Thursday, February 9, 2012

Letter 2

I recieved an email from the mission saying that Ukraine has reported about 122 people dying from the cold weather. When I say cold weather I mean -20C with humidity and bone chilling winds. Just cold simply put. I wear my long johns in the morning, always two pairs of socks, and about two to three coats just to stay warm. Also in the apartment I found this headband thing that goes around the ears and that is so much more of a help with the beanie on. It's just so cold sometimes. Good thing when you feel the Spirit it warms up the bosom as it is described to do for some people: a burning in the bosom.

This past week was very fast. I can't believe that I am writing another letter home. It seriously feels like I just wrote one home. This week President and the AP's came to our district meeting to present some new materials for the coming year. When we were home Elder L and I were talking about it and we came to a conclusion is that we are getting told the same stuff over and over again is because we for some odd reason can't take it the first time and so that means that we will always hear what we need to hear until we can move on. From what I remember about the new information was about doing the little things, such as keeping the small little rules that don't really seem to make too much sense, but yet we still need to do them. At the beginning of the special meeting we were talking about the missionary purpose and having a discussion about it. I really liked it because we were talking about everything and quoting scriptures and having a Spirit led discussion. Those are probably the best time because there is so much learning going on.

After the special training we came home and got some food for lunch, then we looked at our watches and realized that soon we need to be going to a lesson. We finished up eating and then went. The lesson was with an older sister of the church. She loves the missionaries and pretty much lives for them. We got there and could smell some food...that wasn't too pleasing because we just stuffed ourselves before we came. We saw a table all set and ready for food to be eaten. We looked at each other with horror and not sure what to do next. Soon came some borsch, the Russian soup, and then some not so tasty crepes stuffed with some not so tasty meat. The borsch was extremely spicy and because of my still weak stomach I sadly had to decline the food. I'm not sure but I think that the sister was a bit saddened by the fact that I didn't eat it. That meant that I had to eat the crepes. I had about three and then had to take a break. In the mean while Elder Loveridge is some how chowing down on the firery borsch. He finishes that and then has to eat some crepes.....he being bright says that we would like to take them home because we don't have that much more time....brilliant!! She gives us a bag and then we put all the left over food in it and then have a lesson.

After that lesson we go to another lesson where another sister made us some in the world were we gonna eat all the food......some how with a prayer in the heart it was all eaten. I don't know how food was finding it's way in my body and still staying there. The members here just love giving us food. Before we left to come and write Elder L told me that tonight we will be getting fed again. Yeah for food!!!!

We had a great first lesson...well it was a first lesson with some man that was found earlier by the missionaries. He wanted to have a Bible and we gave him one as well as a Book of Mormon. He was a bit lost at the beginning meaning that he had some hard times finding the church. After about an hour or a little bit less he found his way and we had a lesson with him. He lives about 100 kilometers away from Donetsk but sometimes finds himself in Donetsk. We talked and found out a lot about him. He has had some great spiritual moments in his life that has prepared him for recieving the Gospel. He has a strong desire to change his way of life and do the right thing. I'm really excited to meet with him again.

This weekend I went on a split to one of the other areas in the district. I went with Elder S. He's a great kid, and wants to be a test pilot in the Air Force like his dad. It's pretty cool. We started the split after Youth Night, which was a blast. At first I thought that we weren't going to get there because we were on a lesson with a member who just talked and talked and talked. We had to take a taxi to the church just to make it in time.  All was well and was a good time again. After the Youth Night we started the split and went and had some dinner. The next day we woke up to wind blowing on the street and having excitement to go and walk around in the wind. We found a man and gave him a Book of Mormon, that was a first in a while, and it felt good to do the work. We ended the split at church and when we walked into church we saw pretty much all of the leadership of the mission there at church. President Campero and his wife were there, the District President and first counselor, and the first counselor in the mission presidency. It was a packed house. I didn't play the organ again because the member showed up. Church was good because I got to talk to some more members and get to know them. It was a good time. The branch here is awesome and I feel like I'm home because there are a lot of people and lots of toddlers everywhere. It's a good time.

This week will be a quick one too because we are going to another area to do a split and tomorrow is zone leaders counsel. It will for sure be a quick week. I'm staying warm and there is no need to worry about me over here, well if you want to worry I guess you could.

Love you a lot,

Elder Frank

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