Monday, October 24, 2011

Kharkiv/XT3 Letter 18

This past week went by quick, which is good. The weeks just go by quick and the days go by even quicker. Last Monday we went and played hockey!!! Yes we played ice hockey NOT we played some street hockey. There is a little section of asphalt behind the Center Branch and we had a goal and 6 sticks and we went to town playing. It was a lot fun, but the rest of the week my back and legs were a bit sore. But it's good because I miss being sore, I miss running and biking. After hockey we came home and rested from the week, I decided to take a hot bath because it's been getting cooler and I needed a good sweat. Dad knows because on the cruises he goes and sweats. So I am taking my hot bath and it's amazing. Then it's been a while and I'm done and it's time to get out. I stand up probably a little bit too fast and get a tad bit light headed. I rest my head on the shelf thing in the bathroom and try and get my bearings. Then the next thing I know is that I'm sitting down back in the tub. Crazy.  
On Tuesday we did a quick Rinok run and got some stuff. We went with our zone leaders and one of them bought a couple of the Russian fur hats. I bought a good scarf and a new beanie. My scarves that I have shed on me and that isn't nice and my beanie from last winter got washed too many times and doesn't fit so I bought a good one. It has some ear warmers on it. It looks like the very first helmets that footballers wore. It's pretty cool. Then we had a couple of lessons that night. We met with A. and V., she's a youth and in a hard situation. Her mom is against the church and her sister is less active. It's hard for her. We had a lesson and got to know one another better building the friendship trust. 
Wednesday we had to change our plans for a while because the zone leaders called and asked us if we could take over a lesson for them because they were too busy. We took the lesson and went to the church and met with a woman who has been meeting with the missionaries for a while but finally has been able to meet with the missionaries. It was a good lesson, we talked about a lot of things and tried to get her understanding of the church. She has been traveling everywhere and has a sweet life. She said that for the summer she went to Switzerland and worked at a monestary for a while. She said that she has read the Book of Mormon a little bit and likes it. She said that her dad and grandpa died in the past year and she wanted to know more about the after life. It was awesome teaching her that after life she'll be able to be with them for eternity. She really liked that. It's good to know that I'll be able to see Kim [his second cousin who died over the weekend] again and get to know him a bit better. It'll be sad not seeing him at the reunions. Also on Wednesday night we were able to meet with A., it's been a long time since we've been able to meet and we tried to talk about Joseph Smith seeing God and Jesus. He doesn't accept that. We watched the Restoration movie with him and hoped that it would help him understand and know that it all happened. After the movie he said that it was good propaganda. MAN!!!! Then we talked about it more and then I testified to him that Joseph Smith REALLY did see God and Jesus, then after that he said thanks. He is in agreement with everything else except that J.S. saw God. It's a bit hard to teach him that it's true, it's all up to him to accept it and get baptized. 
Thursday we had district meeting and had a good feast because the Russian Elders brought some good district meeting snacks. After district meeting we had two lessons. We met with A. He's a good youth kid. He loves soccer more than anything else and so after the lesson he and Elder K were talking soccer for what seemed like a long time. Then eventually they stopped talking about it. Then I. showed up. He loves the missionaries and so does A. and so we had a joint lesson with them. It was okay. Then we played some ping-pong with them to have a good time afterwards then came home.  We're trying to help I. become more independent in the branch and what not. He likes to ride with us to church. It's nice but he needs to do that on his own and we can't be there to hold his hand to church. It's hard because I think he's 36ish and he doesn't has any friends in the branch and not a lot of people talk to him. But now he has a calling and he's been passing the sacrament.
Friday was an interesting day. During weekly planning we had a good discussion. Supposedly we got invited by some family that lives in another area to come to them and have dinner. The girl that invited us is leaving on a mission and would like to have us over before we leave. The dad is the District President (Stake President) and has two good looking daughters and some younger kids. So it's a little more than just a dinner appointment, so I see it. Ever since we were "invited" I have had a feeling of not goodness and that we shouldn't go. So before we started weekly planning I was eating lunch and before I ate I said a prayer to have strength to tell Elder K that we shouldn't be going to this lesson. Then it came time to open my mouth and tell my thoughts. He didn't like the thought at all because he really wants to go and is willing to do what ever to go. It got a little bit heated and then it worked it's way out. 
Saturday we had a lot of lessons, four to be exact. We were everywhere and walked everywhere. It was good. We met with some less actives and then a family. It was good and hopefully we'll all be able to meet this coming week again. The family that we met with was pretty cool. A mom, dad, and two boys ages 11 and probably 8ish. Just a good family that would be awesome to have them be a part of the branch. They wanted some help with some English and we said that we would help them for a short little while. They gave us some borsch and showed us everything. The dad started pulling out some rifles. It was just a crazy cool family and it was good to have some interaction with a family for once. We are hoping that we'll be able to come back and have a good lesson with them about families being together and all will work out. They are normal and they aren't crazy. It's heaven sent. 
Sunday was interesting because we thought that church started at 10 because they announced it a week before, and so we all thought that this Sunday it was gonna be at 10, but we were wrong. We were there waiting and waiting and no one was there. Then everyone started showing up at the regular time, we as non-native speakers heard wrong. Church is going to start at 10 starting in November. That's nice to know. Church was good. After the church we came home and did some studies and made some pizza for dinner and then went to our grandma lesson. Nothing too crazy. 
This past week was quick and this coming week is going to be good. Thanks for everything that you all have done for me, I really appreciate it and love you all so much for it. I miss you all, yesterday was my 11th month mark in Ukraine. Geeze. 
Love Elder Frank 

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