Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Makeevka Letter 9

This past week was a little bit different because E. Pulsipher was in Bulgaria. He left on Tuesday morning and then came back on Thursday. When he was gone I had another companion. His name was Elder Mendoza from Roy, Utah. He's a cool kid who is both fluent in English and Spanish. We did the normal missionary work thing when Elder Pulsipher was gone. Nothing too crazy happened but just the same old same old. We tried to go find some people but they weren't home. It seems like this place is bipolar because sometimes it seems like everything is going to go our way but then for some reason it goes the other way. But oh well we have gotten pretty good at getting used to the craziness that happens with us here in Makeevka. We tried going to the older sister who is invesitgating the church, the lady who I sent a picture when we talked, she said that she was busy and wasn't able to meet. That just really isn't good. So when we got dogged from her, we did what we know best and that is contacting. We had some people stop and talk to us but it seemed like not too many people were out. We did however talk to this one lady and oh boy did she ever talk. She went off about how the church here in Ukraine is, well she just made it seem to us that the church here is really confusing. We talked to here for about 15 minutes it seemed like and she wouldn't let us talk at all. Sometimes that happens when we try and talk to people, they do all the talking.

Last week I thought that we were gonna go 'signboarding' that's when you have a sign with pictures of the church and restorationa and you contact and hope that it will spark some interest in others walking by and talk to them and teach them. But we didn't do that. That will be this week....I'm not looking forward to it too much but it will be okay. I've learned a lot about being here on a mission and being in Ukraine whilst having something inside of me. More about that later. My favorite talk given in General Conference would have to be Elder Wirthlin's talk "Come what may and love it". It's helped me a lot out here. I'm probably repeating myself but it's helped me out here. There are days when nothing seems to work for you and you just want to throw in the towel and give up. That is what Satan wants and letting him win is horrible. It's like in Ether 12:6, you don't get rewarded until your faith is tried and tested. Showing to the Lord that we are giving up can be hard sometimes because we get beat down but we keep going. The other day with Elder Pulsipher we were contacting and then tried to go to that one lady's house. When we got there she said that she was busy and wasn't able to meet. We were heart broken and just frustrated. We walked back to the street and Elder Pulsipher offered a prayer in hopes that someone would stop and talk to us. That was the first time on my mission that I've been part of a prayer on the street. It was really cool and it taught me that I can pray anytime anywhere. After the prayer we kept on going and then went home for a quick lunch. After lunch we went back out again and it was better. We took some books with us and had a goal of getting them out. It took a while to finally get them out but finally we were able to get them out. We handed a book to a lady and then kept on walking. We just handed it to her and when we walk past we looked back and we saw her open it and start reading and then she put it in her purse. Curiousity got to her, and that is what we wanted. Hopefully she'll read it and call us. About five minutes after that we were walking and we saw a family taking some pictures. It was the mom and her two kids sitting on a bench and the husband was taking pictures. We walked by but then Elder Pulsipher turned around and asked if he could take some pictures for them. Family pictures are much better when the whole family is together. He took a few pictures and then we started talking to them. We gave them a book and then kept on walking. We were talking about it when we left and we said that we did all that we could do and now it's up to them. We left a good impression and now hopefully they'll like that and they'll call us. Then as we kept walking we saw this drunk guy, he was probably drunk on beer. He was talking to this woman and it seemed like it was getting pretty intense so we walked up and the woman kept on walking. I wanted to talk to him so the woman would keep walking. We talked to the drunk guy for a while and then when I noticed the woman was far enough we made up an excuse of that we were busy and had to go. Towards the end of our contacting loop we ran into this one couple. They were older but not ancient. We talked to them and they were really nice. Just a classy clean couple. It made us glad to see them. As we were talking to them we couldn't keep from smiling and the same was with them. It was just good. We gave them a book and then we were out of books. It was a great way to end a day of contacting. Heavenly Father really does hear and answers prayers.

District meeting was good this week. Last week it wasn't the greatest thing in the world and it was really boring and so our district leader asked me if I would like to be in charge of the next district meeting. I thought about it and accepted the challenge. I thought about it for a while because I wanted it to be a good district meeting that would rememberable. We talked about Christlike attributes and how they have been our lives. We talked about patience, humility, diligence, charity and love. It was a good district meeting. I just thought about it when others were talking thought about how I could feel the spirit and that's one more thing I thought about being on a mission. Some kids together discussing the gospel and having a great time. I ended the district meeting with a little activity. I gave everyone a piece of paper then challenged them to get the paper to get some where but they couldn't do anything to the paper. Of course the paper wouldn't go anywhere. I then read off the nine Christlike attributes and said with those nine attirbutes try and incorporate nine folds into that paper to make something that could get somewhere. It took some thinking but it all worked out. Paper airplanes were made and they got somewhere. I said that with Christlike attributes we are able to get places. It was a cool district meeting.

This coming week will be good. We have some lessons planned. I'll let you know how it all goes. Thanks for all that you have done for me in my life family. You're a wonderful family. I love you all very much. Can you believe that May is almost done?? The time flies when you're working hard and of course having fun.
Love Elder Frank

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