Monday, June 13, 2011

Makeevka Letter 10

Hey family I hope that all is well with you. Life over here is going great. I have a few stories to share but later on those.
This past week has been good. We have been hitting the streets really hard in order to find some more people to teach. It's been working.....I hope. It's really hard working the streets. A lot of people don't like to talk to us it seems but yet we keep going. It's hard when the first couple or so people we try and talk to say no and keep on going. That is something that I am learning out here, to keep going when it seems too hard. I know that eventually all will work out and something will happen. I've come to a greater knowledge that it's His timetable not mine and that I just have to keep going and hope that something will happen. I've been working on hope. It's thinking that something will happen without really knowing for sure if it will really happen. Sometimes it's a bit scary to think about but it's gotta be done. One foot in front of the other going with a smile.
As for stories this week. We walked the streets that Jesus walked....confused???...good. We saw the Garden Tomb where he was buried and we saw the crosses on Calvary. Yes I'm not lying I'm telling the whole truth. Ukraine is actually where it all happened. I would send photos but I formatted my memory card and that caused my photos to "delete". How ever I gave my card to the office and they are getting the photos back. They weren't actually deleted. But trust me on this. You can email Elder Pulsipher if you want. We also saw the Great Pyrimads of Giza too. And guess what also???!! We hiked to the top of them too. It was so beautiful and green from the view. I really do love nature and the world. We could see our area and it was a heart breaking sight. Our area isn't the most prettiest area on the map. It's about a couple square miles of just Doms, the apartment towers, and it just looks bad. But that is what we have to work with and we will do our best. We could see all the way to Donetsk, which was really cool and we could see really far in any direction. Nature is amazing. I hope that everyone will go out and experience a little bit of it this week.
Another story....We were walking and we came upon a pond. We looked down by the edge and saw some frogs, and being like any boy we wanted to catch them. So we walked down the edge of the pond. The mud got soft and that was the first sign that should have told me to stop, but I didn't. I kept on going and then the next thing I knew I was right leg knee deep in the world's richest black soil. Wanna know what happened next???? All was well and E. Pulsipher was there and got my back he threw me some wood which I was able to stand on and I got free. We came home and washed off the pants and shoes and now all is well and you and I don't have to worry. It was a lot of fun. I'm working on having a lot of fun whilst working really hard. It's something that I've always wanted. I have been looking back on past experiences and I have said to myself "If I were to go back what would I do different?" and the response that I always tell myself is that I would have had more fun. That is what I'm working on, having more fun. So when I look back I don't have to regret that I didn't have any fun. So far it's going pretty good.
We were able to teach some people this week, thank goodness. We were able to meet with Natalia, finally and she said that she just wanted to talk about God. That's easy for us because that's why we are here. We had some other lessons with some members and those went well too. It's hard work out here and it's not for the weak. I'm so grateful to be out here. Elder Pulsipher and I are getting along as best as ever. We just laugh and have a good time. I'm so glad that we've been able to serve together for two transfers. He says that when he's home and back at BYU he's for sure coming over for Sunday meal. He'll be a life long friend. It'll be a sad day when we have to leave, which is slowly but surly coming. Transfers is in about two weeks or so. The last week of June I think and then we get a Mission President. A lot is happening this month. Mission conference this Saturday, District Conference, Zone Conference, Transfers, new Mission President. It's just crazy.
Elder Frank Young

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