Thursday, February 23, 2012

letter 4

This past week was a good always. We spent the first part of the week in another city which is in our zone. We traveled south for about two hours and then arrived the coastal city of Marioupol. That was a good time that we spent down there. We woke up and rode to the bus station and then when we got there some guy came to us and asked us if we were going down to Marioupol. We said yes and then he took us to his bus and we sat down in the back and paid and then rode all the way down. Looking back on it, it seems a bit sketchy that we just followed some guy to a bus and paid him. But hey, that is what happens here. The bus ride down was really nice and quick...when you sleep it's quick. I had the intention to stay awake and watch the scenery but that lasted for about twenty minutes and then I went to sleep. When we got into the city we called the other Elders and they came and met us at the station and helped us get to the other Elders. 

Down there in Marioupol there are four companionships. A senior couple, a sister set, and two Elder sets. It was good to see them and be with them. Our first day we spent with Elder K and his Armenian companion. I was with Elder K and boy oh boy was it good to be back with him and reminisce about our time that we spent together. We walked and talked and stood on some water......don't worry it was frozen. We walked down to the Sea of Azov and talked and had some thinking time. Elder  is Russian. It's pretty hard and he's having a learning experience, he's handling it well and doing work. Elder K has changed a bit and what I can tell is that he is a lot more humble. We talked about life and everything else and had a good time. Eventually it was time to meet up with the other Elders and get some dinner and then bounce to some other Elders because they didn't have enough room in their apartment.

We had district meeting down there and had a good time. The senior couple is way cool down there. After district meeting I played Elder C in ping pong. He's about 70 something but still can hit the ball back with some speed. Unfortunately his shoes weren't that good and so I had to take it easy on him but in the end he still beat me. My pride wasn't hurt and I could really care less...however I'm waiting to play him again and hopefully he'll have better shoes. That night after district meeting I gave a baptismal interview to one of the investigators of the Elders down there. You're probably wondering why? Because the district leader's investigators must be interviewed the zone leaders. So that was one of the purposes of going down there. That interview went well and he is deemed ready for baptism. It was good to have a good interview with him and talk with him about the questions and some Gospel topics. Then we came back to the aparment and had some great pizza. We stayed up late talking and making friendships and then finally we went to bed.

The next morning we woke up and came back home to our area. We found a bus and rode it and slept again. The bus stopped fairly close to our house and then we decided that we really didn't need anything from home and so we went to the church to have our own district meeting. I was really tired and pooped and hungry. The district meeting went pretty well and we talked about how we can focus more on Jesus Christ. It was a good lesson. The day before I had an interesting study about virture and holiness. That played in with the lesson and helped out. It seems easy to think about Jesus but in actualility how often do you find yourself thinking about Him? This is something that I have been thinking about now for some time and so it was good to have a district meeting about it. We talking about if you think about things the Savior would do, and other people and what not. So I guess that thinking about your Savior can have many meanings depending on who you are. After district meeting we talked about and planned some more games for youth night and good thing one of our lessons cancelled because I would have been way to tired to meet and have a lesson. Finally we came back home and got something to eat and then went to another lesson. That lesson was good. It was with the older sister who is really spunky. She has some interesting beliefs that you can be a member in your heart and not so much displaying your membership. It'll be fun to work with her and help her come back to church.

The rest of the week is the same old same old. Doing missionary work, having lessons, and staying active. Church was really good because I didn't have to play the organ, I secretly prayed that I wouldn't have to play because I wanted to relax and sit in the congregation. Small prayers do get answered!!! I sat by some youth and laughed during the meeting...but reverently. The opening prayer was extremely long and so I made some quiet snoring noises and then afterwards asked the people beside me if they were sleeping during the prayer. It was funny. This week should be pretty good and should provide some interesting stories for next week. This week we will be doing some splits with the AP's, that'll be a bit nerve racking because we think that it could be an "interview" for the AP spot since one of them is leaving. Hopefully all goes well and I get to stay in this area for some more transfers after this one. I love the area that I'm in. There are a lot of members and it feels like a good home branch back home. There were about 88 people that showed up to church and it's always full. There are youth, middle aged, and grandparents; it's just a good branch and I really like serving here.

Love Elder Frank Young

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