Monday, October 10, 2011

Kharkiv/XT3 Letter 16

Life is going pretty good for me so far this week. We just played some volleyball and then we're gonna go home and make some food and maybe take a nap because waking up early for so long just wears you out. We already bought our groceries for the week. Nothing too cool to talk about when you're a missionary over here. It's hard to find time and the resources to make something good, yet I've had some good handmade meals but nothing crazy special...except rabbit stew.
This past week has been a blur just like every other week. Time has been flowing by so quick. Elder K. was in charge and I followed him where ever we went. It's nice being a follower sometimes and allow others to have the chance to do some leadership so they know that it's a bit more difficult than they think. We had some lessons and had our fair share of contacting. On our lessons we have been trying something new. During ZC we got this paper for referrals and ever since that is what we are working out. It's call My Zion and the purpose is to write names of those who you think are ready for the Gospel who have close relationships with you and then pray about them and then eventually invite them to learn more about the Gospel. It's a good concept and we have a good lesson plan about it. We have some scriptures from D&C and they talk about our duty as a member to build up Zion and then when we do we receive blessings. It's a good lesson and people are more keen to doing it. We already tried with one family but they just put the paper aside and didn't do it. We came back and checked up on the paper and they just looked at us with fear because they didn't do the paper. Then we taught them the new lesson and they were like "okay this time we'll work on it". It was good for them.
Something big that happened this week was that we did service for Kharkov. The first of October was Helping Hands day in Ukraine. We went to a near by park and raked up some leaves and sticks and then put them in a tractor pulling a trailer and made the park look nicer. During the service some guy walked up to me and started talking to me. It was pretty cool. He was all interested about who is Mormon. That is a question that we get pretty often and then when I told him the answer he just went on and on and started talking to me. It can be annoying when people talk to you on the street instead of having a good conversation with them. He complimented me on my Russian and asked how I knew Russian well. I told him that I studied for 12 weeks and then study everyday. I also said that I know that God is helping me and has helped me. He then chastised me for saying that because you really can't know things in this life. He went on to try and tell me that we can never know things. He just made himself look silly. He also said that God didn't have a body. I then asked him the question: who are we similar to? He didn't answer the question and when I said that God certainly does have a body he just laughed. Then I called over a member and asked them if God has a body and then they said yes too. The man replied with how do you know that? The member said that it's written in the Bible. Then they guy just went his way and that was that. It was good to talk Russian with him because it was right after Bulgaria and I didn't talk a lot during that time and I felt like I forgot about how to speak Russian.
General Conference was really good and I'm really glad that I was able to listen to it all. All was really good and I took some good notes. I'm excited for the Liahona to come out. I really the Sunday School counselor's talk about teaching. That is something that I want to improve on whilst being out here and being a missionary. Teaching is something that I want to do back home as a profession. I also liked the leadership talks and what not, pretty much everything was awesome and I'm glad that I was able to listen to it all. I think that this GC was a really good one. A lot of people talked about our duty as a member and teaching others about the church, and repentance. Sounds like something crazy could happen in the next few years or what ever and we just gotta make sure that we are all clean and ready for what ever happens.
Life has been really good the past 20 years. I'm glad to be here as a missionary and doing the hard work of the Lord. Thanks for your support and all that you all have done for me. I love you all very much.
Elder Frank Young

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