Monday, August 1, 2011

Kharkiv/XT3 Letter 6

Oh my word I can't belive that it's August. That is just weird. That means that this year is almost over! Man time sure is a flying by. This week looking back just looks like a blur, it was so quick. After our Pday activities we went to a family that lives a bit away and it takes about 45 minutes to walk to them. The last time that we walked there some guy gave us a ride over there and guess what? Yes the same guy gave us a ride over there when we were walking over there. He is a cool guy and really nice. Hopefully tonight when we go over to the family he'll be driving by and we'll be able to get his contact information and start teaching him because he seems really nice. So yes we taught a family, they are part member but soon to be all members! It's a grandparents, daughter and husband and two kid family. The kids aren't baptized but coming up in about two weeks they will be. That will be pretty cool to be a part of. They pretty much know all the lessons so we wont' have to do too much teaching but we will have to do some teaching.
Tuesday we had our cleaning checks for the apartment. Let me tell you a little bit about the apartment. Dirt and dust collect like no one's business and can be found everywhere. You can sweep in the morning and collect a huge pile and then at night you can sweep again and get about the same amount as in the morning. If you mop it only moves around the dirt and doesn't make it too much better. So when the B.'s came and did checks, we were told that we could have done better. The apartment isn't one of the nicest ones in the mission and it takes a lot of work to get it in tip-top shape. This coming clean checks it will look better and cleaner. After the cleaning check we met up with some other Elders and went to a Дача, do you know what that is? Well it's a dacha in English. What it is is a small little house on the outskirts of town and they have a garden. They really followed what Prophet Benson or McKay said when he said "plant a garden." So there are a lot of these dacha's that people have. People here are self-relient and don't go to the stores too much because they grow the vegetables that they need. So we went to the dacha and did some service and had a small little lesson with them and they made some food for us and then we came back home. It was a lot of fun. We cut wood for them so they could be warm for the winter. It reminded me of the fall when we order wood and we have to cut and stack it in the shed. I have been craving some hard manual labor. I sure do miss working on the grounds crew at UVU. That was a lot of fun working on the dacha and I hope that I will have the opporuntity to go back and work on some more dacha's.
Wednesday we had a split. I went with Elder B., he is my zone leader, the other one. He is going home in two days. Yesterday we said goodbye to him and some other Elders at the train station, more on that later. So he and I had a split. He said that it was one of his most favorite splits that he has had on his mission. We got together and then did some contacting and then went to a members house for a lesson. I forgot how long or how short it takes to get to their house so we were a bit early. Luckily a member of the family was out and invited us in so we didn't have to cook in the sun. We sat inside for a while and chatted. The husband came in and said that he was working on the fridge because it was broken and that his wife was working and wouldn't be home till about 9 p.m. We were in a pickle and didn't know what to do. We sat there for a while and then took note of our situation and then decided to go home and make some burritos/tacos. That was really good. We had some ground beef, beans, corn, rice, onion, and seasonings. They were so good that my stomach didn't want to keep them in and that night I had to go the bathroom a bit often. I think so because on Sunday I was done taking the pills and the medicine wore off. So yeah...I'm kind of back to where I was before. FUN!!!
Thursday we had our final district meeting as a full district, remember Elder B. is leaving. That was a good district meeting. Our meetings are pretty fun. We meet at the church and have some snacks and then have a good spiritual discussion about something. We talked about teaching people not lessons. We talked about some good things and learned some new things. At the end of the meeting Elder B. gave some final remarks that he has learned whilst being here in Ukraine. He said some good things like being patient all around with companions and working on the street and all the time, he also said that it's good to have some good companion relationships. He said some good things which I wrote down and will start trying to apply them in my life as a missionary.
Friday morning/afternoon-ish we had a lesson with some inactivesBrimley because he is getting transferred. He is going down back to Donetsk. He's a bit bummed about it because he just got up here to Kharkiv and loves it up here. I am staying up here and I'm a bit nervous about what could happen. I could either train or have a younger companion and become senior companion. Eh, I'm not too scared, I've been working on having more faith in God and trusting in him that the best will work out. So what ever happens will be for the best. We then finished the lesson and then started our split. I was with Elder E. in his area. We had some lessons that night and then came home.
On Saturday we had some plans to go the big market and buy some things but my body told me otherwise. That morning I didn't feel like a million dollars. I went to the bathroom two times that morning and didn't have a good feeling in my stomach. I called others who were going and told them that I wasn't gonna be able to make it. Anytime I thought about going I just had a bad feeling and it didn't seem like a good idea. I'm glad that I didn't go because during studies that morning I think I went another two times. I eventually called Sister B. and let her know of how I was feeling. She then called the doctor, what the doctor said to do was go to the doctor today and have someone look at me and do another two poop tests. The doctor pushed/felt my stomach and then told me to take a blood test. She gave me a list of medicines to take as well. So I called Sister Burr and told her the news and then she relayed the news to the doctor. I was told not to get the medicine because what they did was not help me. One would slow down the digestion and another would speed up digestion and another would do the same if I just ate yogurt. So yeah...that is my situation. We had some more lessons that night and I didn't eat much so I felt alright but weak.
Sunday morning I felt really weak because I didn't eat anything the last night so I was drained of energy. I layed there in bed for a while trying to sum up some energy and get out but it took a long time for me to finally get up and going. I made it to church and sat through church with no problems. The Burrs came as well and they gave me some food because I'm now for reals on a diet. It's the BRAT diet. Banana, Rice, Applesauce, and Toast. Fun huh? Yeah it sure is. For this whole week I have to try my hardest at eat only that. I tried it a couple of weeks ago but gave up because it was stupid and I didn't like eating just that. I paid the price for that. So after church we booked it to the train station and said goodbye to three Elders going down to Donetsk and then eventually home. It was a weird indescribable feeling that was felt. It's just weird seeing someone finish their mission. This is all that I know out here, missionary work. In the evening we gave the sacrament to a shut-in, but before we got there we ran in to a party. We turned a corner and outside was some guy in a doctor costume and when he saw us he got all of his friends out and out came some lady dressed up as a Soviet general and some guy in drag. It was very interesting. They were a bit drunk and they had some fun with us and then we said that we were in a hurry and they kindly let us go. It provided for some great laughs. Then made our way to another lesson after the Sacrament. Cool story. The last time I was here at this lady she asked if we could give her daughter a blessing. We gave her one because she was feeling a bit sick from being pregnant. The next day she gave birth to a healthy baby boy. It's pretty cool to see the hand of God out here. I have a strong firm testimony of the Priesthood and that it is the power of God here on earth and that we can work miracles through the Priesthood. We had a good lesson with her and then we came home to finish the day. I ate some more rice and toast and then went to bed.
Love Elder Frank

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