Thursday, March 1, 2012

Letter 5

Thist past week was good and quick. I can't believe that we are already in the fifth week of the transfer, they are only six weeks long. Time is flying by quick. I got an email from a former Elder, he was a good friend of mine and it was good to get an email. He was saying that being home is a bit weird but yet good. He said that there isn't a day that goes by without thinking about the mission. Also he said that everyone else that went to other missions will be different. Basically everyone will be different and having a conversation with them will be different because they have experienced different things and so it will be weird to talk to them. Anyways...this week.

This week we had to run around and do a lot of work for the zone. We went to the mission office and picked up some baptismal papers because they were going to have a baptism but they didn't have any forms. So we had to figure a way to send the papers down there quickly. We got the papers and then their mail and went to the bus station and talked with some bus drivers and asked them to take the papers down. The first driver said no and then we were a bit scared to ask someone else for help. We saw another driver sitting in his bus waiting and we got a good feeling about him, he seemed nice. We went and talked with him and asked him if he could help us out. He said that he would....which meant that he was going to go and talk to another bus driver. He then told our situation to another driver and that new driver took our papers and we gave him 20 griven and then the papers were on their way. Kind of a bit sketchy to say but that is what it comes out to be. The power of money in this country is quick crazy. Later the same night we had a lesson with a less-active and a member came on the lesson. The lesson turned out to be pretty good and the member told the less-active that she needs to get her who-know-what into shape and come back to church. It was good because we kind of wanted to do that to her but thank goodness the member was there because it would have been really awkward if we would have done it. Then we went to another lesson and met with a great family. They have some dogs and when we were talking I sat down on the floor and played with their dogs. Good times. They have a Chinese-hairless dog. It's pretty ugly looking, not sure why anyone would want to buy a dog like that. 

My split with the AP's was great. I went with Elder K, he's a great kid. It was my third split of the mission with him. The first time was when I was a young little missionary, the second when I was a bit older, and then just barely. We had a great time together and did a lot of work. We tried finding someone that moved into our area. We found the place but he wasn't there and so we talked a little bit with the people that were there. Then we made our way to the church to have a lesson with a recent convert. Crazy story about this. We needed to have a member on the lesson and so we called some people but they wouldn't answer their phone. Then some one did call us out of the blue and asked us if we needed help with the lesson tonight. We were really confused and not sure about what to do. I guess the recent convert called someone from the branch and had them come. It was a miracle that they came because it helped out the lesson so much. The recent convert is struggling a little bit and he was able to help her more fully understand that it comes line upon line, precept upon precept. After the lesson when we were walking back to the bus stop he told me that I spoke pretty good. I thought about it and then it started playing tricks on me. I could feel myself twisting the compliment to puff up myself and I didn't like the thought of it. I tried really hard to push the pride out of my mind and remain humble. This is something that I have been praying and working on. Always remaining humble. At the beginning of the transfer I prayed very earnstly for Heavenly Father's help with being humble and every day there isn't a prayer that goes by with asking for humility. I know that the humble soul can do more for Heavenly Father. I'm trying to get to that point. 

The 23rd was Man's Day or Day of the Red Army....aka a holiday. The branch put on a great church acitivity which was a blast. We didn't have to do anything but provide some support. It was great. Elder R and I got pulled into doing something. I'm not quite sure what we were suposed to do....I think that we were supposed to decorate some silver platter with food in a nice pleasing way....I think. I made a face out of the cookies and what not. In the end we both won. For the final act of the activity. Some women of the branch came out and started dancing. Oh my goodness what it hilarious. It was probably THE most funniest thing that I have seen since I've been here in country. Some old grandma's swinging their hips and dancing. Absolutely hilarious. It provided for some laughs and some good times. This branch that I am in right now is probably the best branch ever. They do everything themselves and they have every kind of church member. Toddlers, youth, future missionaries, return missionaries, young couples, coulples with kids, middle aged couples, and then grandparents. It's a blast coming to church and talking with members. I'm so glad that I'm here in this area. I hope that I get to stay for a while because it's a great place to do missionary work. We have some investigators that we are working with and tonight we will have a first lesson with one of them. I really can't complain about the work that is going on. 

I love you all very much!! 

Elder Frank Young

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