Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Kharkiv/XT3 Letter 11

Is it really already Monday? I felt like I just wrote you all an email just a couple of days ago. Time is flying by so darn quick. Speaking of time guess what?? It's already been a year!! I can't believe that it's almost September 8th, the day this party started. I can remember it like it was yesterday. Erik thought that it would be funny to play his trumpet to wake me up, that wasn't funny at all, then he went to school and then I did some last minute packing, tried to kill some time, watched mom and dad cry and then we drove off to the MTC. My friend from USU helped with the curb-side drop off and then I walked into the MTC. Crazy how time flies by. To celebrate the big day I am gonna have some rabbit stew. Elder K isn't gonna have some he says that's gross. At the Target store here, no it's not red and like the ones back home, they sell rabbits. Head and feet all included and so I'm gonna buy one and then boil it up and have a good time. It should be good. Gotta celebrate some how. I could have some regular dinner like everyone had for their year mark or I could eat some crazy! Plus rabbit is good right??? I sure hope so. I'm really looking forward to this dinner. Enough about the food, it's making me a bit.....hungry. 
This past week was a good week. I gave Elder K the great opportunity to be senior for four days. Why? you might ask. Because if he goes senior next transfer then it won't be cold turkey and he'll know what he'll have to do and also I was tired for being senior and wanted to be junior again. I'm trying to be junior companion of the year. Hopefully I'll get the award. Elder K did a good job. He got the phone and I got the keys. The first couple of days he was not feeling to good so we stayed home for some time till he got feeling better.
On Wednesday we got a phone call from a member in our area saying that he would like a blessing. The member is a bit special, hopefully I've mentioned him before. He has a problem with smoking. So we went over to him and gave him a blessing. Then I turned to Elder K and gave him the look " what" it was fun being in that position because I could have easily stepped in and started a lesson but I just sat there and made him do everything. Oh how I wish I was junior comp again. You don't have to worry about anything. All you do is walk. Really you don't have to worry about anything. It's the life. However senior is pretty fun because you actually know what is going to happen that day. So after the lesson with him we went to another lesson and Elder K led that lesson too. Then we came home because he was still a bit sick and didn't feel so good. Whilst being home our land lady called, I couldn't come to the phone and told him that he should answer the phone. He said that tomorrow in the morning she was gonna come and get rent. So that meant we had to go get rent money. We got some money and did some other purchases at the store.
I like looking at Thursday in my planner because it's so colourful. I'll send a photo so you can see for yourself. Our landlady came over a bit earlier than she said she would got money and then left the place. This day get.s crazy...all of a sudden a dragon flew into our apartment via window and started blowing fire everywhere. I was trying to fight the dragon and Elder K was trying to put the fires out. Yeah crazy huh? yeah crazy if it would have actually happened. Instead we finished studies had a small lunch and went to district meeting. That was a good district meeting. Maybe the best one of the transfer. It's hard sometimes planning a good district meeting  because they are the most fun when it's fun. So planning a fun district meeting can be hard. But yet it works out...sometimes. District meeting was good we laughed and had some good uplifting talks. After that we waited for some people to show up and have lessons. One person didn't show up and so we waited even longer and then finally Igor showed up. He bought some 'Learn English books' and we talked about that with him. He can read pretty well in English but his understanding ain't that good. So yeah we had a lesson about some awkward topics. He likes to buy some stuff after church and so we were gonna talk with him about observing the sabbath day holy. He then gave some long explanation and got kind of angry and then so that was awkward and then we were like...okay! Let's read from the BOM in English. Then after him we booked in home and dropped off some stuff and then quickly went to the kids who were baptized a couple of weeks ago. They live a pretty far away. About an hour walk. So we quickly walked there because we were a bit behind on time. We finally got there and had a lesson about the Holy Ghost. It was a good lesson.Then the kids got bored and then we were like "okay that's it. Live so you can have the Holy Ghost, amen" Then they gave us some food.  After eating we walked back home. The sun is setting a lot earlier now and so at 8 o'clock it was pretty dark.

Friday was an interesting day.
Saturday. Hahahaha I left you hanging, you thought that I was gonna go on about Friday!!! So whilst we were contacting on Friday we saw some old people playing some chess. I have come to love playing chess over here. Every night or so we play a nightly game of chess. So I looked at my watch and then back at the group, back at my watch back at the group. In about twenty minutes we had a lesson. I suggested to Elder K that after our lesson we come back to this place and hope that they are all still playing some chess. After the lesson we quickly made our way back to area and we blessed with seeing them still playing chess. I walked up to them and asked if I could play against one of them. One guy pointed to another guy sitting on a near by bench with a board not playing anyone. I now know why they didn't allow anyone to play against him. I thought that I was pretty good at playing chess but that guy made me look like a fool. I was a bit flustered from the start and he capitalized on every word I said. OHHAHAHAHAHa no, he just made good moves and made me look really stupid. Some of the other people near by were asking me when was the last time I played. After my humiliation Elder K had his go at playing against the guy. He put up a good fight but then the guy turned the tables and beat him. After the sad losses we walked away with our tails between our legs laughing about what just happened. The guy was really nice and said that we should come back and play again. So hopefully the next time I go and play I'll put up a good fight and maybe win. We were talking about it all the way home.
So back to Saturday..we woke up early and did some market runs. I bought you some Матрёшкы dolls. I probably spelled it wrong but it's the Russian Nesting dolls. I'll try and send them out home. I hope that you like them. Then we came back home after running around to the different market places made a quick lunch and then went out for the night and had three lessons. We were out all day. We really only spent about two hours being home today. It was nice being out and working all day. On the last lesson this day I was talking about my big anniversary plans to make rabbit stew. 

Sunday was a good day. If you all have been praying that I enjoy Sundays more, they worked. Church is a bit more interesting. Sometimes I play the piano or I sit with some other members. It's also more interesting because our investigator came...with his little brother and friend. He's been telling everyone that Mormonism is awesome and that it's simple and all good. They came a bit late and weren't able to join us in Sacrament but they stayed for Sunday school and Priesthood. After church we had a lesson with them and they asked some questions about what was being discussed which was home teaching. So we answered some questions about that and then said that the next time that we meet we would like to talk to him about the Plan of Salvation. Hopefully after that lesson and he accepts it and thinks that it's all cool, we'll put him on date. That will be the coolest thing in the world. I sure hope that he accepts and chooses to become baptized. He's so ready for everything. After church we went to a shut in and gave her the Sacrament and then came home for the night. We had some left over lasagna that we made the night before and then chilled for the night. We did some planning for the coming week and then called it a night. We have been busy and this coming week we should be really busy. I'm grateful for the busyness that we have. It's better than sitting around and doing nothing.
I'm going to try and send some photos from the zoo trip and what not. I hope that you enjoy them.

Love Elder Frank

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