Monday, September 12, 2011

Kharkiv/XT3 Letter 12

So last Monday we bought a rabbit to stew. We took some good photos and I cleaned it up a bit more by cutting off the hind legs because they had fur and then I cut the head off and boiled it because I wanted a rabbit skull. I learned from Brandon T. that boiling heads gets the garbage off of it. It kind of worked. I have a little bit more to go but other than that, it's a pretty clean head. I need to bleach the head and then it is all clean.
Wednesday was a good busy day. We had the branch mission leader coordination meeting and district meeting and then we met with A. [investigator] afterwards. District meeting was pretty good and then the lesson with A. and his friend was also good. We taught him about the Plan of Salvation and drew it up on the board and talked about it. He said that it makes sense to him and that it's all good. He loves the Gospel, which is good and then when we talk to him later in the week he says that he's been telling his grandma and other people about it and trying to get them interested in the Gospel. It's awesome! After him we booked it home to another lesson. 

A member called us and said that he has a friend that would like to meet with us. REFERRAL!!!! It took about a year to finally get one but it happened!!! The member sat with us on the lesson and helped. The guy reads the Bible everyday and so he knows it really well. We gave a really quick first lesson because time was low and gave him a BOM and told him that he should read it. He said that he would and try to come to church in two weeks. That should be awesome. Hopefully all works out with him and we can continue to teach him. It was just crazy this day. We were running around really fast trying to do everything. I like those days when you're just so busy you're moving constantly.
Thursday was my YEAR MARK!!! One whole year on the mish. How crazy is that?? Time has flown by so darn quick. We went and did some registration in the morning and then came back to our area and had two lessons then booked it to the church for a lesson with Igor and then came home and started to make some rabbit stew. This whole day we were running crazy again. But finally when we got home time started to slow down. I grabbed the rabbit and quarter it and coated the meat in flour and then browned it in some oil and then put it in the pot with vegetables and then stewed it for a while. It all worked out and it was pretty good. Elder K was a little bit grossed out about eating rabbit but yet he ate it and said that it was pretty good. It was pretty good to be honest. Wait, I actually made the stew on Wednesday night because we had some other lessons later in the week that would have made it so we had stew one night and then a couple of days later in the left overs and Elder K really doesn't eat left overs. So..yeah so we had some left over stew and it all worked out good. So this night I actually made a cake and put some frosting on it and light a candle and had a birthday cake celebration of being on a mission for one year. It was good and took some pictures...I'll send those.
Friday we started a split. I was with Elder P., my zone leader, in my area. It was a good split. He's only one transfer older than me and it's fun being around him. He and I are pretty similar I would like to say. We sat and talked about girl stories and laughed and stayed up a bit late. I miss having those nights telling stories and talking. It reminded me about the Makeevka days with P. [a previous companion]. It's about everyday that I talk about him and those good ol glory days. Any ways back to the split.
Saturday morning we were gonna have a branch picnic but the weather got a bit colder but the branch didn't call us and say that it cancelled and so that was bad because we had A. and I. [two different investigators] there. So we made our own fire and threw a football around. It was a lot of fun. Then we decided that we want to do our own barbecue on Monday, today, so we went and bought our meat and started to marinate it. It's gonna be good. So after the meat ordeal we made some pizza and then went to some lessons. After the lessons we came back home and had some good more talks and played some games and then eventually went to bed.
Sunday was good we had church or course and then had some lessons afterwards. We tried to make a Sunday dinner but Ukraine style. It was okay but not the greatest. Then we had dinner and sat around then went to the lesson and came home and cleaned up and did some games and then went to bed.
Sorry the last couple of days got short, it's because we are going to have the BBQ and we have to leave soon. I love you all and I hope that you're doing great. Thanks for all that you have done for me.
Love Elder Frank

**Editors Note: We have been asked to edit Elder Young's to remove names of investigators and companions for their privacy. Also due to Zone Conference next week Elder Young's letter will be received on Wednesday rather than Monday.**

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