Monday, August 8, 2011

kharkiv/XT3 Letter 7

Monday was a crazy day. I dropped off some more poop for the doctors to test again because the doctor in Kiev wanted me to give the doctors some more. I just hope that they'll be able to find what is wrong. We did the normal pday activities such as windsurfing, sandcastle building, and suntanning. It's really cool because we have a beach in our area and we get to go - NOT, we sent emails home and went shopping. Nothing too crazy happened. It was Elder B. and I last pday together. Later that night we were going to the family with the kids who are going to be baptized but before we left we got a phone call saying that we were gonna meet up with someone and go to the hospital and drop off some food to a бабущка, Russian grandma, that took a while and then eventually we made it to the family. We taught them, the kids, the first lesson just to start the lessons. They know everything but we just had to make sure. The next time we go over it will be about the Plan of Salvation. It's kind of hard to teach them because they are kids and their attention span is about the length of, Hey look a ball!!! Yeah, it's a bit challenging. They gave us some food but I told them that I couldn't eat and was on the diet. So E. Brimley ate. The offered me some juice and I thought that it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world if I drank a glass of that. Oh boy was I wrong. 

On Tuesday I was told to go and get some medicine that the Ukrainian doctor prescribed. I got three different kinds of pills. I had to take them three times a day. That was bummer, but hey, I got to take some medicine. Later that day we went to a lesson with Brother A. and that was pretty good. I like going to him, he's just a funny old active man. He was talking about running and how great it is because it's free and you can go anywhere. He says that he's gone skiing and that he's done a lot of things. So we had a last lesson with him because Elder B. was leaving. Then later that night we had another lesson. We met with Sister K. that was a good lesson and we talked about love. She too made some food thanks to the diet I wasn't able to eat any of it. It looked so tasty. She always makes some good food. It was some potato, onion, egg thing that just looked and smelled amazing. She was nice enough to make me some rice. The diet really is getting in the way sometimes. 
Wednesday was a good day. We had district meeting and that was pretty interesting. Elder E. has some different opinions about the gospel and we tried to help him out but he wouldn't accept our answers. It got a little intense at times. Hopefully he'll be able to understand everything. After district meeting we went to print off some photos close by and we had a lesson with I. He is doing pretty good. He wants me to teach him music. So I got a piece of chalk and drew on the board the notes and the clefs and what not. I don't know why he want me to teach him music, what ever. Then we came home and Elder B. packed because he was going down to Donetsk the next day. 
Thursday was transfer day, usually it's on Friday but because so many elders went home this transfer President C. didn't want any areas to be without missionaries and so they were a day early. That was pretty fun. We got up early and took a taxi to the Center Branch and then waited for the transfer bus to come and take people down. If I can remember right about 6 or 8 people went down. I went with Elder K., guess where he is from? If you guessed Iceland, you guessed wrong. If you guessed South Africa, you're a bit closer. Now if you guessed Denmark, you guessed right. If you can remember right, he was in my district when I was in Makeevka. So we know each other and it's not awkward. So we were with some other elders as they were waiting for their new companions. Eventually transfer meeting happened and then we found out who was going where with whom. I was going to be serving with Elder K.! and I was going to be senior companion and district leader. I was a bit surprised about the last one. So here I am as senior comp and district leader. In the district is two native Russians and the Zone Leaders. It should be a fun district and nothing too crazy should happen. I know that I'll be having to interview someone for baptism in a couple of weeks because the Russians have some one on date. That should be fun. So after we found out everything, we went back to Elder K. apartment to get his luggage and then we took a taxi to XT3 and he unpacked. I showed him around the area and then we went to welcome the transfer bus. We thought that we were gonna get some mail, but we didn't because they didn't send it up. I got some new planners and some Liahona's in English. Then we came back.
Friday we did our normal planning session and then we went grocery shopping because we had no food. I bought three loaves of bread and some more rice. While Elder K. bought some pasta and chicken and some juice. I'll be honest I was a bit jealous that he could eat something besides bread and rice and what not. Funny story, on the street market I bought some bananas because they were cheaper. I said that I wanted a kilogram of bananas and the lady was like Whoa, you speak so good you can communicate. Where are you from? America? What do they speak there? It was kind of sad but cool at the same time because all I said was "One kilogram of banana, please". Whatever, I'll let her think that I'm super duper awesome. Then we went to Brother Anatolie for a lesson and then walked around the area for a while. Found more of the area and then walked through a park. We found a bench and sat down and had a good heart-to-heart. That was good because now we'll be able to understand each other more and serving won't be awkward.
Saturday was a pretty busy day for us. We went to the metro to meet some other missionaries because they are getting whitewashed into a new apartment but they moved into the wrong apartment and they needed the keys that Elder K. had because we thought that Sister's were gonna be in there and they didn't come up on the transfer bus. So confusing story made short we gave the keys to the Elders and then we went to another lesson. We tried teaching the first lesson just as a refresher for the member but he was like thanks for coming after I asked him one question about God as our loving Heavenly Father. So that was a bit confusing and awkward and then we left. We went to the park and saw I. and talked with him for a while. It's really hard to understand him because he says some really different words than other people say. He tries to use poetic long words and then his accent is a bit hard to understand. So after trying to understand him we came home for some lunch. After lunch we had a lesson with Brother K. He's a special guy. He says that he's handicapped, maybe I wrote about him earlier, he has a problem with smoking and he really wants a laptop. My goal for him is to help him stop smoking. I like meeting with him, there is something about him that I like, he's just a bit crazy but I like working with him. Other Elders have given up and don't want to meet with him. During the lesson I could feel the Spirit directing me and telling me what to say. And then all of a sudden I asked Brother K for his pack of cigarettes. He picked them up, looked inside and then looked at me and then tossed them to me. I told him that my goal for him is to quit smoking and to have 100% Priesthood. It was cool to see him go along with it. I think that he realized that I'm here to help him. When we left I had him promise me that he wouldn't buy any more cigarettes. If he did I'll just ask for them again. I want to help him. After that lesson we did some contacting and we talked to one guy for a really long time. He was really nice and he was interested why we were over here. He was asking a lot of random questions like why don't we have a beard? why are you wearing ties and black coats (it was cold), and just random things. It was pretty cool to have a conversation with him and I was leading the conversation because I am now senior comp. It's a bit scary but I know with the Lord all things are possible. I've been praying for His help because I can't do it alone. I'm a bit scared of being senior comp, because I've always been junior and now to be senior finally it's a bit scary. I have to talk on the phone, set up lessons, and plan the day. It should all be well though.
Sunday was Sunday. Church was better and I payed attention because it was open mic Sunday. That always provides for some interesting testimonies. After church we came home and when we got home I called Sister B. asking her if I could go off the BRAT diet because I've been starting to feel a bit better. She said that since I was feeling better I could go off and eat regular food. I was so thrilled and I went to the fridge and got some leftover lasagna and warmed it up and ate it. It tasted so good to have food. Then we went out to give the Sacrament to a бабущка then we came back home and made some more food. I made a white-sauce with some chicken and pasta.
Today we played some basketball. Hopefully today I will feel pretty good. I'm still taking the medicine and the doctor is coming to meet with me and some other elders on Friday. That it could possible be a parasite and my body is freaking out and blah blah blah. Hopefully something will be done because eating bananas, rice, and toast all day isn't fun.
I'm thankful for all that I have and all that I have learned whilst being out here. Today is my 11 month mark. I can't believe that time is flying by so darn quick. Almost one year down and then only one more year left. Till then I'll be working hard and having fun. Remember that I love you all!!!
Love Elder Frank

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