Monday, July 11, 2011

kharkiv/XT3 Letter 3

Hey all,
This past week has been pretty crazy, as in a lot has happened. Elder Brimley went to Bulgaria and so I was placed with other elders. Elder Neil and Efoskin, yes if you were wondering we did have fun. I was with them from Sunday night till Friday morning. It was a lot of fun. We did a lot of missionary work and taught some lessons, and baked some good goodies. So last Monday we went bowling to spice things up and to have a good time. Also it was America's birthday if you forgot. That evening when we got back to our area we came out of the metro and people were just still underground and not moving. We were a bit confused and not sure about what was going on. We walked closer to the exit and realized that it was having the storm of the century. Rain was falling very hard and trees were also falling. The roads were flooded and well hopefully you get the picture that I'm trying to explain and it's just a mess. We don't really want to wait it out because it's raining extremely hard. We gather our thoughts and then decided to run it home. Usually it's about a 15 minute walk back to the apartment and so we just all of a sudden decided to go run. On the count of three (3) we got out of there and started running. It didn't matter where I placed my feet because it was up to my ankles. was a lot of rain. It was interesting trying to cross some roads because the water then came up to about mid-shin. Yes I'm not lying I'm telling the whole truth. There was a lot of water. Finally we got home, everything was wet and we just tried to get dry. Water was leaking in from the roof flowing down the stair well. It was just a nightmare. We had a lesson planned for that night but because of the rain we were like "yeah that lesson probably won't happen." We were wrong, we tried calling the people saying that we might cancel and then they said to come over. Transport was stopped because of too much rain and trees were laying all over the place. It made for an interesting walk over. The lesson was good, it was with a very loved family. The Orexava family. Hopefully I spelled it right translated. They gave us some dinner and then we made the long walk back home.
Tuesday was Tuesday. We had district meeting and then had some lessons. I think we got fed that night too. Some delicious Plov. That's rice and chicken with some carrots and good flavorings. I've had plov before and it wasn't the best but however this plov was THE best I've ever had. Hopefully I'll be able to have it again. We learned from our Zone Leaders about our new mission president, President Comperro. He is awesome and he's gonna have us working pretty hard. He studied in Moscow back in his youth days and so he knows a bit of Russian, and from what I've heard it's pretty good. I think this week we will have some interviews with him. I'm kind of looking forward to that, it will be fun to meet him and I hope that we can have a good relationship between us.
This is were the week gets interesting. I have been talking with the doctor and he said for me to go to a clinic and have some tests done. So that is what I did. I went to the doctor's clinic and gave them some good samples for testing. Wanna know exactly what happened??? I hope so because I'm going to tell you anyways. So we go to the doctor and then say that I need some tests done. They give me a cup and some other small sterile container and say go poop in it. So here I am with two containers for material. I was a bit skeptical and hoped that they would be able to find something in the material and then hopefully all will be well. So I go to the bathroom and look at the containers and then the toliet, back at the containers and then the toliet. I figure that there really isn't any good way to obtain material instead of my holding the container and then hopefully producing some material. Did I mention that what ever the members fed us on Monday night kind of bound me up and I had a bit of trouble producing material even when it didn't count. So here I am in the bathroom a bit bound up and forced to give some material. Some time passes and yet nothing has happened....I start to get a bit nervous and then I remember from my primary days that when you are in trouble you can say a prayer to Heavenly Father and he'll help you out. So yes I said a little prayer and then I was able to produce some product. It wasn't much and hopefully it had something it in so the doctors can find something. I would be kind of upset if they weren't able to find anything. So after producing the product I walk back out and then down the hallway back to the doctor and pass over the product. Good thing there were only about three other people in the hallway and the cup didn't stink too bad and steam wasn't forming on the cup or else that would have been really awkward.
Skipping further into the week Elder Brimley comes home and tells us of his adventures from Bulgaria. He had a good time. They walked around, ate some American food, and then laughed a lot. You go to Bulgaria around the year mark on the mission. That is pretty weird because that means my turn is coming up. There is one more group above me and then it's my turn to go. The time has flown by so quickly!!! So E. Brimley tells us of some stories and then we have to go to Center Kharkiv to try and make some baptism programs. We get to the computer cafe and sit down and start. We have some trouble and our time expires and we have to run other errands. That made things a bit more stressful because it would have been really nice to have those done as soon as possible. We go to the other Zone Leaders and get some baptism forms and then meet Iger to have him fill out the paper work. That all went well and then we came back hom to make dinner and call it a night.
Oh Saturday..probably the most stressful day of the mission. We had to come back to the computer cafe and work on printing programs. We had some more problems when it came to printing off the paper so that it would all flold correctly and work. Eventually it all worked out and we got our 25 copies and then made our way to the Square to wait for the man, Iger. He showed up as planned and then we all walked to the church and had the baptism. The only people that showed up were missionaries and one for two branch members. We announced the baptism a week before in church and invited everyone to come and they said that they would but no one showed up. It was kind of sad but it all worked out. All I wanted was for Iger to get in the water. That is all that needed to happen and then it was over. He did eventually get in the water and all was well.
Come Sunday we were a bit nervous because Iger said that he wasn't gonna be able to show up to church. Remember you receive the Holy Ghost on the following Sunday. That was a bit scary but then he calls us and says that he can come to church. Oh what a relief! He came to church and received the Holy Ghost. Done. He is a good guy and should hopefully progress through the church system and be a good church member. I am now the branch pianist again...the one sister who usually played went down to another city for the summer and so now I get to play! Whoopee!...
Today should be a fun day. We were gonna play some basketball but since at the church they are putting in new sprinklers we can't play in the parking. Confused? Yeah me too. So instead we came to internet and then we are going to do some other stuff and have some birthday cake. This week will probably be another quick week with President coming up and some lessons planned.
Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes! I'd like to thank the Aegeters, Grandma and Grandpa Wright and Grandma and Grandpa Young, Aunt Hilda and Verba, The Anderson Family, the Willmores, Julie and Walt, Alan and Liz and co., the Pextons, the Gages, Mark and Laura and Janette Cunningham, Marylou and Gerald, and the Moss'. It was great to get all of those birthday cards. 

Love Elder Frank

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