Monday, October 31, 2011


As you can tell in my spare time I've been learning Spanish. It's quite easy. Acutally I was talking to some member who knows a little bit of Spanish and we were talking about some words and then President Compero was at church. I should have spoke some Spanish with him but I didn't, instead he spoke Russian with me.
This past week has been good, we've doing a lot of things and we've been going everywhere. We have a lot going on too.
Last Monday was the last Pday for some Elders and so we got to say goodbye to them and have some last minute photos and what not. It's weird that people are going home. They came back from Bulgaria when I came into country. The time has flew since then. Oh it's so crazy.
Tuesday we had some lessons. I called someone that morning to try and set up a lesson for the next day but they said to come over in a couple of hours and have a lesson. It was the member family who knows Chris [Elder Young's cousin who served in the same mission]. They are awesome and we were able to have a good lesson and talk about life and everything else. When we start talking it some how always ends up us talking about our future families and how many kids we'll have. The sister is pretty darn kid hungry and would love to have another baby around the house. After a while there we went to another lesson with another member and then booked it to the church for a lesson with A. He's doing good. We lent some DVD's to him so he could watch more about the church and what not. He's a champion. Did you know that at age 17 he was the champion wrestler in his age group in Ukraine. He's a beast. We talked about the Book of Mormon with him and helped him to read it more and what not. He said that he wants to read the whole book, that's great! Hopefully he'll decided to get baptized too.
Wednesday we were told that we shouldn't set up any lessons because clean checks were gonna happen. They didn't want anyone to leave their apartment when the people tried to come over and check. It was a bummer because we couldn't set up any lessons and so when we were done with clean checks we really didn't have much to do. Good thing all of Ukraine was on holiday for the week so we were able to squek in some lessons with some people and talk with them. Clean checks...something I'm not a big fan of. The checkers just go crazy and check every stinkin corner of the house and if there is one speck of dirt then you get docked on some points and then they recap the check and then you just feel bad because you got told that you didn't do a good job but in fact the night before you spent the whole night cleaning and that morning. Then I think to myself. What's more important, Salvation or a clean apartment???
Thursday was our last district meeting as a full complete district. It was interesting. We were gonna talk about how to be a successful missionary but the spiritual thought from one of the Elders went a little bit too long, such as the whole meeting. We talked about the spirit world and all that could happen after death. I really don't care about the diagrams and what not after life and the check-list for doing this and going there. For me it's extremely simple. Keep the rules, go to the temple, be baptized and live a good life according to the church standards and then you'll end up back with God and in the Celestial Kingdom; it's that easy. We were talking about doing this and doing that and accepting the Gospel and rejecting the Gospel and where you would go. What it boils down to is that God will figure it all out and we don't have to worry about it, thank goodness. 
Friday I got my transfer call saying that I'll be going down the the Donboss aka Donetsk. I'm a bit sad that I'll be leaving the are Kharkov and XT3. This place is awesome. I really sure do hope that I'm able to come back up here and serve some more. This place is just more chill it feels like and all of the missionaries are close and we know everyone. After the phone call I was just rilled up with the information because then my mind started racing about where I could possibly go. After some planning some lessons we went to a lesson and then came back and started a split. I went to the other area again but with another Elder, Elder P. Yes the one from the 12 Apostles. It was a  good split, and I'm glad that it happened. We had some good time together. We went home teaching with a brother and then went to surprise goodbye party for a Russian Elder going home. The branch put on the party and it was flawless. Most branches rely on the missionsaires a lot but we are trying to change that and have the branches do their own thing and have the missionaries support, not run the show.
Saturday was a good normal day of missionary work. We went out and tried to find some people who are less active and talk to them but they all weren't home for some odd reason, they must have known that we were coming. Then we made our way to a baptism that some other Elders were putting on. Some 70 year old guy, or something like that, got bapitzed. It was pretty cool to see a baptism. There have been quite a bit the past few transfers, it's pretty darn awesome. Then we had to book it back to the area and have two lessons. The first lesson we helped the guy with some translations, he reads Goosebumps books and doesn't know quite what some words mean. Try explaining the word shutter and some other basic words that could be used but you have to dumb it down and hope that the other guy understands. Then we talked about the BOM and gave him one and told him to start reading. He said that he would. Then we had another lesson with another guy. We talked about prophets and dispinsations and that we don't need another apostasy because we are living in the last days. It was a really good lesson, those two lessons were probably the best two that I've had in a long time. It's fun teaching really good and having everything make sense. That's something that I love about teaching. When you teach simple it reinforces your knowledge and adds the second testimony to it.
Sunday was good. President Compero came up and talked with the branch about doing member missionary work. He told them all to start opeing their mouths and talking to people. It was good for the branch to hear that because we as missionaries have been telling them always to open their mouths and talk but now that it's comng from the top they'll probably actually listen now. President did a good presentation about it. President is just doing work. Then we came home after church and made dinner and then went  to a lesson.
My week has been pretty good. I'm grateful to be out here and being a missionary. Life is pretty fun and the work is picking up. I'm scared but yet excited to go to another place. Hopefully all will work out and life will be good for me. Thanks for all that you have all done for me. It'd be cool to hear from you all about your missionary experiences through out the week.
Love Elder Frank

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