Monday, August 22, 2011

kharkiv/XT3 Letter 9

My dearest family, and those who may read the blog!!!
Oh my joy I'm so glad that this week is over. Baptism weeks are just so stressful because you hope that all goes well and that the people show up. Luckily all that happened and all is well.  So with that news I'll start there, with yesterday...actually I'll start with Saturday.
So on Friday night, you thought that I was going to start with Saturday huh??? Friday night. I'm on a split with Elder демьянов, sorry I don't know how to spell it in English...maybe it's Elder Demyawnov. Something like that. So yeah I'm with him on a split we have some good lessons and the we come home and go to bed. The next day is the big day, baptism day. We do the studies and then for lunch he makes the best pizza that I have ever had in my life. Instead of a sauce he took two tomatoes and skinned them and then cut them super thin and layered them on the dough and sprinkled some salt. Oh my word that was good. Then he added some chicken, cheese, onion, and shredded potato. Oh so yes after lunch we make our way to the church, but first we make a pit stop at a copy place to print some programs. That took a while because the printer or someone wasn't printing them right. Eventually it got figured out and we went to the church. There the font was being filled up..but it was super slow. There was probably about three inches...if that...of water in there and the baptism started in about three hours and the water has been going for about two hours. So that was a bit stressful. So while we are waiting Elder Demyawnov and I start filling up buckets of water and transporting them to the font and dumping in the water. We do that for about an hour and then stop and hope that the font will do the rest. Then Elder D. starts working with the programs and then realizes that the printer didn't print them right and so he leaves with his companion and then I'm left with Elder K. So we look at the font and realize that there is still not enough water. So we start filling up more buckets and do that for about two hours or an hour and half until the baptism. It was a bit stressful because we didn't know if there was going to be enough water for baptizing everyone. So with faith and hope we changed into the baptism clothes and started the meeting. When it came time to go and baptize the kids we left. The water came up to a little bit past my knee. Yeah...hardly any water. The baptism was good and then I waited for the kids sister to come out. She was a bit smaller and so it was easier for her. There was enough water for the kids. Then it was time for the other Elder to go and baptize. She is a bit handicapped and so it took them about three times to get her fully baptized. I didn't watch but I heard that she had to sit down and then lean back and then it was good. The rest of the program went well and the treats afterwards were amazing. Then we all left and Elder K and I went home and did some more contacting and walking around.
Sunday...The day when the baptized people get the Holy Ghost. I gave a tie to the boy-kid and it looked better on him than me. I played the piano again and then finally the kids went up and got the Holy Ghost. It was so cool. I was super happy that it all happened and it all worked out. That is why I'm here to help people get baptized. That feeling of satisfaction felt so good and I want to feel that feeling even more and now I just have to find more people to teach and get them baptized. Church was all good, after church we had a meeting with the Branch President about missionary work. That took a while but it was a good meeting. Then we went home and got something quick to eat and then we went out and gave the Sacrament to a older sister and then we went to the Clueev family. Just a wonderful family. When they took us home I was thinking that I felt that I was home. They have a mom and a dad and a little brother age kid. It felt just like home, which was nice. Just a chill family that knows and applies the Gospel.
The rest of the week was really busy. I went through a member list and then we went searching for them to see if they still live there and if they are active. We found the places but people weren't home or they were. The last guy that we tried was home and he let us in and we talked for a while. I think he forgot all about the church or he really wasn't active. So that will be fun to talk with him and reteach him and hopefully bring him back to activity. We also found another investigator that Elder P. taught when he was here in the area. So that was fun teaching him. He knows English better than I do. He was using some words that I had no clue what they meant such as ramification and then he used the word snarff up the food. It was crazy! That is my plan for the rest of the time that I'm here, go and find more less actives and hopefully meet with them and bring them back to activity because there should hopefully be a stake here in Kharkiv in about two years. They just need some active members and then they should be able to get it.
Oh on the split with the Russian Elder D. I made a good kind of curry sauce. I made a white sauce but only but in some curry powder. The other elders have been talking about a curry they made and it got me in a curry mood and so I wanted to make a curry. It was kind of like the yellow curry from Thai Ruby...but not really. Instead of rice we had noodles and instead of having it like a soup it was more like a sauce....either way to me it was like a yellow curry from Thai Ruby. I miss that place, way good food.
I have found some really pretty places here. I took a big panoramic photo of a landscape, it's about 14 photos long. It's awesome. If you look for the good places in this country you'll be able to find them. This place is actually quite good looking once you get past the garbage and tall apartment buildings. I have come to like this place. The apartment is a bit of a challenge because anything that touches the floor is dirty and we finally got hot water back! YAY!!! Living in Ukraine is a fun time and you learn a lot about yourself and what you can handle.
Just so you know: I love you all.
Love Elder Frank

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