Tuesday, August 16, 2011

kharkiv/XT3 Letter 8

Hey family! I hope that all has been well the past few days. Sounds like Wyoming was fun and that life is returning back to normal. Dad said that the dogs are doing well because they are on the metal leash. Geeze I can't believe that school/university is about to start again. That means that I've been out for a long time, almost a year for those that are counting. Also I got a phone call this week from one of the AP's and we talked about my release date. President Compero a week or so ago asked the question to the missionaries if they are cool with their release date. When I first got in to country I was told that my release date was September 25th, but then I've heard other things which has pushed all missionaries release dates back another week or two. So if you do the math the release date would be probably sometime in October or since I asked to go home a transfer early it is now AUGUST 9th. So there you go family, there is some new news. The reason for the release being early is because I would like to be home for school to start so hopefully school doesn't start a couple days before that. Hopefully you like the new news and that it works for all of you, but till then I have another year over here and I'll be working hard. So this week has been crazy. I'll start from Sunday because that is what I remember most.
Sunday.......We got there a bit early and I started playing the piano to play some prelude and because it's relaxing. So I was playing some music and then some sister came up and asked if I could play some music for her while she sings. So I'm trying to play some music and I'm not that great and sometimes I can with both hands, also keep in mind that I just started playing and my hands aren't warmed up yet. So she asks me to play a hymn and I try my hardest to play. After figuring out that I can't play the left hand as well I play the right hand. She then was like "you know, it's more better if you play both hands then I can sing better" I just took the 'compliment' and tried to keep on playing. Then during Sacrament meeting and every other meeting the leaders are saying that we need to open our mouths as members and share the Gospel with everyone. So...yeah. During Priesthood meeting the branch president was telling us that President Compero has a goal to get a stake here in Kharkiv in about two years and in order to do that we have to have some good numbers and in order to do that we need open our mouths and talk and share the Gospel with everyone. It's something that is a bit hard for members to do. We'll keep working. Then after church, this is when the "party" starts. The two kids that we are trying to baptize had to get their interviews done. The dad is against in some ways with the church, yet he's active and he comes to church and does everything. He just doesn't want his kids to be baptized, however he gave permission to us that we can baptize them. So after church they almost got home but I managed to grab them and tell them they needed to do an interview for baptism. That happened and during the craziness of trying to get the kids interviewed the other Elders wanted me to do an interview for their investigator for baptism as well. It was a bit hectic. Then eventually everything was figured out and the kids got interviewed and I interviewed the other Elder's investigator. That was my first doing that, wasn't too weird. Then after everything was figured out we just sat down and caught our breaths because it was really crazy. Then we came home and made some dough and then went to an old member and gave her the Sacrament then came home and made some calzones. They turned out to be pretty good. About the size of a two month old baby. They were huge! Calzone you may ask?? Yes because on Friday I was able to meet with the mission doctor.
So on Friday I met with the mission doctor. He asked me to keep a diary about how often I go and when I go and what the consistency is like. So I showed him my diary and he went through that. Then he sat there for a while and not knowing what quite to do. He said that I could start incorporating more foods into my diet so I don't have to eat so many nasty bland foods. He said that I should try that for two weeks and see if that is helping and to keep my diary going. I was a bit heart broken about that because he essentially said that I should continue to have diarrhea for another two weeks. Yay.....woot.....yipee......
Skipping around and back to Saturday, that was an interesting day. Friday night Elder K received a letter from his baby girl. I was on the phone with someone but when I looked over at him, he was looking not the greatest. So yeah....it was kind of like a 'dear john' but more. Long story short: he spent a summer in England and he found a girl, she was a bit inactive and he brought her back to activity. Her family isn't the strongest in the faith and so that made it a bit hard for her to stay active. Then in the letter she said that she doesn't think that the church is for her and that she doesn't think that they are going to work out any more. So he was super depressed. He didn't really want to do anything and so I told him that he had all the time to think things over because I could tell that something was really wrong happened. So on Saturday we sat around the house whilst E. Kluestrop tried to figure out things. Around 5-ish we went for a walk and he told me what had just happened. Super sad. Hopefully he will be able to figure things out all will be well.
On Tuesday we had district meeting with President and the AP's. That was a bit scary but then it all worked out and we learned some new things. During the meeting I wasn't feeling to good and had to leave twice to go potty. We talked about teaching people and not lessons and asking inspired questions. That night we had a good lesson with the Kluev family. I've mentioned them before, they are just a great family. She was asking questions about the family and it was surprising all that I was able to say. I told her that you were all up in Wyoming having a family reunion and about Grandma and Grandpa Wright. She was asking about Chris, so Chris if you are reading this you gotta email me because everytime she asks about you. We talked about other stuff and then she was asking me about my health. She gave me some grass to boil because she said that it would make me better. Then we had a lesson. We took with us some colored pencils and drew on paper our blessings. It was a fun lesson. I drew my family, the temple, the gift of tongues and a soccer ball. It was fun to draw. Sister Kluev drew her family and the church. She loves the church with all of her heart.
The rest of the days were complied of doing misisonary work and calling people to try and set up more lessons so we aren't walking the streets so much. Life is coming along. We are working hard and doing the right things. This week I'll be going on a split with a Russian, that should be pretty fun. Speaking....err typing about Russian I feel like my Russian is coming along. I know with dilligent study and heartfelt prayers Heavenly Father is helping me out. Being out here is a blast. I love being out here working with other Elders. I'm trying to eat good and healthy. I have a banana or two everyday. Thanks for all that you have done for me family throughout my life. I love you all!!!
Love Elder Frank

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