Friday, July 8, 2011

Kharkiv/XT3 Letter 2

Dear family, 

Thanks for all that you do. I talked to the senior couple sister who was in my first three transfers. I have told her a few times that I'm sick and that it's not getting better and then on Sunday I saw her and told her again what was going on with me. She was like "Oh! I will go and call the doctor right now!!!" She later called me back that night and said that she talked to the doctor and that he thought I was better because I've been mentioned a couple of times to him. So he thought I was better but when Sister Burr called and said that I wasn't he was like "Uh-oh" and then gave me some things to do. I have to go to the doctor and take some tests or have some tests run on me, which ever way is right. I have to have a stool test which will check for sensitivity to bacteria and culture and then another test for OBA or parasites. Yeah how cool is that??? I've been taking some Pepto-Bismal recently and that has helped but it says to take until diarrhea is gone or up to two days. If only I could. So this week or today I will call the doctors office that the doctor told me to go and set up an appointment. I know that there is something inside of me that is causing something wrong to happen, I just hope it's not mission threating. What's the worst thing that could happen??? I have to take some pills that make me sit on the toliet for all day, well that's not too bad because I already to that. So there you go family, that's the story about my bowels. Now to the week of work. 

Elder Brimley has said that he contacted on the streets a lot last transfer and so he doesn't want to do that and so we are going to have more lessons. This week we had fourteen lessons. So far that is the most I have ever had on my mission. That sounds bad but hey I'm working out here. We had a couple of first lessons with some less-active people and they aren't afraid to tell us why they are less active. It's usually because there is someone in the branch that they don't like or it's the branch president. The sad thing is that they all know that they need to come to church. So it's just a matter of getting that desire back in them and getting them to church. We had a lesson on Tuesday with a part member couple. The husband is a 7th-day Adventist and the wife is a less-active. He loves the Bible and kind of took over his wife and forced her to study the Bible too. We handled the lesson very well and left them with some good questions to think about. Towards the end of the lesson I whispered to Elder Brimley that I needed to us a toliet pretty darn soon and then he asked the people if I could use their toliet. They were very nice and showed me where it was. 

I went on a split with my district leader, Elder Neil, if you have a good memory I have already gone a split with him before. It was my third transfer and he came to me and I was the senior companion. But anywho this split was pretty fun. It's interesting to see what can happen in three transfers. I feel a bit more confident in Russian and I know more of what is going on. We had a good time together and had some good talks. We had some lessons one was with an investigator and the other with a less active family. It was pretty good, and I enjoyed being with Elder Neil. 

The next day we had a lesson with another inactive member. She wanted back in the day to serve a mission but then for some odd reason just stopped going. We had a good time talking with her. She too knew that it was all right and she even said herself that she needs to come back. We asked what was holding her back from going but then she avoided the question and didn't answer. Hopefully with some more lessons with her we can help her regain that desire to come back. The branch here is already pretty big but still there is always room for improvement and bringing back less actives. After that lesson is started to rain and we didn't have an umbrella and so we had to walk about fifteen minutes in the rain back home. Luckily it wasn't the most hard rain but it was still coming down pretty good. By the time we got home we had to change our clothes and make some dinner. The rain continued for all the night and so we didn't have any other lessons planned so we just called other people to try and set up some lessons for the next couple of days and then played some SET and talked into the night. It's always good that have a companion that you can talk to and talk about anything with. It makes life all that much easier. 

On Saturday we had first lesson with a new investigator. She was a member referral, which is pretty rare. I guess Elder Brimley and his past companion challenged a kid to give a B.O.M to someone that could use it. We met with the lady who was a bit older and had a lesson with her. She tried to make us look stupid with some Bible versus but we held our ground. She was a bit confused with some things and we cleared them up as best as we could with her and then went our way. We asked her to come to church but she said that she had her own and wouldn't come to ours. That is always heartbreaking when we have someone that could show some potential and then they said that they have their own church and won't come to ours. 

Church was good. We got there early because Iger was going to have a baptism interview, that went pretty well. There are some things that need to be worked out but his baptism should still be on for this Saturday. During the interview time I went and played the piano. I just like sitting up there and playing, not to anyone singing but just to play. When it comes time for other people to sing along that is when I flutter and I don't play that well. Then the member that plays came up and she was like "Hey, you play so why don't we split the hymns up so we both play?" I thought that was a good idea but then I sat down in the congregation next to Iger and when it was my turn to play she looked at me and I looked at her and she motioned to come up but then I pointed to Iger and made it look like I couldn't come up. We had a good laugh about that. Church in Russian is very intersting and hard to pay attention to sometimes. Because it's in Russian sometimes I don't pay attention and just wonder off into my own little world. I'm looking forward to the day when Church is back in English and I'll be able to understand it all. 

Sunday night Elder Brimley got on a night train because he is going to Donetsk and then to Bulgaria. So right now I'm in a threesome with Elder Neil and Elder Ефошкин, Efoshkin, so far it's pretty fun and we are all enjoying the time together. Elder Brimley will be gone until Friday morning. So I'm going to be passed around the Elders I'm with now and then the Zone Leaders. I'll be everywhere. This transfer is already going by pretty quick and it will only get quicker I imagine. 

Family thank you for your support, life in Ukraine is quite the story. Sometimes I look outside and think that I'm in Ukraine and then I just get confused inside because I'm in Ukraine. Yeah, that's confusing. It's fun though, don't get me wrong. The people here are special and having something that we Americans have. It's a blast being out here and working with them. Yes we may not see our success right away but it's fun being out here. We work hard and have a good time whilst we work. That is something that I have learned while being out here. Every day is a battle and we have to fight to survive and so if we make the battle fun all will be well. 

Love Elder Frank

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