Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Kharkiv/XT3 Letter 13

Can you believe that September is already half way over??? I can't believe how fast the time is flying by over here. Wanna know something weird??? In a couple of days I will be taking a night train down to Donetsk. Why? Because whilst being in Donetsk I will be filling out paperwork so I can fly to Bulgaria. Why? because I need another visa. Yeah that's right I get to leave and got to Sofia and then eventually come back. When I come back from Bulgaria that means that I have one more year left. What the?? What happened???? When I think of the Elders that are going Bulgaria they are the OLD missionaries. I don't think of myself like that but for some odd reason I'm now becoming an old missionary. So yeah that's the big crazy news for this coming week. I'll let you know how it goes and I'll be sure to take many photos.
This past week and few days have been interesting. We have been working hard and enjoying life. Last night we had a lesson with a new investigator. We saw him on the street and then got his information and then called for a lesson. He said to come over and have a lesson. We got there and had a great first lesson with him. He's from Ghana, studying here trying to become a doctor. It's awesome. He says that he's a Christian and reads the Bible. We gave him a Book of Mormon and at the end of the lesson we didn't have to commit him to reading the Book of Mormon because he said that he was already gonna read it. He gave the closing prayer and it was awesome, just humble and he blessed our meetings to come that they'll be fruitful and that our families will be doing well. He is awesome. We have an opportunity to come back to him and teach him some more. When we were finishing his roommate came in and we started talking with him. It's awesome. Hopefully all works out with him and his roommate.
We had a meeting with A. [an investigator] but he called and canceled on us. That always hurts when someone calls and cancels. He said that he was too busy with work and that he couldn't come. He also texted us in the morning of Sunday and said that his boss said that he was gonna work today and that he wasn't gonna be able to meet with us or come to church on Sunday. That was a heartbreaker because we really wanted him to come to church. He's come a few times but he's never made it to Sacrament meeting. Hopefully he'll be able to meet and he hasn't dropped us. That would be the worst thing in the world.
We met with the kids that have been baptized and we had their whole family meet with us. We talked about going to the temple and getting all sealed together. Hopefully soon or when ever it's possible they will go to the temple and get sealed. That would be awesome.
Zone Conference was alright. It was a lot of talking and when that happened I kind of zone out and didn't pay too much attention. Probably not the best thing to admit but yeah there were times when I was talking to who ever was next to me. We learned about the Atonement and repentance and love and unity in the companionship. It was good to see everyone. I miss talking to everyone and laughing. Afterwards when we were eating I was laughing so hard with another Elder that I had tears coming. It was so much fun. Life out here on the mission is awesome. I'm happy to be here and survive and live. I can't complain too much nor should I but life is good. 
Thanks for all that you have all done for me. I love you all and miss you.
Love Elder Frank Young

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