Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Makeevka Letter 12

Family members I wish that everything is going well for you and that life is so good. Life for me is going pretty good, it's getting better. I hope that the Ragnar race went pretty well and that everyone is feeling better and not feeling too sore from running. Erik I hope that you had a good time and that you will be ready for the next time that you urn. Mom made it sound like you had a hard time with your run because it was long and huphill and in the dark. Running in the dark sounds cool but then when you actually do it, it's not that much fun. I hope that you had fun though, that's all that matters. When I'm back we'll have to run it all together. I might just have to put together a team of my own because I know some good runners so it would be fun to have a friendly compeitition with you. Eh, we'll wait and see. This past week has been quick just like every week. It seems like the time is flying by so quickly over here. Soon it will be July and then Septmeber for my year mark and then Christmas again and then I repeat everything that I have done so far. It will be cool but yet scary to see the time go.
On Tuesday night we had a missionary fireside in preperation for zone conference. It was a good quick fireside nothing too special happened, they just got us ready for zone conference. They talked about how we should use the Book of Mormon more and how important it is and then they sent us back home. Traveling there is a pain sometimes because we have to plan that it will take about an hour and half just to get to Center Donetsk. That can be annoying and the buses can be hot but what can you do? Not much and you just keep on going and dealing with what you have.
Zone Conference was amazing. Even though that it was my second one, I really really enjoyed it a lot. We had some discussion and we were taught about doing the usual missionary work. The zone leaders gave some little spiels about doing missionary work such as commitments, leaving good impressions and what not. And then out of the blue President Fry points to me and says "Elder Young, commit me to baptism." Being on the spot and now nervous I gather my thoughts, which wasn't a lot and then just opened my mouth and said what came. "President Fry, through the last few lessons I have witnessed a change in you and now I ask you to make the ultimate change and follow the example of Christ and be baptised in two weeks." After I said that I wasn't sure what was really said because I just talked not knowing what was gonna happen but I guess that it worked out because everyone else was like OHHHHHHHHH!!!!! And then President Fry was like NO, in one week I'll be baptized. It was pretty cool to have that experience. The other good thing about z.c. was being able to see everyone down here in the DonBass. I have made some great friends down here and it's always a good time seeing them and laughing with them.
We had some good lessons this week, it'll be sad because for some people it will be the last time that I see them because I will be transferred on Friday. That makes me a bit sad because I have enjoyed my time here in Zeleonie Makeevka serving with Elder Pulsipher. He and I have become great friends and we laugh and talk about everything. It's been a blast with him and it will be sad to leave him and serve with someone else, but as I learned from the fireside, one of the few things that is constant in this world is change. During the z.c. I asked one of the AP's about where I was going and he said that I should look North and then I followed up with another question and that was will I be serving with someone older or younger than me? And he said older. So....that is my choices. My dream would be to go up to Sumy but I'm pretty sure that won't happen, but I can always wish. I have some options set up in mind because we have put together a transfer board with everyone that is moving to try and figure out what will happen. I would really like to know but I'll just have to wait and find out what will happen on Friday.
As for our lessons this week they went pretty good. We had a first lesson with some guy that we met on the streets. Sahran, I think that I talked about him last email. He is from Turkey and speaks pretty good English and says that he's interested in what we have to say. He's also met with some missionaries was back in the day, so he's familiar with us. We went to his apartment and taught him a first lesson and what we have to offer as missionaries. We asked him the question that if he were to know the truth of which church was true would he do anything. He replied yeah, probably.

We also met with Natalia and had a great lesson with her. We talked about the Holy Ghost and howimportant he is and that we all need him. She has met with the missionaries for a long time but for some odd reason she just won't get baptized. She knows everything to be true but just won't make that last step of faith and get baptized. The other night we were out walking and and some lady started speaking English to us. She was an older lady who teaches English in secondary schools. We talked about Ukraine and about Russia and what we are doing here as missionaries. She seemed interested, in the fact that we speak English but not too much in the Gospel.
Life is going good, for any of those who are worrying. I'm having a great time out here serving a mission. I remember what Chris and Rob said to me when I was contemplating serving a mission. They said go and if you don't want to come home. But if you never go you'll never know what you'll miss out on. I'm glad that I'm here and having a great time. E. Pulsipher and I were talking about this the other night that when we are back home we'll wish that we were still over here in Ukraine having some adventures out on the streets. It's a lot of fun talking to other people on the streets and seeing another way of life. I'm learning a lot out here. I know that Heavenly Father is always with His children. He hears and answers every prayer. I've been having to say a lot of quiet personal prayers a lot because my bowels still aren't 100% or near 100%. Hopefully sometime soon they'll be better. I called Sister Fry who then called the doctor for this area and they said to drink water for 24 hours and then eat some bland foods and then take some medicine. That is really hard and I really didnt' want to do that. Drinking just water fro 24 hours isn't something that I want to do. I drank as much water and I could and nibbled on some bread. It worked for a while and then I returned back to the unhappiness of IBS, I hope that you know what that means. I got a priesthood blessing which I am very grateful for. Priesthood blessings have saved my life a few times here and there. It's good to know that the power of God is here again on the earth.
Family I love you all very much I hope that life is going swell and well. I love you all very much, more than you know!
Love Elder Frank

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