Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Kharkiv/XT3 Letter 14

So this past week has been crazy, if you didn't know. We had Zone Conference, zc, on Monday and Tuesday. Maybe I've already typed about that. That was good. Then the rest of the week was just crazy. We had a lot of lessons the past few days because the first part of our week was crazy and we didn't really have time. So on Thursday we had district meeting and that a pretty good one. We reviewed what we learned about and talked for a while. Then we waited for a while for Igor to show up and then we had a good lesson with him. We learned about the Atonement during zc and so we talked about that. We read from Alma 24:10-16 and talked about the Anti-Nehpi-Lehi's and their conversion and using the Atonement to heal their hearts and then eventually choose righteousness. It was really good.
So I have a little bit of time left. So if the email gets cut short I'm sorry.
So we had a good lesson with him and then after that I went and gave some blood at the hospital. It was a bit weird giving blood because it seemed a bit sketchy to me but hey I'm in Ukraine so what else is there to do. So gave some blood for and AIDs test. Good news I don't have AIDs. That means that I can go to Bulgaria tomorrow!!!! I'm so excited.
Last night Elder Noren and I took a train down from Kharkov to Donetsk. Funny story. We were waiting in the metro to go but the metro was taking for ever and so we eventually walked out and found the first taxi that we found and hopped in. We told the guy that we had about 25 minutes till our train left and we were about 30 minutes away. The driver did the best that he could do and sped and cut some corners and ran some red lights for us. It was pretty stressful for us and what not because what if we didn't make our train??? So we get to the train station and he pulls over and tells us to run. This time we have about 6 minutes till our train leaves. We run like we've never ran before and eventually found our platform and found the right wagon and then got it. Then once we got to our little room the train started to pull away. We had about three minutes to spare before we were left. It provided for some good laughs and some coughs. I'm so out of shape. So there is my new crazy story for the week. Now I'm in Donetsk, maybe you could have told my email, but yeah. Today we are doing some paper work and then tomorrow we fly out. I'm excited. I get to be with the MTC boyz and that will be fun. I haven't been around them for pretty much my whole misison. We all have some good stories and laugh a lot. I hope that my stomach works with me and that life there will be really cool.
Not sure about what else to report. Life has been going good. Time has been flying by. When I got into country there was a group that just got back from Bulgaria and now that group is going home at the end of this transfer. It's so crazy. Time sure is flying away too fast. 
Thanks for all that you have been doing for me. I sure do love you.
Elder Frank Young

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