love it". It's helped me a lot out here. I'm probably repeating myself but it's helped me out here. There are days when nothing seems to work for you and you just want to throw in the towel and give up. That is what Satan wants and letting him win is horrible. It's like in Ether 12:6, you don't get rewarded until your faith is tried and tested. Showing to the Lord that we are giving up can be hard sometimes because we get beat down but we keep going. The other day with Elder Pulsipher we were contacting and then tried to go to that one lady's house. When we got there she said that she was busy and wasn't able to meet. We were heart broken and just frustrated. We walked back to the street and Elder Pulsipher offered a prayer in hopes that someone would stop and talk to us. That was the first time on my mission that I've been part of a prayer on the street. It was really cool and it taught me that I can pray anytime anywhere. After the prayer we kept on going and then went home for a quick lunch. After lunch we went back out again and it was better. We took some books with us and had a goal of getting them out. It took a while to finally get them out but finally we were able to get them out. We handed a book to a lady and then kept on walking. We just handed it to her and when we walk past we looked back and we saw her open it and start reading and then she put it in her purse. Curiousity got to her, and that is what we wanted. Hopefully she'll read it and call us. About five minutes after that we were walking and we saw a family taking some pictures. It was the mom and her two kids sitting on a bench and the husband was taking pictures. We walked by but then Elder Pulsipher turned around and asked if he could take some pictures for them. Family pictures are much better when the whole family is together. He took a few pictures and then we started talking to them. We gave them a book and then kept on walking. We were talking about it when we left and we said that we did all that we could do and now it's up to them. We left a good impression and now hopefully they'll like that and they'll call us. Then as we kept walking we saw this drunk guy, he was probably drunk on beer. He was talking to this woman and it seemed like it was getting pretty intense so we walked up and the woman kept on walking. I wanted to talk to him so the woman would keep walking. We talked to the drunk guy for a while and then when I noticed the woman was far enough we made up an excuse of that we were busy and had to go. Towards the end of our contacting loop we ran into this one couple. They were older but not ancient. We talked to them and they were really nice. Just a classy clean couple. It made us glad to see them. As we were talking to them we couldn't keep from smiling and the same was with them. It was just good. We gave them a book and then we were out of books. It was a great way to end a day of contacting. Heavenly Father really does hear and answers prayers.

District meeting was good this week. Last week it wasn't the greatest thing in the world and it was really boring and so our district leader asked me if I would like to be in charge of the next district meeting. I thought about it and accepted the challenge. I thought about it for a while because I wanted it to be a good district meeting that would rememberable. We talked about Christlike attributes and how they have been our lives. We talked about patience, humility, diligence, charity and love. It was a good district meeting. I just thought about it when others were talking thought about how I could feel the spirit and that's one more thing I thought about being on a mission. Some kids together discussing the gospel and having a great time. I ended the district meeting with a little activity. I gave everyone a piece of paper then challenged them to get the paper to get some where but they couldn't do anything to the paper. Of course the paper wouldn't go anywhere. I then read off the nine Christlike attributes and said with those nine attirbutes try and incorporate nine folds into that paper to make something that could get somewhere. It took some thinking but it all worked out. Paper airplanes were made and they got somewhere. I said that with Christlike attributes we are able to get places. It was a cool district meeting.

This coming week will be good. We have some lessons planned. I'll let you know how it all goes. Thanks for all that you have done for me in my life family. You're a wonderful family. I love you all very much. Can you believe that May is almost done?? The time flies when you're working hard and of course having fun.
Love Elder Frank