Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Letter 3

This past week was a crazy week. There was a lot that went on. We started the week off with going to President's apartment for Zone Leaders Council. That was my first one and I was a bit nervous for it because I wasn't sure what to expect. I've heard about these meetings all my mission and was a bit scared for what happens during them. We got there and we had some breakfast with all the zone leaders and then we started our council. It was cool to have all of the leaders of the mission there in one room talking about the mission and what more there is to do in the mission. At first I was really quiet because I wasn't sure how to input and it was my first one and I didn't want to come in with some radical ideas, I wanted to listen and learn from the others. Then President called on me and wanted to know what I was thinking about because I was really quiet. We were talking about what the mission does good and then what can be done next. I thought that we were rushing with things meaning that we do something good and then try and quickly move forward. I said that I feel like we are rushing and we are trying to build on a wet concrete foundation. We need to allow time for it to set and become a good/great thing before we move on. We need to make our good things great and then when they can be left alone for a while then we can move on. Need to take some time and not rush through things. I think that it helped. We talked about the mission and so forth. Got a bit boring at the end but that is because it was warm and we were all hungry. It was nice to have that meeting. I'm looking forward to the next one.

After ZLC we went to another area of our zone and started a split. We went to a younger companionship in which there is a trainer. Elder W and Elder B. A good young companionship. Elder W is from Pokey, Idaho and knows Lauren's family. It was a good split and I went with Elder W and learned a lot from him. He is only in his second transfer and still has the "greenie fire". He is going strong and hopefully will to the end of his misison. The next day we had district meeting with them and talked about what we learned from ZLC. We talked about what the missionaries were good at and then what their district is good at and then wha the mission is good at. We are trying to focus on what we do good in the mission because there has been times when we only hear that we are doing not so good. So we want to focus on the good. That district was a bit quiet but yet they gave some good answers and the meeitng turned out to be good. We talked for a while and then came back to the apartment and studied some Russian and then came back to our area. We were gonna stay for a while but we didn't want to get home way late.

The next day we had our district meeting and that was a great meeting. I love having good district meetings when you learn and feel the spirit. We talked about what our reunion with Heavenly Father will be like and what he will say to us when we meet again. For me it was super spiritual and I learned that we are more like our Heavenly Father than we think. Later that night we had a split with some Priesthood from the branch and that was amazing. I have tried to do these splits at the beginning of my mission but they never worked out and so it the first time that it actually worked out. We tried going to one family but they weren't home and so we went to another family close by. It was a good time to see the church members reach out and do some "home teaching".

On Friday we went to an older sister who usually feeds us. She gave us some salad...it was eggs, corn, crab, and a lot of maynaise. It was interesting and because I think that I might have some lactose problems it was interesting eating all of the mayo. Short story short, I was able to eat it and get it all down. She loves the members and wants to treat us nice.  We tried having a lesson with her but she likes to talk about what ever and so we listened to her and then came back home to do some weekly planning. Then later that night we went the church for Youth Night. Probably one of the highlights of the week. It's so much fun going to the church and playing with the youth and helping them make good choices and making friendships. Everything was great and we had a fun time. This time we had more people than before. Every time that we have done Youth Night there have been more and more people coming. It's cool to see a success.

Saturday my stomach during studies was giving me a hard time and I was a bit scared of what could happen. Finally my stomach gave me the warning sign and I went to the bathroom. Afterwards my energy levels were depleted and I was very tired. I sat down in a chair and fell asleep. I was a sleep for a while and when I woke up we had to quickly go to some lessons and find some people. My stomach was still gurling and what not but everything stayed where it needed to be and everything worked out.

Sunday was good. I played the organ again..but not so well. At first glance I didn't know the songs and so I had to sight read and that provided for some interesting laughs. After playing I looked at Elder R and he just smiled at me and I smiled back and knew that it was all okay. If I can do my best then that is all that is needed. During one of the songs the organ was shorting out a bit and it would play loud or play quiet...that was interesting. After church I played the piano for some people that wanted to sing A Child's Prayer. That was fun and relaxing. I'm excited to play the piano back home. Elder R and I sat and sang some songs and played together. It was a lot of fun and relaxing again. That night we had planned to go to a lesson but good thing they called and canceled because it's about an hour bus ride away. So instead we tried finding some less actives and we actually found one of them and she let us in. She is super spunky and is very much so alive. She is trying to learn English and she was trying to talk with us. It was a bit fun and after some tea that she gave us we planned for another time to come over. It was way cool actually meeting a less active and going into their apartment.

This week we are going South to another area of our zone and doing some splits there. Life is good and we are doing work and trying to help missionaries make good decisions. There is a lot that is going on and that requires some good prayer and trust in God that all will work out. I'm learning a lot and trying to be the best that I can be so I can have the guidance of the Holy Ghost in my life. One step at a time, taking it at a good pace.

Love Elder Frank

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