Thursday, February 2, 2012

New Area

So you're all probably dying to know where I am now in the mission. Don't worry about it....I'm in Donetsk but more like an area of Donetsk. It's called Petrovski, nothing too crazy about the area that I know but it's pretty nice to be here. Also I am a zone leader....that was a bit of a surprise to me when they called me out and told me that I would be a zone leader. It's crazy to think about it.
Transfer meeting was really nice and I got to see some good friends, Elder P, Elder R and some others. Took some pictures but the cold weather is not really helping us out with the way we look. Elder P said that he looked really bad in the photos, and I didn't look that good either. Transfer meeting was nice, we told that we are doing a good jobThey said that we are making progress by finding people and doing the work.
After transfer meeting we came to the new area. I've been here before for a sleepover, don't worry it was allowed. We had to stay there when we were going to Bulgaria. The apartment is really really nice. Probably one of the nicest ones in the misison. That is a good thing  because some of mine haven't been the best, but this one is modern like and is comfortable to be in. Today we did some cleaning and I rearranged some of the things in the kitchen so that it is more comfortable to find things and it's a lot more cleaner. Also I did some push-ups for some exercise and yeah....don't know what else to tell you.
It was a bit weird leaving Gorlovka, that was a fun small place. That morning before I was supposed to leave I packed everything. It was a bit stressful because I had to do it a bit rushed but I think that I got everything and didn't forget something. Then right when I got done packing the bus pulled up and we had to grab my bags and go down to the bus, load up, and drive to Donetsk for the transfer meeting. Gorlovka for me...I don't know how to describe it. I had two very young companions and for only one transfer each. I'm used to having some older companion, or around my age, but then having young ones for a short amount of time was a change. But I learned from it and had a good time. I learned that you need to have a good time by being the person that you are, not by being "fake" and what not. Being Frank is fun and that is what I'm going to do. Elder L taught me how to serve in the small and simple means, and also how to laugh and have a fun time with a companion.
My companion is Elder LO. He's from American Fork, Utah and we know each other. He was in the MTC when I was there but in the younger group. He's been zone leader for a transfer and knows the ropes. Before we left from transfer meeting I was talking with P about some helpful hints and he said that I need to be myself and do the work, there really isn't nothing too special about being a zone leader. During weekly planning we were talking about the zone and all that is going in it. Elder LO said that the zone's drama now becomes our drama, and how so true that is. There is something that need to be worked out and things to be done and now it's our deal to work with other Elders to get it all done. In the zone there are two other cities besides the one that I am in. We get to travel a bit and see some more of the mission. It will be nice. There is just a lot more to do now that I'm a zone leader.
Church here is pretty cool and large. There were about 85 members that came with a few investigators. Just a lot of people and a lot of babies, toddlers running around. It was probably the loudest Sacrament meeting that I have been to in a really long time, which was a bit nice because it reminded me about home. Before the meeting started I asked someone in the Brach Presidency if there was someone that plays the piano and he said yes but she isn't here. Then seconds before we started to meeting he got my attention and told me to come and play....the ORGAN!!! I went up there and looked at it flipped the switch and pushed some buttons and hoped that it worked. It was a bit nice to play on that because I can make a bit more mistakes and it's not so noticable. The songs where a bit different but they got played. I said a small silent prayer for Heavenly Father's help with playing and my nerves were really calm and I wasn't so scared to play, which is very very nice to feel. Now I might be the new branch organist, oh the joys of the mission.
The weather has been bitter cold the past couple of days, like minus 20's which is below 0 in your degrees. Just freezing cold. Good thing for coats and hats, because then I'm warm. I've only fallen..more like slipped twice this winter. Hopefully I won't any more because I can't fall more than that. We are outside working and doing misisonary work, we don't let the cold stop us. We have found some people to talk to and we have some people to hopefully meet with.
Also we had a youth night at the church and my goodness that was a lot of fun. Probably the most fun that I have ever had on the mission. There were about five youth that showed up and we all played games together and laughed. It was way awesome and I'm excited for the next one this week. There was a youth that has been inactive for a while but the youth came to the activity and then on Sunday showed up. It was way cool and we are hoping for some more people to show up and come.
Sounds like all is well for you back home. I sure do love you and hope that life is treating you well and that it's all peaceful. Thanks for everything that you have done for me throughout the years. I sure do love you!!!
Elder Frank Young

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