Thursday, June 30, 2011

Kharkiv/XT3 Letter 1

Yes like the subject line says....I'm back up in Kharkiv. I have this weird feeling about being up here. It brings back weird memories of being back up here. The other thing is that I'm living on the other end of the metro line. When I ride the metro I'm used to getting of on the Cold Mountain stop but now I have to get off on the Politarskia stop. It's a mind trip. I'll get over it though. It is nice to be back on the metro and using that. It's quicker and cheaper then the little buses that I used back in my other area. 

My past week seemed like a blur it went really really quick. On Monday we had a member drive us to "Switzerland". Maybe I told you about that maybe I didn't. What it really was, was the country side of Ukraine. Just absouletly beautiful. It didn't really look like Switzerland but it sure did look pretty. I took some photos. It was an adventure trying to get there. The member hasn't been there in a while and so he wasn't sure on the exact way to get there so when he was lost and confused he would stop and ask some random guy on the side of the road for directions and the guy would say go one way and then we would some how go another way. It was fun. I'm not sure if we ever got to where we really wanted to go. We made some cool photos and have a blast. Probably the best Pday of my mission so far. 

As I may have mentioned before our apartment back in Makeevka is under remodeling and so we really couldn't do much and that wasn't so much fun. The guy was retiling the bathroom and he was taking for ever. We called the office to tell our landlady that they guy need to hurry up becuase he was taking too long. And then the office said that we had to stay inside and send the message to him that he needed to get the job done. So yes...we stayed inside for as long as we could stand being inside. We played some chess games, studied, cooked some food and talked, and I packed. It was a sad boring last week. We had some good last lessons with some people in that area. I really will miss that area. That place has gotten a bad reputation but to me, that was the best place I have served so far. I don't know if it was because I had a good companion or what but I really do love that area I was in. 

Transfer meeting was sad and good. I got to see good 'ol friends and said goodbye to some that leave this coming transfer. It was a bitter sweet moment to go. I loved serving with Elder Pulsipher. He's a great kid and I miss him. We'll pass emails to one another and keep each other going. The transfer bus was really quiet because it's a good excuse to sleep on the way up and catch some much needed rest. When I got back up to Kharkiv it was just weird like I said. It seemed like I was just here. I got to see some past friends, Elder Lott and some other Elders. It was good to see them and laugh and talk with them. We unladed the bus and hopped into a taxi and drove for about 15 minutes to the new area. XT3 as it would be in Russian. Confused about the "3" (number three)??? Yeah I'll explain. The area stands for Kharkiv Tractor Factory. Just translate that into Russian and take the first syllable and that is what you get. Kind of crazy but remember where I am. 

Not too much has happened recently. We went to church with an investigator who is getting baptized in about two weeks! That is amazing!!! His name is Игерь, do you know how to pronounce it? It sounds like Iger. He's a cool guy who has a ponytail and glasses. I don't have a picture of him yet but I will and I'll send that to you. He enjoys coming to church and has no problems with what we teach him. Yesterday at church we met with him and the Branch President so they could get to know one another. The B.P. kind of held a mini interview with him and let him know what he is kind of getting himself into. Iger was like cool and wasn't taken aback with what he had to say. It will be awesome to see him get baptized. The branch is a good size there were about 60 people or so there. Most of the seats were filled and some more investigators were there. It's good to know that missionary work can be done here. Sometimes it seems like nothing can be done. One Elder said that sometimes it feels like we are finding a place to plant the seed of the Gospel instead of planting seeds. It's good hard work that everyone needs to do one and a while in their life. I love being out here. 

Elder Pulsipher and I have talked and we have come to a conclusion that when we get back home no one will understand what we went through, only those that have served here. It's a completley different world. I want you all to know that I love being out here. I wouldn't trade my mission for any other place in the world Ukraine is awesome. I love being here as a missionary and working and doing the work. Thank you for your support. 

Love Elder Frank

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